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Jonathan Winston entered his hotel room and heaved a small gym bag that he was carrying across the room. He then proceeded to his bed where he sat and sunk his head between his legs. Jonathan was a skinny man with light blond hair and blue eyes. He also happened to be very short for a male and sometimes got mistaken for a girl.

"Some body kill me now." He said softly as he rubbed this temples. There came a soft nock from out side the door. "Come in." Jon said as he stayed in the same position rubbing his temples. The door opened and a man who looked quite the opposite walked in. He was tall and built like a linebacker with massive arms, chest, and legs. He had brown hair and brown eyes and a bushy beard that had a tint of red to it. "I thought I heard you come in." The giant said. "What's the matter with you?" The giant asked. "Don't even get me started Rick." Jon said. "What's with you? Did you not have a good day or something?" Rick asked. "Does it look like I had a good day?" Jon shouted. "What happened man" Rick asked looking Jon over. "You lose your travelers checks or got mugged?" "Ha I wish it was something so simple and easy as those two but no to both. If you want to know why I had a bad day just look in that duffle bag over there." Jon said as he pointed to the bag that laid across the room. As Rick got up to look at the bag Jon changed position and laid face first into the bed and shoved his face into the pillows. Rick picked up the duffle bag expecting it to be a lot heaver but only found it light as a feather for the most part. "Nothing's going to pop out at me is it." Rick asked as he lifted it up "No just look inside man." Jon said beneath the pillows. Rick opened the bag and stared blankly into the bag be fore reaching in and pilling out a pair of black tights and a single with opera glove.

"What hell is this shit." Rick said as he pulled out a black dress that looked like it was part of a maids uniform. "That my friend is the reason why I'm in such a rotten mood." Jon said. "It's also the reason why I'm so late coming in. You see I was stuck inside that shit all day." "Eww you were dressed up like a chick. I mean I know that you look like one but jeeze." Rick said his face upturn in a disgusted look. "Its not like I had a choice or anything." Jon said. "What do you mean by that?" Rick asked. "it's a long story. But I guess I have to tell you other wise your going to think I'm a crazy transvestite. You see it all started."

The story Jonathan was more excited than he had ever been in his entire life. He hand finally gone on a trip that took him out side of the US and not into any neighboring countries (Canada, Mexico). He was in Japan a country all of its own. Never had Jon ever seen such a place that was in constant fighting with its self to become new but to preserve its culture and not become to western.

As Jon made his way down the street he was traveling he came across a huge gathering of people. Japanese Rave music played and Rick could see some people dressed up in costumes. He knew that it wasn't anywhere close to Halloween so he was very curios about what was going on. From the looks of it, it looked like some kind of festival of what Jon wasn't sure.

Wanting to both find out what was going on and wanting to try out his Japanese he looked for someone to ask. He found a girl dressed in a school girl uniform that was right in front of him. She had her back turned to Jon and was walking at almost the same pace as he was. He called out to the girl. Jon said in Japanese. The girl kept walking as if she didn't hear him. Again Jon called out to her and again nothing. He reached up and tapped her shoulder and she stopped and slowly turned around to face him. Jon's eyes went wide with shock to see that the girl was wearing a mask of some anime character. Its eyes gleaming with anime cuteness and its mouth was fixed in a wicked grin.

Jon asked after a moment of studying her. The girl answered him but her words were muffled but the mask. Jon tilted his head after she was done talking as if to say that he didn't understand a word. The girl motioned for Jon to give her a second as she reached behind her neck and undid her mask. As she took it off Jon noticed that she was covered from neck to toe in a nylon body suit. The tone of the nylon matched that of her mask but not of her skin which seemed more real colored than the nylon body suit or the mask.

"Whew sorry about that. No need to speak Japanese I speak English quite well." The woman said. She was about the same height as Jon and as hot as any girl could be. Her hair was long and beautiful and her eyes were as gleaming as the mask's. She had a cute body and a cute chest size.

"Oh umm I was just wondering why your all dressed up and what this festival is all about?" Jon asked blushing at the beauty of the girl.
"You don't know? Its Otakou fest 2007 anime convention." The girl said.
"Oh well why are you dressed up?" Jon asked
"Well I just like to go all out for these things I love them you know and well I have my own website that I put all my pictures on I just like to cosplay."
"Cosplay?" Jon said not being familiar with the word.
"Yea Cosplay its when you dress up as an anime, manga, or video game character."
"So who are you supposed to be?"
"Isn't it obvious I'm Kurga." The girl said proudly. Jon just stood there and shrugged his shoulders not knowing who Kurga was.
"Kurga from Azumanga Daioh." Again nothing from Jon who just shrugged.
"You don't watch anime?" The girl asked.
"Nope not a all." Jon said
"Boy are you really missing out." The girl said.
"What's your name by the way?" Rick asked.
"Wouldn't you like to know." She said with a wicked grin before putting back on her mask. "If you to know more about me I'll be in the café` in about a couple of hours. In the mean time you should walk around and check what anime has to offer." The girl slid on her mask and blew a kiss a Jon which drove him wild with passion and after she was gone he marched into the crowd after her.

After a while of looking for the girl he found it impossible and began to look around at some of the stands the convention had to offer. Each stand sold something weather it was a comic book or cd or even samples of up coming anime shows. He checked them out and started to get into the whole "anime" thing.

As he was walking he got tossed around by the crowd and suddenly found him self inside one of the buildings that was surrounding the place. It looked like a hotel however no one was in it. He heard some commotion coming from one of the rooms. It sounded like laughter and some music playing. Naturally Jon thought that it was just another exhibit of the con and opened the door.

"Shit." Jon said as he looked in. Inside the room was about 20 to 30 men all of which were carrying some kind of weaponry. On the table in the center of the room were two things, five or so brief cases of money, and two a mound of cocaine. The Japanese men gave the poor Jon a gleaming eye as Jon slowly back peddled back ward.

Jon said begging for his life. One of the gangsters, which seemed to be the leader motioned for two men and made a gesture to slit Jon's throat. Not wanting to stick around and talk it out Jon sprinted to the exit and out into the convention close on his heels were the two men sent to kill him.

Jon was in a panic now and was looking for some where to hide. He entered another building which seemed to be the main hob for the convention. He busted through the door and down the nearest hallway to find some where to hide. He found a door at the end of it and entered and bared the door. He turned around to see that he had locked himself in the woman's dressing room but to his luck not a sole was inside.

He began to look around for anywhere where he could hide but was turning up with nothing. The lockers were small and had holes anyone would be able to see him. The wash room was to open and a sure bet that the punks would look there. Jon leaned against the counter of the wash room and tried to think of what to do. He turned on a faucet of cold water and splashed his face. When he opened his eyes he noticed a set of eyes looking at him. He whipped around to see that it was just a mask similar to the one the girl had worn. It was hanging up next to a costume and bodysuit. Jon felt the material of the bodysuit, it felt different than the one the girl had worn it was rubbery and matched the skin tone of the mask.

"If I put this suit on I would be able to hide those gangsters would never be able to find me." Jon said softly as he took hold of the bodysuit and mask. The mask was a cute anime girl with its mouth open in a smile and her eyes were blue. Her hair was black with blue streaks combed throughout. On top of her head was glued on a maids head dress and as Jon looked at the costume he noticed that all the other garments were part of a maids costume. Down the hall Jon heard the gangsters coming as they entered an adjoining room. Jon knew that in order to survive he was going to have to don the costume for a short while.

He grabbed all the parts to the costume including a duffle bag that was next to it. He emptied it out to find some makeup, a bra & silk panties, some more female products, prouder (for the bodysuit), to huge breast forms. And a couple of random objects. Jon quickly stripped till he was wearing nothing and spread the prouder all over his body. He then grabbed the bra and panties and put them on. The silk panties felt good but were uncomfortable due to his man hood. Ignoring the pain Jon through in the breast forms and made sure that they were put in right.

The bodysuit was next. Jon grabbed the suit and noticed two things, in order to close it he needed to put on the mask in order to close it and it was made for females. The suit had a tapered waste and flat crouch and it looked like it was going to be painful for Jon. He held his breath and hoped into the rubber bodysuit, put both feet and arms into the suit and zipped himself shut. He tried to exhale but the suit prevented him from letting his breath come out like it normally did. He had to do quick breaths in and out. He gripped himself at the pain of both not being able to breath, and the pain in his crouch and to hold him self up because he was starting to black out.

Day in Japan 1

The door opening to the room across from the girls room made Jon wake up and start dressing again. Jon grabbed hold of the black opaque tights and slip them over his now rubbery smooth skin. He put on the black dress that was lined with endless amounts of lace and grabbed his apron. The apron was already set up for Jon to wear all he needed to do was so drop it over his head until it rested on his (now) wide hips. The back side of the apron was a big bow of the sash. It was huge and looked like his backside was now a Christmas present. Jon grabbed both ends of the big bow and grave them a pull but pulled too hard and too long and only tightened his costume and made it all the more pain full. "Its no big deal I'm just going to be in hear for a few moments until the gangsters leave." Jon said in his head as he grabbed the opera gloves and pulled them up.

The door to the woman's room banged and banged hard. Jon turned around toward the noise and realized that he had to get the mask on now or he would be found out. He slid the mask on and zipped up the back of the bodysuit to the top of his mask where the zipper disappeared into his hair. He kept pulling up and up and found it got jammed into his wig. He kept trying to pull it down and back up and with all his might he pulled up. As the door slammed open the sound startled Jon and caused him to pull very quickly on his zipper and break it. Jon's eyes went wide with terror but he didn't have enough time to react as the two gangsters entered the room. Jon turned around to face the and the two blinked a couple of times not expecting a hot anime girl's face to be on a human's body.

Day in Japan 2

One of the gangsters asked kindly. Jon (playing along) pointed franticly to the exit to his right. The two men thanked the girl and rushed out to find Jon who wasn't out side at all. Jon stood motionless hoping that the gangsters wouldn't come back and they never did. He sighed a breath of relief only to be struck by panic again.

"The zipper." Jon wanted to say but the mask was made for a person with a smaller head and his mouth was stuck in place he could only open it a small little bit and make little murmurs. They sounded like the grunts and moans of a mute. "Damn it." Jon said in his head as he tried to find the zipper. This gloved rubber hands fumbled about his wig and managed to find where the zipper was. Jon took the broken clip and tried to latch it back on but it was no use. He then tried to pull the zipper down with just the base of the zipper. Again it failed, and soon Jon found him self flipping out pulling at the mask and ripping at the skin. He started to lose it and began to slam his head into the counter, where he was standing. In hopes of shattering the mask.

He slammed it over and over and over again with all his might until finally he tried out and dropped on his black nylon legs. He was still bare foot of course and the soles of his feet ached with the blanch of his weight. He rubbed them not feeling much relief having to go through the nylon tights and the rubber body suit. He looked up at himself in the mirror hoping to see the first layer of his mask totally smashed in. To his amazement and horror, the mask received not even the smallest scratch. Again Jon rested his head onto the counter and tried to think. He sighed but through the mask nothing was heard. "What am I going to do what am I going to do?" Jon repeated over and over to himself. Suddenly the woman's dress room opened again and three hot women walked in. They were all American which kind of through Jon for a loop not excepting to see more Americans there. Jon hid in the shower room which adjoined the locker room and listened.

"I like can't believe this shit." The blond bombshell said. "What does "cosplay" have to do with modeling Like its soo stupid." She blond was taller than the other two girls and had the biggest rack. Her eyes were crisp blue and she was wearing a pink tank top an ultra high kaki short skirt and a pair of pink fish nets which went down to her pink heels. "Oh come off it Megan, things are looking up I mean just think were we were last year." The red head said(lol). She was extremely good looking and out of the three she had the best looks however she was the shortest in the group. Her breast weren't as big as the blonds but they were probably real and looked great.

She was just taking off her top as she was talking to her friend exposing her ample chest. Her bra was black and pink with a pink heart in the center and Jon almost died when he saw it. She had on blouse with a modest dress on and a pair of sheer black tights on.

"Hannah's right Megan. Last year we were working as part of an escort service playing tricks for money. I'm glad that we're just dressing up as some fat kids fantasy dream girl." The brunette said. She was dressed more on the punky side with heavy makeup around her eyes but only her right eye was visible because her hair covered her left eye . She wore a pink shirt with a stripped brown mini skirt and on her legs she wore a pair of black tights that were spotted with pink. For shoes she wore a pair of converse sneakers.

"Easy for you to say Fiona you like don't have your beauty hidden behind like a mask." Megan said.
"Who said you were beautiful." Fiona mocked.
"Bitch." Meagan snapped.
"Claim down you two come on we have a job to do you know." Hannah said as she removed her sheer tights and replaced them with a thicker pair of black tights.
"Once again Hannah you are right." Fiona said as she took off her top and started to remove her bottom showing off her cute butt.
"Like that suit and mask are totally low budget. I like checked them out yesterday and the zipper was all like busted." Meagan said.
"You probably should have kept your mouth shut to the boss you know. I mean I know you want to act but you really shouldn't have gone off on the guy like that. This is probably your punishment." Fiona said as she reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out a long blue wig.
"I wouldn't think of it so much as punishment more so as an opportunity to practice your so called acting skills." Hannah said. She was had taken off her bra and was walking around topless with a pair of tights on. She reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out a red leotard and slipped it on. "Oooh I love the feeling of a good leotard." Hannah said as she rubbed her ample chest together. The other girls laughed at Hannah's comment but Jon was dieing in the backroom watching.
"You better get dress you know you wouldn't want to piss off the boss and have him make you wear something really stupid." Fiona said.
"Like get laid bitch." Megan said.
"Like its totally been done like already." Fiona mocked. Megan walked over to where he costume should have been and stared at the empty space on the wall.
"Uhh like guys there's like nothing totally here." Megan said.
"What are you talking about?" Hannah said as she walked over her high heels clicking as she stepped. She place her bunny ears on as she entered the room with Megan in it.
"What is she going on about now." Fiona said as she walked in dressed as ____ from lucky star in her school uniform. She walked over to the mirror and put two green contact lenses in her eyes to complete her costume.
"I'm telling you that my shit isn't here. It's like totally stolen or something." Megan said putting her hands on her hips.
"O common who'd steal an anime maid costume?" Fiona mocked. Jon stumbled in the background creating enough noise to spook the girls.

"Who's there." Hannah barked into the darkness. Jon not having any other options and hoping they could at least fix his zipper walked out slowly. He came into the light and as he did Fiona and Megan started to laugh.

"Well I'll be damned I can't believe some one would steal a costume like that." Fiona said looking the girl over. Jon franticly shook and pointed to the zipper clip.

"What's the matter. Mask to tight to talk and the zipper is broken. Well like let me see it and I'll like totally put it back on for you." Megan said. Jon handed her the clip and Megan took it only to drop it in the sink. Jon watched in horror as the clip fell into the drain and into the bottomless abyss. Jon began to franticly cry out and try and rip the mask off but couldn't with out the clip. His hands searched the sink but he could never reach the clip.

"Why did you do that. You would hate to have it be done to you." Hannah said in a motherly tone.

"Oh like whatever Hannah. That's what the foreigner gets you know." Megan said.

"Actually were the foreigners and she's probably a native." Fiona said.

"Whatever." Megan said.

"Your such a bimbo." Fiona joked.

"Mmmmph meeph." Jon screamed.

"Oh yea." Megan began. Fiona and Megan pounced onto poor Jon and dragged him into the other room where Hannah was finishing getting dressed.

"Hannah wanna give us a hand? She's a tough one." Fiona asked. The bunny girl looked at Jon who looked more like a female anime character than a man.

"Sorry I don't feel like lowing my maturity to mess around with you two. Good luck girl who ever you are." Hannah said before leaving the room.

"Like what's Hannah's deal? She's all like on this ego trip lately." Megan asked.

"Maybe she's growing up? Anyway go get my bag I've got something for this girl." Megan rushed over and grabbed Fiona's duffle bag and opened it. She pulled out a huge tube full of glue. Jon's eyes went wide with terror but it was unseen under the mask.

"I use that to hold pieces of costumes together when I need too. Its super strong and sometimes impossible to break off." Fiona said. Jon began to wiggle around to get away but he could get off the table he was on with the stacked girl on his back.

"Guess she like knows English." the two laughed. Fiona took the glue from Megan and piped it along the zipper. She squeezed it so tight and long that in some spots Jon felt it seep onto his skin. Megan gave Fiona a fan and the girl blow dried the glue till it harden sealing Jon inside his anime prison.

The two girls lifted Jon onto his feet where Fiona delivered a swift punch to Jon's gut. She let him fall onto her and spoke into his ear.

"Let this be a lesson to you bitch. Never steal from Americans." With that Jon was shoved out into the hallway where he nursed his stomach.

"What did I do to deserve this." He wondered.