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Elizabeth Mars walked briskly into the foyer of her opulent Hamptons mansion. The imposing home was her headquarters in the region during the long summer months. The wealthy heiress busied herself throughout the season with both the attending and hosting of lavish society events. She strode with assured confidence down the corridors of the palatial home. She had just arrived home after a trip to the city, and was anxious to see what progress the workmen were making in the garden.

Elizabeth was a strikingly beautiful woman. In her early thirties, her lustrous brown hair always looked just right, and consistently framed her beautiful facial features. Her crisp blue eyes were always a focus for attention, even if they were a bit cold. She did her best to keep her young body fit and trim. Her exercise had produced a smooth, sensual physique that moved with the grace of a dancer. She was tall without being too tall, and had an ample but not cartoonish bosom. Her breast implants had been crafted by the best plastic surgeon money could buy. Her fitness regime had trained her body into a taught, muscled work of art, while not robbing it of it's feminine softness. Today she wore a very expensive pink suit, with a short skirt and tailored jacket. Under the jacket, her perfect cleavage was expertly displayed by a very expensive low-cut silk shirt. Her dancer's legs looked especially mouth watering, clad in the finest of nylons as they ran down to her high-heeled feet.

Elizabeth's pink heels clicked as she marched out of the back door and onto the back veranda. Putting her hands on her hips, she looked over the crew of laborers now busy in her back yard. She crinkled her nose and frowned, wishing that having such Neanderthals around was unnecessary. But, she needed someone to put in her newest accent piece for the garden. "Be careful with that! I'm paying you idiots a lot of money, I expect it to be put into place with not a scratch on it!" she screeched. The men did their best to stifle their annoyance at the bitchy rich woman's commands. Elizabeth smiled as she looked at the large stone the men were lowering into place.

She had spotted it while on a trip to Ireland. It had been setting in the courtyard of a deserted castle, large and gray with a fine moss covering it. Strange Celtic symbols covered it. She had fallen in love with its ancient beauty at first sight. Elizabeth knew it would be perfect for her Hamptons garden. After a bit of haggling, and some judicious manipulation of the Irish antiquities agency, she had managed to purchase the stone, immediately having it shipped to her home. Looking over the "brutes" she had hired to put it into places, she once more turned up her nose. As she spun on her heel and headed back into the house, Elizabeth promised herself that she would make their lives a living hell if her new garden piece received even the slightest mark.

Despite her skepticism about their intellectual abilities, the workmen placed the stone in her garden exactly as Elizabeth requested. Pleased that the men's "ineptitude" hadn't had an averse effect, Elizabeth dove back into her social season planning. Proud of the new garden accent, she began to plan an afternoon garden party. For days she compiled a guest list of just the right people to invite to her showcasing of the Celtic stone.

On a particularly lovely evening, Elizabeth, returning from another socialite's informal dinner party arrived home, eager with anticipation for her own planned event. Sending the maid to bed with a stern rebuke for the state of the mansion's floors, she walked out onto the veranda. Tonight Elizabeth wore a light brown wool suit. A expertly tailored jacket paired nicely with a very short skirt. Under the jacket Elizabeth wore a very expensive green silk shirt. Her exquisite legs were clad in nude hose as they flowed down into the fine brown leather Italian boots she had chosen to wear. The boots were knee high, and sized so as to hug the contours of Elizabeth's muscular calves. They had side-zips, pointy toes, and needle thin five inch heels. The boots clicked in time as Elizabeth walked out onto the large patio. Gazing at the gray stone as the moonlight fell upon it, Elizabeth's mind danced through the details of her impending garden party. As she stood there smiling, something most unusual happened. A strange shimmering began to coalesce where the moonlight touched the ancient stones surface. Elizabeth squinted, trying to see what was happening in the darkness. Before she could react, two small wiry forms blasted out of the stone, erupting from the sparkling area illuminating a portion of the Celtic rock. The two forms shot into the air, rising upward until they began to slow. As their velocity began to drop, the two creatures did so as well, finally landing with twin thuds on the patio right in front of Elizabeth. "What in God's name...!?!?!" Elizabeth shouted.

The two creatures stood up and began to dust themselves off. Each stood at only a little over a foot tall. They skin was green and their skinny little bodies were oddly out of proportion to their ample little bellies, and over-sized hands and feet. Their faces looked like those of old men, though cartoonish in their small size. The two creatures were bald, with large pointed ears. Each looked at each other before one of them spoke. "Well, Sean me boy, were do ye think we find ourselves?" the one asked, with a high-pitched voice. The other looked around with his hand stroking his chin before answering. "'Tis nowhere that I feel comfortable with, and that's a fact Colin!" he said, looking around the expansive garden.

"W-what on Earth are you two?" Elizabeth asked tentatively, finally overcoming her shock and fear enough to ask the strange beings a question. If all of her wits had been about her, she probably would have ran to summon the authorities, but as it happened, the bizarre situation had left her a bit in shock. The two creatures looked over at the terrified woman, looking her up and down as they appraised her. Finally, one of them answered. "Well lass, we're Leprechauns, Fair Folk if ever there was any, and up until now we've lived in this yonder stone, back home in our beloved castle."

Despite their odd arrival and appearance, Elizabeth laughed nervously. She just couldn't buy any of it. "Leprechauns? Oh come on! This has got to be some kind of joke! Who put you up to this? Did Steven find out about my buying this Irish bauble and set this up, or maybe Rachael?"

"Irish Bauble!!! So yer the one who's to blame for dragging us to this God-forsaken place!" One of the little men spat angrily. The two of their faces contorted with rage.

Frightened by their sudden turn of mood, Elizabeth turned in her boots and began to head for the back door of the mansion. "Not so fast there Lass!" One of the Leprechauns shouted. Before she could take another step, Elizabeth heard strange grinding noises from below her. Her forward progress stopped immediately as something grabbed each of her booted ankles. Catching herself before she tumbled forward, she stopped and looked down at what was restraining her. To her horror, two large concrete fists had emerged from the patio's surface, each gripping her ankles in vice like grasps.

"Hey! Let me go!!!" she screamed as she bent down to try and pull her restrained lower limbs free. Behind her, she could hear the clicking, clawed feet of the Leprechauns as they walked up behind her. "Ye dragged our home here for some kind of decoration, is that it?" One of them cracked.

Even as Elizabeth continued to desperately struggle against the stone hands that had seized her, the two creatures walked around in front of her, looking her over. "Well lass, we can only maintain a physical form on moonlit nights, so, we're going to have to take up new accommodations."

Ride home

"W-what do you mean?" Elizabeth asked, finally beginning to give up on forcing her legs free. "Since ye absconded from the Emerald Isle with our home, we're going to exact retribution from ye by having you return us personally." Each wretched creature walked forward, taking up a position next to Elizabeth's trapped boots.

Each creature began to rub and caress the boot it was next too, almost watering at the mouth as it inspected the boot before it. "We're going to take up residence in these lovely boots of yours. Then you'll take us back to the castle that is our home!"

"What the hell are you talking about!?!? Look, I don't know what you things want, I can pay..." Elizabeth spoke rapid-fire, more than a little terrified by the strange situation she found herself in. Before she could finish each creature hopped onto her boots, just above the stone fists that had held her fast. Wrapping their arms and legs around her, each Leprechaun grinned and cackled as they began to shimmer and liquefy. To Elizabeth's horror, the twin terrors melted into her boots, disappearing into them. After they had vanished, the stone hands once more retracted into the concrete of the patio.

Jumping back quickly, Elizabeth whimpered as she ran over to one of her patio chairs. Setting down, she went to work trying to unzip the boots as fast as she was able. After the Leprechauns disappeared into them, Elizabeth had begun to have the most disgusting of sensations in her boots. Her legs had begun to feel as if they were surrounded by a oozing warmth, a lecherous envelope that tingled as it enshrouded her feet and calves. "Ohmygod,Ohmygod,Ohmygod..." Elizabeth repeated over and over again.

To her horror, Elizabeth found that the zippers refused to budge. Try as she might, they wouldn't move and inch. Frantic as a trapped animal, she began to claw and tug on her apparently possessed footwear. "They're in them!!!" she screamed, tears running down her face. With all her effort, Elizabeth pulled and pulled, desperate to wrench the Leprechaun infested boots from her. After what seemed like an eternity, the weeping woman fell back onto the chair, exhausted. She had no idea what to do.

Suddenly, Elizabeth's feet flared out, taking up positions on the patio before her. With no input from her what-so-ever, she found her boots pushing her legs up and into a standing position. "W-what...!!!" was all she could muster as she looked down at her high-heeled boots in confusion. After a bit, the right boot stepped forward, impacting he patio awkwardly as it's heel and toe came to rest. Next, the left did so as well. Slowly at first, then with more speed, Elizabeth's boots began to march her forward. Awkwardly, in a manner as wooden as a bad sci-fi movie robot, Elizabeth's lovely legs scissored back and forth, carrying her on a path not of her choosing as her boots compelled her forward.

Ride home 2

As she took enforced step after step, Elizabeth tried to bend forward, even as her knees jarred against her. With each hand she tried to stop the boots' movements, desperate to foil the Leprechauns' inside plans. "Please Stop!!!" she pleaded, as the knee-high boots carried her into the house.

Later the next afternoon, Elizabeth Mar, a bit disheveled and confused looking, walked up to an airline ticket counter. Still dressed as she had been the night before, the wealthy woman's stride carried her almost robotically up before the attendant. "Ugh, h-hello there. The n-name is Mar, Elizabeth Mars. I believe you have a last-minute ticket for me to Ireland?" the exhausted looking woman stuttered. With her head tilted slightly, the woman looked down and consulted her computer screen.

"Ahhh, yes. I have it right here Miss Mars. Hmmm, last-minute is right! It says you bought it at five in the morning this very day!" The woman smiled as she attempted to make small talk with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looked back at her sadly. "Yes. Something....came up. I found that I had some business in Ireland on....short notice." she said, almost breaking out into tears as she took the ticket from the woman. Turning around, her strange wooden walk once more carried her away from the counter, marching her over to the boarding terminal as she waited to get onto the plane.

After hours of struggle and frantic tears, Elizabeth had finally relented in what the Leprechauns wanted her to do. The damned things had forced her boots to march her into walls until she finally picked up the telephone that they kept walking her in front of. Giving in, she finally called the airline and booked a flight to Ireland. The only thing the boots had allowed her to bring was her purse. Calling her car, she had her driver bring her to the airport immediately. As she sat looking out the window, her boots crossed her legs for her, making it appear as if she were actually quite comfortable. An elegant willowy blond sat down next to her. As she adjusted herself, the blond glanced over and looked Elizabeth over. Spotting her boots she smiled. "I love your boots. Where ever did you find them?" Elizabeth began hyperventilating as she turned to look out the window, not daring to answer the woman. Her boots rubbed against one another, almost caressing each other.

Half a day later, after her arrival and a long cab ride, Elizabeth found herself walking along the winding road that led to the ruined castle she had procured her garden stone from. Exhausted from her flight and a lack of sleep, not to mention the marching, she strode mechanically up and along the stony road. The sun was rapidly beginning to set, as darkness spread over the sky. "I hope you little bastards are happy, we're almost there." she sputtered. A half-an-hour later, Elizabeth's possessed boots marched her into the courtyard, coming to a rigid stop in the center, directly across from where the stone she had bought formerly rested. Elizabeth exhaled forcefully, tired beyond belief. As she looked up, she could see the moon reflecting light above her.

With no warning, a pair of stone hands sprung forth from the cobbles she was standing on, grabbing her ankles and holding her in place. Frightened and confused, Elizabeth fought against their grip, to no avail. Secure, the Leprechauns shimmered into existence, gushing forth from the boots they had fused themselves and Elizabeth into. Stretching and sighing, the two laughed and clapped their hands as a stunned Elizabeth watched them from above. "Ahhhh, back home again, eh Sean?"

"Indeed, indeed." the other answered. "What a lovely way to hitch a ride, do you agree Colin?" "More lovely than I dared imagine my boy. Her boots were a much finer abode than that cold old rock." the other replied.

"Indeed. I can think of far worse places to be than next to this beautiful young creatures limbs. She was quite the beast of burden." The both laughed with glee.

"You're home dammit! You got what you wanted, now let me get out of here!" Elizabeth screamed, tears welling in her eyes as she uselessly pulled against the stone hands' grasp.

"Come on out brethren!" the two Leprechauns said simultaneously. In response, the stones of the wall surrounding them began to shimmer and sparkle. Before Elizabeth's horrified eyes pair after pair of Leprechaun emerged. Before she new it, hundreds of pairs of the terrible little creatures were standing around her and the two that had turned her into their conveyance.

"Brothers, we've just been on a most amazing journey. We've discovered something truly wonderful." the one who spoke gestured to Elizabeth. "Our stone homes are nothing in comparison to the pleasures of dwelling in the boots of a fine young lass. We will tell you of the wonders of this, and, when we are done, we will all go out, so that each of you may find a lovely pair of boots, and a beautiful young woman, to call home for yourselves. You will, as me and my brother have, move in and make one your own, as Elizabeth here will be our abode forever!"

The other one chimed in, patting Elizabeth's right boot. "It's the only way to travel me boys!" Elizabeth screamed and cried as she pulled at the hands holding her fast. Apparently, she would be giving the two creatures a lift for quite sometime, and other women would soon be falling victim to the same nightmare. Even as she screamed and struggled, the hundreds of Leprechauns walked forward, rubbing their hands together as they drooled and smiled.