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“Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?” I asked her one last time, as if I even half expected the answer to be any different that the last twelve times I asked her. This time she didn’t even bother to answer me. She just gave me a look that seemed to indicate a definite yes, and that she was beginning to get tired of my asking.

“I still say this is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard of.” I said shaking my head. “So you keep saying, but you did agree to help me.” As if sensing my hesitation, she added, “Please Jack. This may be insane to you, but it’s a horrible reality to me. Um… Did you bring it?” I gave a sigh, resigned my self to my fate, and produced a brown paper bag from under the kitchen table. “Strongest stuff they had.”

I had met Angela almost a year ago in a parking lot of a grocery store. Her bag had just ripped and I, with an ounce of chivalry still alive in me, had helped her gather her scattered food items into her car. We had begun to talk and something had just clicked. We had fallen hopelessly in love. It wasn’t until a few months later that she began telling me about the alien abductions, and the medical experiments. It had freaked me out, but something about the way she told it, made it seem not so weird. She had a manner about her, she could tell me that my head had turned into a purple boat-anchor it would still have the ring of.. truth? Maybe just trust. I don’t know. I wasn’t sure I believed her, I’m still not sure I do, but I still loved her, and wanted to be as supportive as I could.

Last week, however, she pushed the envelope of sanity with this request. “You want me to WHAT?” I had asked, eyes as big as dinner plates. She had asked me to… Glue her down to the floor. I was totally caught off guard. At first I thought it was some kinky fetish thing she was into, but she explained that if she were attached to the floor, the aliens couldn’t take her away and run those terrible experiments on her. She was convinced that if she could just interrupt one session with them it would throw their entire schedule off and she would be useless to them and it would be over. The tears in her eyes convince me of her sincerity.

So, one week later, here we are. She led me by the hand to her entryway; it had a marble floor, one that was at least three feet thick. No way they could move that. I was about to say something but she silenced me with a kiss. I looked into her eyes and found my doubts being allayed.

She walked to a corner of the room and removed the sundress she was wearing, revealing her naked body. If I hadn’t been so distracted with this whole alien thing, I might have found this whole thing more than a little erotic. She looked at me and asked, “So, do you have anything to… Um… Apply it with?” Her face was turning a bit red; I guess the embarrassment of the whole thing had caught up to her.

I reached into the bag and extracted a can of industrial strength adhesive and a special applicator brush. “I had a hell of a time trying to get this stuff. The guy kept asking me what I was going to use it for. I couldn’t tell him the truth, now could I.”

She simply smiled one of those smiles that could calm a room full of psychotic methamphetamine addicts down. I popped the lid on the can and the smell almost overwhelmed me. I quickly learned not to hold the can too close to my face. “Last chance. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean that floor looks pretty cold.” “Yes, for the last time. Now shut up and glue me to the floor dammit!” She said with a grin. I chuckled. “Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear every day.” I dipped the brush into the thick liquid. “Turn around then.”

She turned around and I began by painting her lovely buttocks with the adhesive.
For a moment I hesitated, I hadn’t even considered this stuff might chemically burn her. “What’s wrong?!?”
“It’s cold!”

Relieved I said “Oh toughen up, I grew up in Minnesota, don’t tell me about cold.” With that I smeared another, rather large amount down the backs of her thighs, evoking a slight giggle. I continued painting the backs of her legs, right down to her ankles, then returned and covered the parts of her back that would touch the floor. I checked the can, it looked like I had just enough left for each arm. But first I helped her to lie down on the marble floor. She adjusted herself to a comfortable laying position and asked me how long it takes for this stuff to set up. “It takes five minutes to set, another twenty to dry.” I said as I painted the bottoms of her arms with the sticky goop. I saw the muscles flex in her right leg, and a grin spread across her face.

“You’re right.. I’m stuck!”
“Better let it dry before you test it too much.”
“Um.. This may be a little late in the game to be asking, but you do have the solvent for this stuff right?” She asked, a little nervousness creeping into her voice.
“Hmmm, solvent, solvent. You never mentioned a solvent.” I teased. I had a jug out in my car, but I thought I’d at least have some fun with her.
“Oh hush. You remember what I told you?”
“Yes, no matter what you say or how much you beg, I’m not to let you up until morning. You may not be you.” I parroted back in a monotone. She had told me that several times in the past few days.
We waited in silence for a few minutes, I saw the muscles in her arms and legs flex a few times, but her limbs stayed put. Finally she broke the silence. “Um, I have a bit of a problem.”
Oh no. “You should have done that before we started.” I said motioning for the bathroom.
“No, I mean my nose itches.” We both broke out laughing.


A few more minutes of silence passed. I checked the clock. It had been about twenty-five minutes since I coated the last bit of her with glue. I mentioned as much to Angela and together we tried to separate her from the floor. But no matter how much we tugged and pulled, she remained fused to the spot. I guess that was the point. There was something somewhat erotic about the whole thing, looking at her naked body, knowing it was helplessly stuck to the floor. We had experimented with a little light bondage before, but nothing on this scale. I guess she noticed me looking at her and giggled again.

“Don’t be getting any funny ideas now.” She grinned wickedly at me.

I was in the middle of giving her my best “Who me?” look when suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head. I was about to jump to her aid when the lights started to flicker and finally went out. The room was flooded with an eerie soft green light and it felt as if there was electricity in the air. I heard a creek and looked up in time to see the front door opening by itself. Outside the glow was more intense, and I could see figures moving. Five of the figures simply walked into the house as if five aliens walking into the house was a perfectly normal thing. They were a little shorter and thinly built than is normal for a human and their skin had a gray, translucent sheen to it. Each one had an individual greenish glow around them, which seemed to have an electric, almost fluid quality to it. All I could do was stand in the corner with my mouth hanging open.

Completely ignoring me they gathered around Angela and began making kind of gibbering sound. They seemed rather annoyed by something. Two of them bent over and tried to lift her off the floor, but the glue held her fast. Eventually all five were in on the task of trying to pick her up, and utterly failed to separate her from the floor. More angry gibbering. One of them looked at me, but made no sign that it had even seen me. The somewhat larger one, obviously the leader, took some kind of cylindrical device from a pouch on its belt and pointed it at Angela’s head. A faint green glow arced between it and her head for a moment and faded again.

Alien stuck thing

The leader made some kind of gesture and the others followed it out of the room. The door swung itself shut and the green light simply winked out. I was about to go look outside when I heard Angela’s voice from the floor.

“Jack?” She asked groggily.

I knelt down beside her. “Are you all right?”

“Um.. Maybe you could explain why I’m naked and…Ungh!” She tugged at her arm, “Stuck to the floor?”

“You asked me to glue you to the floor. Don’t you remember?” I asked suspiciously.

“GLUE?!? Is this some kind of joke?!”

It was happening. She wasn’t herself. I’ll be damned. I might not have believed she was anything other than in her right mind if it weren’t for the past events.

She was struggling now, trying to free herself. She looked up at me angrily. “Get me out of this! It’s not funny! I’m stuck to the floor and all you can do is stand there with a look of eerie fascination on your face?!”

“You told me not to let you up, no matter what you said.” The second I said this I knew it was a mistake. Now she… They?… Knew I was capable of freeing her.

“What? Have you been drinking? Please! Let me out of this!”


She began to cry. Tears ran down her face that she was unable to wipe away. I reached down and dried them with my hand.

“Please.” She said between sobs, “Please let me up. I don’t want to be stuck to this floor anymore. Please Jack.” Damn. She almost convinced me.

“I can’t do that. I made a promise.”

“DAMN YOU! LET ME GO!!” She screamed and began twisting and tugging at various parts of her body, which remained stuck firmly to the floor.

Alien stuck thing 2

I decided I should probably get away from her for a while; otherwise she just might manage to convince me to actually let her up. She was in the middle of threatening me with lawyers when I got up and walked towards the kitchen. I could hear her begging me not to go, but tried not to listen. Why did I suddenly feel like Ulysses?

I sat in the kitchen listening to every one of the slurs she could think to throw at me. After a while I guess she figured I’d left or couldn’t hear her or something, because it got rather quiet in there. The silence was worse than the insults; it made it impossible for me to concentrate on the magazine I had been failing to concentrate on in the first place. I checked the clock. 2:37 AM. Damn, nowhere near sunrise.

Finally, I decided to go check on her. Leaving the magazine open to the “What’s Hot, What’s Not” section I quietly walked to the door. She was still there, as if I had expected her to pop out for a cup of coffee or something. She was struggling and tugging against the glue, sweat dripped from every inch of her as she squirmed and grunted. This adhesive impressed me. Angela is in very good shape and is quite strong for her size. The fact that the glue was still managing to hold her after all her struggling was incredible.

For a while I simply stood and watched her desperately fight to gain her freedom from the glue. At one point she clenched her eyes shut and arched her back, her entire body shaking with the strain, but remained stuck fast to the floor. She wiggled her feet, apparently trying to loosen the bond under her ankles. They remained affixed to the marble. She hunched her shoulders as if she was about to sit up, but her back stayed firmly on the floor. I had to admit, even if not consciously, there was something erotic about all this. It was rather exciting watching her shapely, sweat covered body squirm futilely on the floor. Knowing that there’s no way she can possibly get free without help. For a moment I was tempted to relent and go get the solvent, but the memory of those… Things walking in stopped me. Damned if I was going to let them have her! God only knows what they wanted to do to her.

Angela had, actually, described some of the things they had done, it had turned my stomach so bad I needed to sit for a while before I could continue. I’d rather see her glued to the floor for the rest of her life than give her over to them for ten seconds. It’s funny how a few moments can change your beliefs so drastically. I never believed in UFOs or aliens before tonight, I’ve never even seen an episode of the X-Files. Now, here I was, trying to protect my girlfriend from ET’s evil cousins. Life. Go figure.

Angela must have spotted me standing there by this time, because she was looking at me. For a moment I looked into her eyes, it was then that I could see her. Not this angry, mind-controlled thing struggling to un-stick herself from the floor, but the scared, young woman who had had me stick her to it in the first place. She was still in there somewhere, just not able to communicate.

It was then I felt it. It felt like a fist tightening around my mind, trying to gain control, trying to access my memories. I closed my eyes and concentrated, those hours of meditation finally paying off as I blocked the intrusive force out. When I opened my eyes I was laying on the floor with my hands holding my head. I looked at the clock; it read 5:16 AM. My God! I’ve been out for almost three hours! Panicked I looked around, and saw Angela still lying there, naked and securely held down with some of the strongest adhesive I could get my hands on. I decided it was time to take the offensive.

I knelt down beside her naked form and before she could say a word I covered her mouth with my hand. “No, don’t say anything, I know you’re not you. I just wanted you to know that there’s no way in hell I’m letting Angela go through what you seem to be willing to put her through. I’ll die defending her if I have to. If you want off that floor, whoever you are, I suggest you leave her alone and go back to wherever you came from. All I can tell you is if even one of you shows your face in here again, I’ll send you to hell.”

With that I got up and went to Angela’s bedroom. I could still hear her protesting downstairs. In her closet, in the back of the second drawer from the right, was a .45 semi automatic pistol that she had purchased from a pawnshop two years ago. I slid the clip in and went back downstairs. 5:32AM. The sun would be up in about an hour. I just had to hold out until then. “Jack?” Angela! Something about her voice told me it was her, and not some alien mind controlling her. I was about to answer her when there was a thunderous “Ka-Boom!” Outside it looked like daylight, if daylight had been green. It began to fade out slowly. I suddenly realized that this was because they were leaving. A quick look out the window confirmed it, I could see a bright ball of green light receding into the sky. It was over. “Jack? What time is it? Are they gone?”

I set the gun down on the table and knelt down beside her again. “Yes, it’s over.” A relieved look came across her face and a tear flowed from her eye. “It’s over.” She said. “It’s over.” I leaned down and hugged her the best I could. After a few moments she finally broke the silence. “Umm, Jack? Not to break the mood or anything, but do you think you could get me off of this floor?” She added a little squirming motion to emphasize the point.

With a smile and a quick peck on her forehead, I left her stuck form and proceeded to my car. It was then I had my second biggest shock of the evening. My car, or what was left of it, was nothing more than a charred, smoking mass, hardly recognizable as a car anymore. I suddenly remembered the rather loud “ka-boom” I had heard earlier and realized those alien creeps had done this as revenge for depriving them of their lab animal. The solvent had been in the back seat, and the back seat was now a charcoal briquette. I doubted she had anything strong enough to dissolve the glue around the house, and since her house was in the middle of nowhere, I couldn’t just walk into town and buy more. I went back inside to tell Angela we might have a bit of a problem.