This page is an archive of a story from sticky-site. Alluring Taboo by stuckboy and Illustrated by The Andrade Brothers was in the Costumed section of the old site.

The package came late on Saturday. Drienne signed for the package and hurriedly scampered to the living room. The label read "Alluring Taboo-Fashion Not for the Faint of Heart".

She bit the tip of her fingertip with excitement and anticipation. The parcel was going to look magnificient on her. She just knew. And soon the time for imagination was over, she dug her fingers into the boxes drab brown flesh. Her purchase brought out the animal in her, and like most predators, the outer husk had to be evisorated to get to the true meat. It laid there, nestled amongst layers of tissue paper like a sleeping babe that begged not to be disturbed. A leather corset with matching panties accompanied with cuffs and collar the color and sheen of black ink.

Drienne clutched the items appropriately, drawing them close to her busom (the proud new mother).

Several hours had to pass before her parents left for the evening. Long minutes of picking at pillows and fidgetting with her silky brown follicles. And with the sound of the closing door downstairs, a gasp escaped her pink glossed lips: "Finally".

Proportionately, it took next to no time before Drienne was clad in her new purchase accessorized with dark nylons and heeled pumps. She stood in front of the mirror, admiring her complexion and ensemble. Daintly primpling and flirting with her reflexion. Twirling and roleplaying the part of the seductress, as seen on tv.

The corset framed her sleek body flawlessly, softly enveloping her flat tummy and firm breasts. Her hands ran soft against the material, and her heart leapt at the sound of buckling leather.

Then an odd sensation travelled through her. The material felt tighter than before.

- OW! Damn it! I guess I should have gotten a size larger or something. - She reasoned and shrugged.

Alluring Taboo

Enough playtime had passed, and it was getting late. Drienne started with the panties, easy. But the material refused to come away from her skin. Her eyes widened and she bit her lip. It wasn't making sense. It was just a panty. What's so hard about taking off a panty? She thought for a moment and then frantically clawed at her cuffs and collar. She met with the same results.

The blood within her pumped hard, running quickly through her veins. Her breathing short and labored. The beast within the box was now unleashed, and she was now the prey.

- Let go of me! - She tried to reason. - I don't deserve this! I'm a good person!"

The corset held her tautly and unyielding.

"I'm a good person." She whimpered. Struggling against the material that now held her captive. Drienne fell to her knees eventually. Tired. Frightened. Panicked.

Tears flowing from her eyes, she gazed upwards hopelessly. - Mom!