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“I swear I heard that book just speak to me!” I whispered under my breath. My sister and I were both in the public library. I was older than her but not by much about five minutes my parents had told me. We are both in the last year of our school which is called the Royal School of Ballet, only because someone within the royal family spent 1 year there as a student. We attend the ballet classes but we were too chubby to look good in a tutu much less try to dance on ones toes, so we never got a part in performances.

“Books can’t talk” my sister whispered back. “It is talking I can hear a voice in my head. You hold onto it!” As I pushed the book, into her hands. “Twins” a voice echoed in our minds. This made my sister drop the book loudly onto the floor. Several dozen pairs of eye immediately glanced towards us and then turned back to what there were doing, except one pair and that was the librarian’s. That cold hard stare burned into us as if she was telepathically communication with us. I picked up the book and added it to our small pile of books that we wanted before proceeding towards her. We took out our library cards so that she could use the barcodes for quick recording. Everything used to be done by paper but now it was all computerized.

“Three books. Is that it?” she asked us. I shook my head. “There should be four!” “There are not four books here miss only three. One, two and three.” She counted them out, now please leave before you are fined for disturbance, she pointed to the line behind us.

When we reached home we counted the books. One, two, three and four?! When did that book reappear? It was a rather old book and very thin. Opening it up revealed rather odd pictures. To be technically correct the book contained only ten pages all the other pages had been ripped out as jagged sides in the spindle of the book showed and on each page was the same picture. Someone had also scrawled in rather cursive and deep writing into the bindings of the book. ‘To use this book draw the diagram below and place the book in the middle.’ Was all it said and a diagram of a double circle with a pentagon on the inside. Hunger overtook my curiosity and I left the book in our room for study later as I headed down the stairs and out to the waiting car. We were going out for dinner.

It was two hours to midnight before we returned home. We both quickly showered and headed off to bed. Waiting patiently for us was the book that we had left. I decided to draw the pentagon circle out on a piece of A4 and placed the book in the middle. Nothing happened, it was then that she realized that the symbol although correct did not contain the book. The edges were poking outside of the circle that I had drawn. She went to find a larger piece of paper. I had just redrawn the symbol and placed the book in the middle before lots of red smoke bellowed out of the middle of the book. We thought the book was on fire my sister grabbed the fire extinguisher and emptied it right into the face of the creature that was emerging.

Thoroughly wet and with red eyes the thing glared at us as if it was going to smite us as we looked on shaking with fright.

The creature took one look at us and with a wave of its hand it removed the fire extinguisher my sister was holding, placing it back where she had got it from and evaporated all the water. The only smoke left was coming from the book and forming the creature. It looked like a genie from Aladdin. “How may I serve you?” It said bowing slightly. “Wait before you serve us I want some answers. What are you?” “What do you think I look like? I am what you see I am.” “Are there any rules that limit how you serve us?” “Yes, three. No wishing for more wishes. No bringing anything, back from the dead. No falling in love with this or that person. Apart from that it’s virtually limitless.” “Oh yes one more thing all the wishes have to be made at the same time.” My sister and I huddled and agreed together we had found a genie. It took us several minutes but we had finally decided what we wanted. “We wish for a seven day trial of any wish we wish for a refund will be given if we do not like it,” we started in unison, “We wish to look better than we are now and we wish to be good at everything we do.” “Very well then,” the genie and with a puff of smoke two items that look liked corsets, appeared in each of his hands. One was black and the other was red, both of them had a square cut out between the breasts but the items still joined for several centimetres before reaching the top.

The book

He handed the black one to me and the red one to my sister. It was then I noticed that the suit was squirming on the inside. Millions of tiny tubes like worms were moving, growing inwards from the inside of the suit and at the crotch area were two of the biggest worms that I had seen, they must have been several inches long. The genie saw our disgust at what he had given us, asked if he had made a mistake. I replied no but then told him that this was not what we had in mind. He told us that the suits were perfectly harmless and that the seven-day trial would only start after we put them on.

“How are we supposed to do that? You did not provide any zips for getting in.” “Just put on the clothing as normal and the clothing will do the rest.” The genie replied getting impatient.

Stepping through the top and putting my feet through the holes, my sister and I both registered disgusting faces at each other as the suit began to climb using the tubes up our legs. It was painfully slow and really ticklish as the things climbed. When the top of the suit reached the top of my breasts I felt them being caressed and suddenly sucking that moved quickly down my body past my waist. A loud gasp from both me and my sister occurred when the tow larges tubes were forced inside us, wriggling like made forcing us to squirm around as it settled down. Our clock made a small chiming noise signalling that it was now midnight we hurried to bed.

We had a really restless night as the suits tugged and pulled this way and that, by morning we were not in the best of moods. But this soon changed as I looked in the mirror. I was no longer the girl that I used to look like instead a beautiful bombshell looked back at me the suit had done its job eating away the excess fat.

The genie still sulking in the corner was pleased with our reactions but then decided to remind us to dismiss him after calling him, as he couldn’t return without the command. I dismissed him as I went off to change only to call him back five minutes later as I found that I could not take the suit off. His head poked out of the book as said well what do you expect it will last for seven days he chided us, so don’t worry about going to the toilet or anything the suit will also take care of that just go enjoy the new you. With a pop he disappeared again.

The book 2

The next six days passed really quickly for us. We really were perfect in every way. Everywhere we went we were turning heads, the teachers would ask the class question and when no one answered we would put up our hands to reply. Ballet was really great too our flawless routine allowed us both to be included in this year’s productions. We were also moved to dance in the front rather than at the back when we were usually dumped.

It was ten o’clock again soon and the both of us had made up out mind to keep these suits but to add that we needed to take them off sometimes. Out popped the genie again with his smoke and sparks, it would be like a carnival if he added cementation but it was he that started off the conversation. He asked us what the week was like, what we did, as if he was a mom to us.

It was the first few chimes of midnight that he told us to listen, as we were very absorbed in the talking, it was just finished midnight when I realized what had happened. As my mind registered the time the genie reached out both of his hands and withdrew something form the square cut out of our corsets. He smiled at the both of us and then told us that he was a djinn and not a genie.

“You can keep the suits though” we heard as the book, symbol and djinn all disappeared in a puff of smoke. As I turned back to face my sister I was in shock out of the back of her suit now grew two red and gold giant bat wings. The look on her face and pointing with her mouth opening and closing made me grab behind me. As if they were my own the giant bat wings moved forward and I could now see that they were black and purple.

I also felt things slither down my legs and as I looked down, the lines were beginning to shape themselves into a pair of purple tights with black bat shaped prints. My sister too was undergoing the same treatment but hers ended up as blue tights with red bat prints. Black high heeled shoes were beginning to for was we saw each other raise a little as the shoes completed themselves.

White straps were being implemented at the tops of our sites at either side passing over where shoulder length gloves would end before joining with the back. No less that a second after that thought a pair of purple gloves streaked down from where the white straps passed but did not cover out fingers. Instead it ended at the wrist but the glove continued at the back of the hands until it met my middle finger with a loop.

The book 3

A short sharp squeal prompted me to stop looking at my hand but at the head of my sister. A smaller pair of bat wings was now growing out of her head matching her larger pair that was flapping behind her. I assumed that this was the same to me however my vision was obscured as thick long green hair cam down from my head to my waist. Throwing my hair backwards I could now see that my sister too had a different hair colour but it was much shorter than mine.

The djinn’s head popped up again as if projected onto the wall. He told us that the suit would become whatever clothing we would think of during the day but at night they would return to their original forms. The suits survive on lust and tonight will be their first feast I hope you enjoy. With a final note he told us that to get them off someone else had to willingly accept them as he disappeared again. The suit then began to play with our bodies teasing them until we fell unconscious from the excitement.