Aristocrat Gathering by D3_M

It was advertised in the papers that several new temporary and permanent positions this year had opened for the Stickson City County Hunt. Normally such an event was kept closed to commoners but this year it was unusual. Apparently due to new enforceable laws hunting animals had been banned. Hurray for PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals).

I had never thought much about the hunt but I did think about all the high-class people that lived in the better parts of the city and always wondered what they would be like. The only oddity was that the advertisement was that it lacked any description of the job that was to be performed, the qualifications needed but it did say how much you were to be paid monthly.

The figure was unusually high and this was represented by the huge number of people in line that snaked its way along following the railings of the large mansion that we could just see on the other side. It was early in the morning before the nine o’clock opening time but it seemed that all sorts of people from different careers had decided to pitch their luck for a better job.

  • * *

It was just before nine but my watch was probably running fast that I spied a butler walking down from the mansion to the front gate. Reaching it he took out a small bell and shook it once. The ring from the bell silenced everyone in the crowd.

"The interview will now begin. There are a total of ten interviewers who will see you. Speak the position you are applying for and they will inform you whether such an opening exists. I will now open the gate please enter in an orderly manner and line up at the front door." The butler clearly and calmly said.

The people in front of me trooped through the door and up to the wooden brown double front doors. The butler rang the bell and slowly the double doors opened. The entrance hallway was extravagant with a staircase that leads upstairs. Two sets of five maids stood on the staircase.

The butler spoke again, "Please press the button, a number will appear and one of the maids will show you where to go." The first person in the line must have withdrawn a ball as I soon found the line shuffling slowly forward. Each time the line moved I saw a person being escorted away by one of the maids to a room elsewhere in the building before returning with them and taking the next.

The people that returned showed several different emotions, some were cursing and swearing, others quiet, a few crying but most were just depressed that they had not got the job.

I heard one of the ranters cry out: ‘A bachelor degree and not enough experience for making coffee!’ and, ‘You’re not going to make it either! No one will!’ pointing and staring each one of us in line down.

  • * *

I must have waited in line for at least two hours before I had a chance to tear away the generated number that represented my interviewer. I had lost count of the number of people that had been rejected, if fact I don’t even remember during my two-hour stand as to whether or not anyone had been successful yet. However I did notice that there seemed to be far less maids showing people off to their interviewers.

I held the number ‘4’ in my hand and approached a maid that had just returned. She led me past the left side of the stairs and round to a room on the side. The door had the number ‘6’ on it and she knocked at it twice.

She must have hit the door pretty hard as two loud booms came from her knocking before a voice on the inside said come in and she opened the door for me to enter. She then did a small bow and closed the door behind me.

The room was well decorated the lush furry red carpet could be felt through the trainers that I wore. A rather young man who must have been just out of university sat behind a rather old antique desk. A single chair in the middle of a red rug was empty facing him. I walked towards it and the man gestured me to sit down.

"Hello and welcome, my name is Bernard Set. How about you introduce yourself for a few minutes?" He said with a smile. I started off explaining why I would want the job when he stopped me with his hand. "You’re not listening to me," he said firmly but still with a smile, "You haven’t even told me your name." he reminded me.

"My name is Rachel Wood." I replied and started to continue about myself when he spoke again.

"I see and do you have and family background into hunting?" he asked more directly this time.

"Well my father is in the army so he has passed down some of his shooting skills to me. I’ve read about hunting animals in university and have some basic skills in horse riding." I quickly said feeling the job slip away from me. "And …" I thought probably the final question by him. "And are any of your family in the city at the moment?" he asked without the smile.

"No." I replied probably dooming the job.I jumped.

"Excellent!" he said in a much louder and cheerful voice than before and coming out of his seat pen and paper in hand. "Here’s a pen," the thrusted a fountain pen into my right hand "and the contract." He slapped down his clipboard on my knee.

Aristocrat Gathering

I quickly signed the papers and handed it back to him. He promptly went behind his desk and took out a small rubber stamp from one of the draws and stamped it on the documents confirming that they were now genuine and binding. "Relax." He said to me. I had tensed up during the excitement of landing the job that I had clenched my hands tightly. I now relaxed a bit more putting both my arms onto the chair’s arms.

That is when two metallic cuffs slid out from it and fixed my arms to the chair. A sudden jerk and the ground below me descended downwards. Bernard just waved to me with that smile on his face. The trapdoor closed above me leaving me in the dark on a moving platform.

I struggled against the chair’s grip standing half upright but the pain exerted on my wrists downwards hurt too much that I sat back down again. I tried moving the chair itself but found that it would not budge. I looked at the chair legs and notice that they were bolted onto the floor that was taking me somewhere in the darkness.

It was only when another trapdoor that opened to my side that I had noticed that the platform had stopped descending. I blinked my eyes as the platform rolled me into the centre of a closed room. Apart form the one door in that I was facing there were no other visible entrances. The only reason that I knew there was more than one entrance was the fact that tracks ran off to my right, behind me and to my left, the ones that I had just come through to what looked like rock walls.

I was still looking around at the bear room when a green mist began to seep in from the corners. I struggled like mad again rocking the platform too and fro. The mist crept its way slowly down from the ceiling. This did not help me at all as I fought the platform even harder in desperation to get free.

Suddenly with a loud jerk the platform dislodged itself from the back and the chair fell backwards on to the floor. This was not the best situation to be in; lying on your back, strapped to a chair that was fixed to a square platform that you couldn’t get out of. Not to mention the first hand view of the green gas that was filling up the upper areas of the room and making its way downwards.

It was down to my face after half a minute more and I took my first whiff of the gas. I saw pink flowers with yellow dots on a green pasture. Then yellow flowers with green dots on a pink pasture, followed by all sorts of pretty colours before darkness enveloped my mind.

The wooden door slid open upwards, revealing two men standing in plain clothes with gas masks on.

"Coor! This one was a fighter." The first said to the second although the sound was muffled.

"I saw on the monitor. She ripped the platform off the rails." The second agreed with the first. "Well let’s get her out, cleaned and changed. What do you think the bosses will make this one into?" The first asked. "With her performance probably one of the wild cats that will be the hunt they’ll tell us when we bring her to them." The seconded answered him.

They pick her up by her arms and draped them over their shoulders and half carried half dragged her out of the room. It wasn’t long until she was stripped and left lying naked on a steel table like meat. Watching her from behind a panel of glass were four people. They were indistinguishable as all one could see were black out figures. Well trained the two men who had brought her in held up various wildcat costumes in turn.

The first was a lynx, then puma, followed by cheetah and finally a tiger. All were voted down apart from the last one. The four people who decided her fate left the observation room leaving her to the two men. “Gods! This will be another hard job after those three.” The first guys said. “Yeah,” agreed the second, “Why do they make these cloths so small anyways? It takes ages to get one on and closed and everything.”

“Don’t tell anyone. But I heard the higher ups said that they wanted them small so they feel them better.” The first man suggested.

“You mean?” at this point the second man made a pelvic thrust action and the first nodded at it. The men said nothing more and began to struggle with the small tiger suit they had been given onto the unconscious girl. The first thing they did was to lubricate her whole body. Ever inch of skin and hair was glistening in lubricant when they were finished. One of the men had taken this opportunity to massage her breasts well.

After she was slippery as ice and even a slight push on her would cause her to slide across the steel table. One of the men produce a pair of rubber tiger striped panties and rubber bra for her. Both of these were of a special design to allow the wearer to wear the costume for prolonged periods of time as well as for pleasure. The man who had massaged her breasts now rested two metallic pads inside the bra on top of her nipples before closing the small strapless bra tightly around them forcing them to perk upwards. Two small connectors could be seen protruding from each side of the bra cups.

The other man worked on her panties applying lubricant to the rods inside before dragging the panties up towards their intended targets. However the panties being so small cause a problem at her round buttons and it a great pull the man slid the top half of her body off the table. The man who put on her bra caught her and pushed her back. “Careful there we don’t want any damage.” He reminded the second. With the help of the first man the one who was putting on her panties finally managed to slide them on properly. Once the lube dried out she would probably need to cut them off in order to get out of them.

Aristocrat Gathering2

Next was a thick high neck sleeveless rubber tiger striped leotard. The rag doll on the table put up no fight as they slide her into that. It was closing it that was the problem as the two men struggled with the lacing that was provided at the back.

“Why couldn’t they just use the zipper and forget about lacing?” The man who was struggling to tie her in grunted. He had only gotten the leotards first five lace holes closed. He got onto the table and pressed his knee down her spine and pulled with his might again.

“The zipper is just decoration it would burst if you tried to reshape her body like you are doing at the moment. Here let me give you a hand.” The other man said, as he joined in with the lacing up. It took them, ten minutes of grunting, groaning, sweating and swearing before they finally managed to get her laced in and the decorative hidden zipper that hid the lace holes and lacing was zipped up.

The next things to get on to her were her new rubber fore paws and hind paws. They were real tiger shaped paws. Although realistically made the men dressing her quickly realised that they would be a pain to get onto the victim. Because of the length of them having to reach up to your shoulders for your arms and to the top of the thighs for your legs they acted like miniature compression chambers. Every now and then the lubrication on her body prevented the air from inside the paw to come out and as the men pulled the paw further up the compressed air shot the paw off her.

Aristocrat Gathering3

In the end they could do the most logical thing and filled up each paw with lubricant before slipping it onto her. The lubricant squirted out of the glove as the size made it a tight fit around both her arms and legs.

The gag, nose tubes and earplugs came as they finished with her limbs. The gag again had a special design allowing an outsider to open and feed the wearer whilst keeping her tongue press down against the floor of her mouth to prevent speech. It was fitted neatly into her mouth and the cylindrical bung was screwed in place to prevent sound. The nose tubes went up inside her nose. The earplugs acted both as a silence to her surroundings but were also her only means of listening to instructions, as they would be attached to the radio.

The rubber tiger mask was then worked over her head. The men lined up her eyes to the convex glass lenses, the tiger’s mouth to the gag, fed the nose tubes into the tiger’s nose and connected the earplugs up with a receiver hidden in the mask’s ears. They then laced up the mask behind her head until the external hidden zipper closed over it.

The final garment that she was to wear was the rubber tiger cat suit. The men were able to quickly fit this over her enlarged pawed hands and feet as the sleeves and leggings had to be laced up after it was on.

They found the lacing up of the sleeves and leggings really easy and soon the hidden zips were closed too. One would be hard pressed to spot the zipper unless one was really looking.

It was the main body lace that plagued the men the most after much swearing by them pulling on the lace but without even closing the sides by more than a centimetre. They were reduced to one-person bear hugging the girl from the front and the other using their foot as leverage to pull it closed.

With her finally dressed as a tiger the one of the men carried her over to the cage where the other animals were being kept. All the animals were lying unconscious on the floor, as she too was place in it and the man left closing and locking the gate.

It was several hours later that she awoke from her gas-induced slumber.

The first feeling she had was one of great pain, as the gravity of the planet seemed to have triple since she was first born. Her body, hear head, her arms from the elbow down and her legs from her knees down ached with the crushing the tiger suit that she did not know she was wearing.

The second feeling was shock as she saw a lioness, black jaguar, cheetah and at least 3 other wild animals in the place that she was in. This quickly changed to fear as she cowered over to a corner and covered her head in her hands. Finally she saw that she had paws instead of hands with the crushing numbing pain decreasing every second she managed to come to the fact that she was in some sort of costume. Using her paws she quickly scrabbled for a zipper of some kind only to find that her hands had been made quite useless by the paws and the lenses that she was seeing the world in was not helping much either.

It was at this time that the cage door opened and about twelve men entered into where she was. Roughly picking her up by her hands and feet she was carried out of the cage and tossed into another cage on the back of a truck. Once secured inside their new compound the men drew a tarpaulin cover over the cage and one of them go into the truck and started the engine. The animals didn’t know how long the journey was. All they remember was them, the animals, attempting to get out of the cage that was covered over with tarpaulin. Their pawed over hands were functional to a point but not free from restraint to use as proper fingers.

Another thing that was worrying the tiger was that the other animals were dropping off to sleep in their suits. It shook the puma to see if she was still alive but only got a pat back with a paw. The tiger still didn’t understand what doing that to them until it realised that the rocking of the vehicle and the warmth of the cage was distracting the concentration of anyone in it.

The feeling was definitely like being in a warm crib. So much that even the tiger dropped off to sleep after several more futile attempts to attract attention to the vehicle.

It was sometime later and after a very heavy bump in the road that the animals were rudely awaken from their day time nap by the driver. He pulled the leg of the nearest animal and when someone does that you would automatically kick at him or her before thinking what you were actually doing. But the driver was too quick for the lynx. He caught her kicking leg and dragged her out of the cage. With a thump the lynx hit the grass arms first cushioning the blow. “Not so rough now.” Someone in a suit and bowtie addressed the driver with his hand on the driver’s shoulder. “They are paid employees like you and I don’t want one incapacitated before the event starts.” The bow tied man peered into the cage. “Get them all up and we can get started.”

“Yes sir!” replied the driver.

It took the combined efforts of the lynx, which was now awake, the man in the bow tie and the driver to get all the animals awake and standing in a line. After making sure that the cage was now empty the driver returned to his truck and drove out of the field or was it a field? None of the animals were sure. They all had their eyes on the man now standing alone before them who was clipping a small microphone to his bow tied. “Good morning girls!” He greeted them.

This was when the animals in line all winced at the same time and their paws shot to where their human’s ears would have been.

“Oh crap!” the bow tied man swore, twiddling frantically at the box that was attached to his waist. He pulled it off his belt and fiddled with it with both hands.

“Hello? Hello?” he said in a whisper. “If you think this is alright raise your right paw.”

Instantly seven paws were raised up one from each of the animals.

“Well. Good morning girls again! I hope that you have slept well.” He started again.” I know you all have a million questions to ask me. Firstly, I am your new employer for this event and you are each getting paid one hundred thousand for playing your parts.”

“Anyone that wants to opt out, please say so now.” He asked. “You get to keep the costume you’re wearing of course.” He added.

All the animals remained motionless either too shocked by the amount that they were being paid or they still weren’t awake from their sleep. Most importantly their mouths were gagged so they couldn’t respond.

“No? Splendid!” he said beaming. “I am glad that you all have a sporting spirit because you will need it.” It was at this point that the lioness interrupted by raising her paw and then awkwardly trying to portray an ‘I am hungry’ message to the host.

“You are hungry, right?” the host had guessed correctly. “Well there is no need to worry we will be feeding you soon. In fact if you let me finish explaining what your job is here today you will get fed sooner.” He emphasized. “You’re all here today to play in a new hunter hunted game after our duly democratically elected decided to slap a ban on hunting wild animals.” He said very displeased indeed.

“However,” he continued “that did not place a ban on hunting humans portraying the part of wild animals. You!” He said with his arms wide towards them.

“I will soon be assigning a hunter to hunt each and every one of you. But I will be assigning the hunter that you will hunt now. So listen carefully.” He slowed further with his talking.

“Each of you will be both hunter and hunted. Your aim is to remain uncaught by the end of this day that will be in exactly eight hours time. After which a flare will be fire signalling the end of the hunt and you can return safely without fear to have your costumes removed.”

“Should you at the end of the hunt having been caught by the hunter. You will be paid your wages plus have a rather uncomfortable penalty before joining us at the manor for food and drinks.” The animals cringed what could be worse than what they were in now?

“Should you at the end of the hunt having returned safely. You will be paid your wages, have your costumes head removed before joining us at the manor for food and drinks.” The animal all nodded in agreement that this was the best way. Just avoid whatever was coming and be done with it.

“Should you at the end of the hunt having redeemed the medal of your designated target. You will be paid twice your wages plus have an additional contract ready to sign on properly before joining us at the manor for food and drinks.” The animals were all listening very hard indeed at the host and what he was saying. “Now here are your targets.”

The host having not been interrupted once finished soon after that. And then lead the animals to the caravan where they met up with the seven hunters. The animals were ready for a fight. Who wouldn’t want to double their wages in a day? All of them carefully studied the medals that each one of the hunters was wearing on the top of their clothes. Here again the host spoke.

“Welcome ladies, gentlemen and animals.” The host greeted us all. “We’re going to let the hunters feed the animals first. It should be a great time for the hunters to study up on their wild animals and recognise which one will be the one that you’re hunting.”

The host here tossed out several silvery bags of what must have been liquid as they bent in shape when caught by the hunters. With their hands they easily twisted off the cap and each one of them approached one of the animals. Carefully reaching inside the animal’s fake plastic muzzle they reached the plug that was there to allow them to feed. Removing that plug they directed the nozzle of the feeding bag into it and waited while it emptied itself.

The animals couldn’t taste what they were being fed. They didn’t even know if it was actually food or not that they were being fed. Their tongues had long since been prevented from tasting with the hollow gag that ran from the muzzle opening to the top of the throat. Depriving them of taste but still allowing them to swallow. They wouldn’t be able to bite themselves either in the mouth.

It was after the feeding that the host began handing out the guns to the sport. The trouble was that they looked really real.

“Don’t worry animals.” He reassured them. “They are not real, they won’t fire bullets but these small tranquilliser darts.” He said holding one up between his thumb and index finger. “These little darts are filled with a localised muscle relaxant. If you are hit by one, as in the example that I am holding now, I seemed to have pricked myself and can’t let go of it. Expect the relaxant to wear off in about fifteen minutes. Again don’t worry it has been thoroughly tested by the Menarch Research Institute for safety on humans.”

“Speaking about humans, I think we should introduce to the animals who you humans all are.” The host said handing a microphone to the line of hunters.

“I’m General Brigadier Bill Murphy.” The general said. “I will be hunting,” he continued, “you!” he said pointing the currently empty gun at the puma. The puma leap almost a foot in the air in response.

”You don’t have to tell them who you’re hunting general.” The host said to remind the other hunters. “I want to in still fear in my target that way they will run when they see me.” The general said. One could already guess that he would be so high profile that the animal he would be hunting would see him miles away. He passed the microphone on.

“I’m Petsa Wells.” The veterinarian said.

“I’m Morgana De Cay.” The taxidermist said.

“Paul Ginns.” The bar tender said.

“Christopher Law.” The lawyer said.

The microphone was passed twice more, first to the doctor and then someone who describe himself as a freelance adventurer.

Aristocrat Gathering4

“Now that everyone has introduced themselves.” The host said taking the microphone back. ”The animals know their targets. The hunters know theirs too. I will once again remind you that hunting the wrong animal will result in an additional fee payable to the animal.”

“Now about the area of play. The area of play has been clearly marked please do not pass beyond the markers. We will know when you have passed beyond a mark as you each are carrying a beacon just in case you are injured and we need to find you.” The host explained again.

“So shall we get started then?” the host asked.

A loud response of “Yes!” came from the hunters.

“Animals you have a thirty minute head start. Go!” he said. All the animals dashed off into the woods.