Back at 8:00 by ViralCorp

"Ah! There's the hotel!!" Jennifer exclaimed as they pulled down the road.

Jennifer and her boyfriend Tony had been looking forward to this convention for a long time. Jennifer was 17 with shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her body was slender and sexy. She was the most popular girl amongst all the boys. which made Tony perfect for her because even though he was 19 and a senior, his short blonde hair and pale green eyes made him the most attractive boy in school. He was a little muscular but not very big. As he parked the car near the hotel he looked over at Jen.

"Well, he we are. You ready for all this? I mean, this being your first con and all." Tony said, turning the car off. "Of course. I mean if your here then I should be fine. Come on, let's get going. I want to get unpacked and down to the con as soon as possible." She said, getting out of the car.

The two grabbed their bags and made their way up to their rooms. Up there they both pulled out their costumes. Jen had a green dress with long white sleeves. A pair of black full leg tights, and a pair of tan boots. She was going as Kagura Sohma while Tony was going to wear an orange wig and go as Kyo Sohma. They changed and then made their way down to the convention hall.

During the con they were big hits as they looked so like the characters it wasn't even funny. The whole day it was a blast for them, until returning to the room.

As they returned to their room Jen sat down on the bed, pulled off her boots, and rubbed her sore tight clad feet. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands groping on her breasts.

"Tony, I told you not to do that." Jennifer said a tone of irritation in her voice,

"Come on Jen." Tony said achingly. "We're all alone, let's have some fun!"

Pulling his hands off her, she got up and shouted at him, "TONY I TOLD YOU I'M UNDERAGE!!" She then walked over to the window and stared out it.

"Look Jen, I've been patient! I've waited long enough, now it's time, get undressed!" He replied in a tone lower than Jen. He grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. As he moved to take off his belt, a black tight clad foot found it's place in the middle of Tony's manhood. He let out a groan of agony, clutched his groin in pain and fell to his knees.

"Oh my god Tony!" Jen said worriedly. "I didn't mean to hit you there! Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I deserved that." He said in a depressed voice.

"Are you serious?"

"Completly. I shouldn't have tried to do that. I don't know what came over me." He sighed calmly. "Look it's late, I'll sleep on the couch tonight. So don't worry." "Okay. I just have to change is all. Good night." Jennifer said, looking at Tony with worry. Unbeknownst to Jennifer, Tony's mind had begun to formulate a sinister plan...

The next morning when Jennifer woke up she awoke to an empty couch with a note on it.

"Dear Jen, I'm sorry about last night, I don't know what came over me. I'm going to skip out on the con for today, so I can clear my head. You go ahead and have some fun. I should be back around 8:00pm tonight. Love you. Tony."

Jen read over Tony's note and sighed. Tony always had a habbit of vanishing for most of the day in high school when he did something wrong like last night. One time she tried to find him and spent the whole day looking to find nothing. So Jennifer headed to the bathroom where she had hung her costume up. On the counter was a bottle of talcum she had left the previous night. She would usually apply talcum to her body so her clothes wouldn't be stained with sweat. She stripped down to nothing and applied the powder over her whole body. She then adorned her green dress, black tights and tan boots and made her way back down to the convention hall.

It was around 7:30 when she returned to her room exhausted. She was only going to stay for a few minutes and change her clothes. The entire day the air conditioning was on the fritz, so one minute she was boiling, the next she was frozen. But it wasn't so much the heating system that bugged her, but the feeling of her costume on her body. It felt as if her costume had gotten tighter on her body.

As she stood by the bathroom, she pulled up on the dress only to feel it tugging against her skin. Everytime she pulled she felt the costume pull on her skin.

Back at 8

"What the heck is going on?" Jennifer exclaimed as she moved down to her tights. She tried to get a grip on them but couldn't even pull them up off her skin. Moving on to her boots, Jennifer met with the same result. Her entire costume had a firm grip on her and was not coming off. She spent fifteen minutes trying to remove the outfit, but to no avail. Sitting on the bed, trying to figure out what was going on, Jennifer noticed the bottle of talcum sitting on the floor with a note attached to it. Pulling it off she began to read.

"Hello Jennifer, or should I say Kagura? If your reading this that means I haven't come back to the room yet. You see the bottle that this note was attached to? Take a closer look at what you used this morning."

Picking up the bottle, her eyes got wide as she saw the bold black letters of 'POWDERED GLUE' labelling the bottle. She forced her self to continue reading the note.

"...So now you see the predicament your in. Go ahead and try the other methods to remove glue. They won't work. There is no way for you to get out of that costume. Except for one simple way. I have the true solvent. But to free you completly requires something in return. You know what I want. Hope you will have an answer for me when I return, Back at 8:00. See you soon. Love Tony."

Jen began tugging harder and harder at the costume trying to pry it off of her body. She glanced at the clock and saw it was 7:55. How could she get out of the costume in five minutes when the only working solvent is in the hands of a sex crazed boyfriend?

So one month has passed since that incident at the anime convention. I was thankful for the luck I seemed to get right after I read the note. Not even a minute passed as I began to panic, a knock came on the door of the room. I didn't want to let Tony in, but it may have been someone else. I made my way over to the door and looked through the peephole to see the most wonderful sight I had seen all day. My older brother Jesse. I flung the door open and jumped into his surprised arms.

"Whoa! I know I'm good looking but I don't need my sister telling me this!" He said, in his usual joking manner. After I let him have a quick slug to the gut I immediately broke down and told him what happened with Tony and what he was going to do to me. Let me say I have seen my brother mad before, but nothing like this. He stormed from the room and down the hallway where Tony just had happened to get off the elevator. The second he saw the long brown hair and semi gold eyes he tried to run back to the elevator, but Jesse caught him first. He threw him against the wall and held him with one hand around his neck, his other arm pulled back ready to beat the life out him. "Jesse!! Don't!! You’re going to kill him!!!"

"Don't worry. First I'll get the solvent from him, and then I'll make it so he'll never walk again!!!" Jesse said, readying his fist for use. "Two choices! Solvent now, Minor, and when I say minor I mean bloody, injuries later or Solvent later, broken jaw now!"

I had to cling on to my brother's arm to prevent him from doing anything that may get him arrested. Even though he was 3 years older than me, I was able to prevent him from doing any lasting damage to Tony. Soon I had the solvent and was back into my regular street clothes again, consisting of a black tank top, and a mid long jean skirt.

Suffice to say the convention went smoothly and not much else happened. Aside from my brother following me around like a bodyguard the rest of the day. I still have the costume in my closet, thankfully it wasn’t damaged from the glue, and I wear it from time to time when no one is home. That feeling of being stuck in it though was an interesting one. I may have to try it again when I have a chance. Jennifer

Looking over the page carefully, Jennifer closed her journal and stuffed it back under her bed. She laid back on her bed and stared at her purple ceiling. ‘One month…" After the con ended, Jen had broken up with Tony for obvious reasons, but she still held a small grudge against him for what he put her through.

She jumped up off her bed and opened up her closet where her Kagura costume hung right in plain view along with some of her other cosplay costumes. As she stared at them, she suddenly had an idea that would put Tony in his place. Running downstairs, she ran to the phone where she proceeded to dial a number. It rang twice before the receiver on the other end picked up.

"Hello?" Said a feminine male voice.
"Marky? Hey it’s Jen. How are you and your sister?" She asked.
"We’re good. So what’s up?"
"I need you and your sister’s help. Can I come over real fast?"
"Sure! What do you need help with?" He replied in a cheery voice.
"I’ll tell you when I get over there. Thanks again!!

Bye!" Jennifer hung up the phone and ran back upstairs and grabbed her shoes and one of the costumes from her closet and made her way down the street to Marky’s place. She was panting by the time she reached Marky's place. She took a moment to catch her breath before ringing the doorbell. When the door opened what greeted her was a 16 year old boy with long curly pink hair, wearing a long sleeved white shirt, blue skirt and black footless tights.

"Jen!! How have you been?" Marky said, embracing the girl in a hug.
"I've been good, still crossdressing eh?" Jen asked as they finished hugging.
"Yep! It's my hobby! So what bring's you here? Have you come to play dress up?" He asked noticing the costume in her hands.
"Not exactly, is your sister here? I'll need you both for this."
"Yeah, she's in the sewing room, come on in and take a seat. I'll have her out in a bit." The boy said, heading back into the house.
Closing the door behind her, Jen walked over to the black leather couch and plopped right down, the costume still in her arms. A few moments later, Marky, and a girl around the same age as him, with long dyed blue hair came out of the back together. The girl was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a short sleeved black shirt with a pink heart in the center of it.
April! Great to see you!!" Jen said, getting up and walking over to the girl.
"I see your doing well Jen. What’s with the Anzu costume?" April asked, looking at the costume in her arms.
"Oh well it’s a part of what I need to ask you. I’m finally getting Tony back for what he did. But I need both you and your brother's help to do it." She said, putting down the costume.
"So what’s the plan?" Marky asked in an excited tone.

Jennifer, Marky, and April huddled together and Jen explained the plan to the two of them. A minute later the sibilings began to laugh after hearing what Jen had said. Marky smiled and walked over to a closet and started digging through it. "We have the stuff that you’ll need." April said confidently. "We’ll get him over here and start everything immediately.

Back at 82

As the moon glowed, partially illuminating the night sky, Tony walked down the dimly lit streets towards April’s house. For some reason she had called him up and asked him to come over right away and that it concerned him majorly.

As he stepped up to the porch, Jen and Marky stood on each side of the door, each with chloroform rags at the ready. A knock on the door had the two ready as April opened the door and greeted Tony.

"Ah! Tony! Glad you made it! Come in!!" She said, giving no hint to anything that was to happen. Not even two second after he stepped inside, Jen and Marky lunged at him and slapped the rags over his face while holding his arms. He jumped in suprise and tried to move away, but a few moments later the chloroform took full effect.

"Let’s put him on the couch!" April said grabbing his legs as the others held his arms. They layed his body down and they stared at him. "Well, shall we start?" Marky asked.

"Yes let’s." Jen said ripping Tony’s shirt off him. His pants were next as she tore them off him. Then they stopped for a moment as all that was left was his boxers. "Marky. Your up!" The girls said turning their backs to him.

File:Back at 83.jpg

Marky walked over to the dining room table which had one of his male to female bodysuits, two large tubes of special glue, the Anzu outfit which was a light green sleevless button up shirt, a pair of blue shorts that cut off just above the knees, a pair of white tights, blue platform shoes, and a shoulder length brown wig.(Battle City outfit if your wondering) Grabbing the bodysuit, he took one of the tubes of glue and completely emptied it into the suit.

He smeared it all inside and spread it evenly so that it would stick effectively. He moved back over to Tony, where he pulled down his boxers and turned his head away for a moment before sliding Tony’s legs and waist inside. Once his manhood was inside, Jen and April turned back around and helped him put the rest of the bodysuit on Tony.

Marky picked up the second tube of glue and sealed the back of the suit with a small amount of glue.

"Wow Jen, looks like you have a girlfriend now!!" Marky said, with a slight laugh.

"Well then we’re going to have to get her dressed now won’t we?" Said Jen, with a bit of laughter as well.

Taking the outfit, they slid on the shirt and filled the inside with glue and buttoned it shut. Next came the white tights. They weren’t the thigh high’s that went with it, but the full waist to feet ones, yet it would work the same either way. April pulled those up his legs and started rubbing the glue all over the womanly legs of Tony so the tights would be there to stay.

File:Back at 84.jpg

Also making sure there weren’t any large globs left. Marky held Tony up so they could finish putting the glue on around his rear and front. They slid the shorts on and buttoned them, making sure to put more glue around the waist for extra holding. Lastly they covered the sole’s of the platform shoes with the last of the glue and stuck his feet firmly in them. Taking a blow dryer, April moved it over his body making sure the glue would dry quickly. Once she was done, the three looked him over and smiled at their acomplishment. Tony’s body was completely glued into the bodysuit and the clothes as well. From the neck down he looked like Anzu from battle city.

"Excellent work! All that we need to do now is add the brown wig and he'll be one fine girl!" Jen and Marky took what was left of the glue and spread it all around the inside of the wig and secured it on his head, while April began adding makeup to the sleeping beauty. Within a few minutes Tony looked exactly like Anzu from Yugioh. From head to toe you couldn’t tell that she was actually a he, the bodysuit making sure of that.

Jennifer smiled as she pulled out her digital camera. "You two ready?"

Marky was holding his own camera while April was positioning Tony on the couch. Moving his body into different positions. Jen and Marky snapped away while April would change the pose after a minute. They almost got too wrapped up in what they were doing when Jen looked at her watch and almost freaked out.

"Guys!! It’s almost 11:30!! We got to get Tony back to his house like this before his parents realize he’s missing!" Jen said in a panic.

"No problem! Let’s hurry!"

The morning sun shined through the bedroom of Tony as he slowly started to stir from his slumber. Sitting up, he rubbed his head trying to remember what had happened to him last night. He brushed his brown shoulder length hair from his eyes and stretched only to realize he didn't have brown hair, let alone shoulder length! His chest also felt heavier than normal, sitting up quickly, his blanket slid down partially to reveal two round breasts protruding from his chest covered by a girl's sleeveless buttoned shirt.

"What the heck?!!" He shouted. Pulling the rest of the blanket off his body he looked and saw his entire body was clothed and looked like a female’s. He pulled on the shirt only to find it stuck to his chest. Reaching down he pulled on the shorts, tights and shoes and found they were all stuck firmly to his body. "What the hell happened?!" Looking around his room he saw a note taped to his mirror. Pulling it off he, stopped for a moment and saw what he looked like. If it wasn't for the fact it was him inside that costume, he would have been turned on by the look of that outfit. Shaking his head, he banished the thought and opened the note to read the contents.

"Dear Anzu,

How’s your body? Like it? I hope you do because there’s no way that outfit is leaving your body for a long time. You see the glue used on you has no known solvent left in production. Your parents are currently out at work, but It seems that they’ll get home at…around 8:00pm.

So I’d would start looking everywhere for a solvent if I were you! Oh and Anzu, just remember, you brought this on yourself for what you did to me. I really loved you, and I thought that it could work out. But you and your sex drive brought you here.... Good luck in your life.


Tony crumpled the letter in anger as he attempted once again to pull some part of the outfit off. He was fortunate that his parents were out of town that weekend, he didn't want to think about what would happen if his parents or anyone else saw him. Yet there was one thing that kept him from breaking down. He knew who did it.

He ran for his closet to discover all his clothes were missing save a gray trenchcoat and another note which just said, 'I don't think you'll need those old clothes anymore. They're just not you.'

Frustrated even more than normal he grabbed the trenchcoat and found that it only covered down to his knees. Yet he adorned it and tied the belt tightly, making sure the rest of his body was hidden well enough. Looking out his window he saw no one out at that time, which made him feel a little relieved. But just then the door bell rang snapping him to attention. He looked out the peephole to see none other but Jen standing at the door.

"Oh ho....Perfect. Saved me a trip over there." He said wickedly. Regaining whatever composure he could in the outfit, he opened the door.

"Hey Anzu, like the outfit? Looks good on you!" Jen said trying to hold back her laughter. Tony filled with anger, he started towards her with his arms out, only to trip over his feet and into the waiting arms of the brother sister duo.

"We thought we'd stop by to see how you were doing and bring you the solvent for the outfit, but it seems that you were going to hurt our friend. So we'll just have to teach you another lesson." Said April, pulling out a rag and slapping it over his face. Struggling to break free, he felt himself weaken and fall into another deep sleep.

A buzzing noise from an alarm clock near him awoke Tony from his sleep, he tried to move his arm to turn it off but he found his arms were bound behind his back. Starting to wake up more, he tried to get up, to discover his whole body was bound with ropes. His legs were bound together tightly, along with his arms behing his back, and his hands tied closely so not to try to escape. He tried to yell, but it was reduced to a "mmph" as the ballgag in his mouth took a stop to that. He struggled to free his hands but they were there to stay.

The buzzing stopped as Jen turned the alarm off. "Tony, you've got what you deserved. I lied about there not being any solvent, so you'd know what it was like for me. Knowing there was no way out without that solvent. We would have just let you out after one day, but you tried to attack me, so instead, we're going to leave you like this for when your parents get back."

Back at 85

Tony tried to say anything but the gag reduced it all to "Mmph! Nnnn!!! Mmmmmmpphh!!!"

"Don't worry, one of us will show up to feed you so you don't starve on us. I do wish I could be there to see the look on your parents faces. Well Tony, have fun!! I'll see you in a few hours!" Jen said, waving goodbye to Tony, who continued to struggle against his bonds. As his ex walked out the door, she looked back at him one last time, her expression one of sadness. "See you round." Jen closed the door behind her, leaving Tony bound and gagged on his living room floor.

He was doomed, the ropes held him too tightly and even if he escaped, he couldn't get the clothes off his body. He tugged and squirmed hoping for some part of his feminine body would break free. Only now he knew what it was like for her, but too late that he realized that he was truly sorry.