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Michael dreaded school not because of the work, but because of the walk home. Like clockwork Michael would get assaulted somewhere between 3rd and 4th avenue, half way between his mile-long walk home. A residential area, the bullies could hide behind numerous objects and catch Michael by surprise. They would steal his money, beat him up, or both nearly every day. Michael tried different routes but to no avail- they always seemed to find him.

There were three- Mark, the oldest and biggest, who was kicked off the football team for starting too many fights, Maurice, a nasaly-voiced sidekick who always did what Mark told him, and Alix, the leader of the group, who always wore fishnets and high-heeled boots. Michael never stood a chance against them.

It was Friday. "All I have to do is get home," Michael repeated to himself as he approached the 3rd avenue. Suddenly but not unexpectedly the three popped out. "Hey buddy," Mark grunted cracking his knuckles. Alix held a plastic bag with something in it that nearly made it break. "We've got something special for you today," Alix said as she reached in the bag. Michael prayed it was a gun to end it all already. To Michaels surprise, it wasn't a gun but a pair of hooker boots. They apparently were very high, platform-heeled, and were tight to the skin.

Worst of all they were pink. Alix dropped them on the ground with a thud. She then removed a large tube of an unmarked substance. Michael thought the worst- lubricant- but stood corrected. "Can you believe I actually bought these?" Alix sneered. "They fitted great but i thought they'd look better on you." Michael gulped. "We got some permanent glue to make sure you'd look great forever too," remarked Maurice. Michael bolted.


Mark tackled him instantly- his football skills evident. "Didnt you hear us? They're for YOU!" Mark and Maurice held down Michael as he tried to flail his arms and legs. He watched in terror as Alix empted the bottle of glue into the boots and smeared it around with a stick, covering the entire insides. "The smell will subside, but these platform heels won't- they're made of a cross-breed steel/plastic polymer. These boots are made for walkin!" Without hesitation she thrusted Michaels legs down the shafts of the enormous, tight, form-fitting boots. They only held him for a few more moments as the glue quickly dried. Mark and Maurice let off. Michael shot up. "Gorgeous." Alix remarked. "Yeah. The guys'll love it," Mark grunted. They ran off.

Bullies 2

Michael probed the boots. This reminded him of when he tried on his mothers boots during that 'experimental' age. The only difference was despite his best efforts he was unable to remove them. He kicked the rounded toe boots into the sidewalk without as much as a scuff. "Damn them!" Michael yelled as he sat down and tugged as hard as he could, nearly crying.

It was getting to be rush hour and Michael could not be seen in these boots by anyone- he started to run down the sidewalk. It was difficult, but after a while he got the hang of the way the shoe hit the ground. Before long however, he ran out of breath. He came to a walk and noticed a woman walking her dog across the street- she glared at his noticable foot/legware. Embarassed Michael dove behind a tree until she passed. When it was clear he bolted off again. His feet started to hurt due to the prolonged exposure to the awkward arches and the pounding on the pavement. The pain became such that he could no longer walk- still several blocks from home, Michael crawled on his hand and boot-covered knees the rest of the way.

His mother's car was not in the driveway, this was good. Michael run around back and got inside his house. He ran to the tool drawer and immediately attempted wedging tools inside the tops of his boots but they were too tight- nothing could get in. He took a handsaw and reluctantly ran it along side the shaft of the boot but it did nothing. "Shit! I'm going to be stuck in these forever!" Michael yelled. And for an instant, the thought excited him.

Michael shook the thought and decided he would jump the shower to try to dissolve the glue. The water beaded down the boots and around the smooth foot down the platforms and to the ground- the glue wasn't softening. Without any other ideas Michael simply decided he would hide them until he thought of something better. He went to his bedroom and threw on the largest pair of jeans he owned, which went down the the floor pretty much covering the obvious high-heel bottoms of his feet. The only problem was everytime he walked on the wood floors the "click-tap" of each foot could be heard- the shuffled.

As he was on the computer researching solvents he hear the garage door open- his mother was home.

Michael quickly pulled open his bedroom window and jumped out onto the first-story roof behind his house. There was no WAY he could let anyone he knew- especially someone he lived with- see him in the damned boots. He could hear his mom enter the house- he closed his window and began to move across the roof. The roof was a bit steep, and when he tried to stand he immediately lost his balance on the heels and fell down. He had to use the spike heels to dig into the shingles as he crawled to the end of the roof. Kyle readied his jump and lept off the roof, only his coordination was slightly off- he landed in the bushes as planned but his right heel slammed into the rock steps. A fall of that magnitude would cut ten heels clear off, but not his. It wasn't even scratched. "What are these made of?" askes Michael as he sat up in the bush. It was now he realized he forgot his backpack in the house- his mother would know he came home and then left- he didn't have much time.

The towering heels clicked as he ran stealthily along the backyard stone path around to the front of his house- the heels could hardly be seen except perhaps in mid-step, but Michael had no choice. Michael recalled from his breif computer search that the only way known that may dissolve this kind of epoxy glue was to add more- something about the property of the glue made soft un-oxygenated glue disolve hardened oxygenated glue- it wasn't a gaurantee, and if didnt work Michael would just have twice as much glue on his legs than he had before. But he had to give it a try, it was his only chance.

Michael walked (and shuffled when necessary) all the way down to the local hardware store and purchased a large tube of the glue- he then ran around back, opened it up, and sat down. Just before he raised his heeled leg to apply some, the troublesome three appeared from around the corner. "We were so interested in what you might do, we thought we might follow you around," said Alix. "But honestly we didn't see this coming," she remarked at Michael holding more glue. They clearly didnt know the only possible solvent method. "You guys better leave me alone or else," said Michael, immediately regretting his comment. "Really? Well, you see we can't do that because we thought we'd go ahead and get you some more clothes- you apparently like those hooker boots alot." Michael did his best to not tell her. "Guys, why don't you run inside and buy some more glue, we'll need a bunch for these here panties and bra..." Alix removed the items from a bag she had. "You sure?" Maurice said. "What, you think this toughguy's gonna pull a move? Get in there!" The others left to go in.

Bullies 3

Alix slowly approached Michael. "We'll of course be reimbersed for all these lovely things through your lunch money for the next three years," she said as she walked closer. Michael noticed her clothing today- it was crazier than usual. The boots she wore were similar to his, only black, she wore a short leather skirt and top. Michael quickly devised his plan. As she took her next step he quickly tripped her and pulled her arms behind her back, surprisingly himself for this change of character.

"Let's see how you like it," said Michael in contempt as he rammed his tube of glue down the shafts of her right boot, then the left. She screamed.

Throwing Michael off her the second after he could no longer hold on, she shot up. She immediately tried to shove her hands down her boots and pull them off but it was no use- they were on for good. "You little bastard!" screamed Alix as she fell to the ground desperately clawing and pulling at her boots. Michael would have liked to stay and watch her writhe in agony but decided it was time his own boots came off. He ran off.

Bullies 4

The others came out with two tubes of glue, only to find Alix crying on the ground kicking her boots into the gravel. Michael ran behind a small hill of grass surrounding the shopping center, crossed his fingers, and began to apply the remains of the glue he had left to the top of his thighs. After a few moments it became very warm and started to dissolve, sizzling, and Michael could peel the top down. He repated the process until complete, tossing the glue-crusted hooker boots into a nearby dumpster along with the empty tube. Walking barefoot never felt so good, and after this ordeal, it wasn't embarassing at all to walk home that way.

The next quarter Michael took a martial arts class and lifted weights now and then so as to not be suceptible to bullying again. Now and then Michael would see Alix, either at school or a mall; he never saw her wearing any other footwear, nor did he see her without a look of despair on her face as if she was about to cry. Some day he may even tell her the way to remove them. Some day.