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Cammile Sweet is a model who specializes in wet and messy fetish videos, including sticky fetishes. She predominantly is featured in pantyhose and heels, but does bare feet clips as well. Her main specialty is abusing designer clothes and shoes.

Cammile also does custom clips via her websites at and

Cammile Sweet appears in the following Sticky videos:

  • Sticky Feet
  • Sticky Sandals and Feet
  • Party for the Peds
  • Sticking Around the Office
  • Season's Sticking's
  • Stuck Behind
  • Slip and Stuck
  • Tacky Friends
  • Sticky Student
  • Trapped in Manolo's
  • Slippery and Sticky
  • Gucci in Glue
  • After the Dance
  • Tacky Employees
  • Sole Purpose
  • Trapped in Goo
  • Over the Edge
  • Jakie's Revenge
  • Spackling Disaster
  • Deja Vu 2
  • Introducing Jakie
  • Stuck on Glue
  • Smashmello
  • Sticky Bears
  • Sticky Sticky
  • Moving Day
  • Strawberry Simple
  • Footsie
  • Super Sticky Directors Cut