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Code Locked Companion Boots by Ardvark

Connie walked briskly as she made her way across campus and toward the building her next class was in. The lovely young Asian woman did her best to keep her purse and bag under control as she quickened her pace. Her long black hair pulled back in a pony-tail, putting her cute, girlish face in full view. A petite young woman, her lithe little body was clearly visible as well, what with her tight pink t-shirt and tiny gray cotton shorts hugging every curve of it. As she walked, the flip-flop sandals on her dainty little feet smacked the soles of those feet rapidly.

Reaching her class with seconds to spare, Connie arranged her bags and took her place in her seat. Setting there as the Professor began to give his lecture, Connie began to take notes and attempt to catch her breath. After several minutes, Connie’s breath slowed down and she began to relax. Not as anxious as she had been at the beginning of class, her mind began to wander as her attention wandered to her classmates seated around her. Some looked studious and focused, others appeared bored to tears. As Connie looked over one after another, her attention was drawn to a very pretty blonde one row over from her.

She didn’t recall the girls name, but Connie had to admit that she was gorgeous. Tall and willowy, looking for the life of her as if she was a model, the blonde always dressed to the nines. Today, Connie was especially taken with her choice in outfits. The beautiful blonde was wearing a black, sleeveless turtleneck sweater, a short brown skirt, and a pair of the most amazing boots Connie had ever laid eyes on.

The boots were made of a shiny black patent leather, with a sharp toe and a tall arch. The boots came up to just below her knees, with a zipper that came up to the tops of the insides of them. The zippers met a strap and buckle at the top, a buckle that didn’t seem to have a clasp. The heels were very high, at least five inches by Connie’s reckoning. Connie smiled while looking them over. A shoe fanatic, she considered them the most amazing pair she had ever seen. Throughout the rest of the lecture, Connie found herself continuing to look back over at the boots every few minutes. She couldn’t help but admire them. After a bit, the blond seemed to notice Connie’s attention, looking back at her. Smiling at each other, Connie thought she noticed a look of vague discomfort on the blonde’s face. As class was dismissed, Connie waited by the door for the blonde to get to the door. She just had to ask her about the boots. As the blond swayed closer and closer, walking with a heel-wearers’ distinctive gait, Connie began to smile.

“I just love your boots!” Connie beamed.
The blond gave Connie a strange, sad smile. “Yes…they do look nice, don’t they.”
“I just have to know where you got them?” Connie not bother to conceal her excitement.
“Well….” the blonde paused, lost in thought for a moment as she looked Connie up and down. “They’re not really for sale anywhere. I got them in an unusual way.”
“Awwww…that sucks.” Connie pouted.
“But, I do have another pair of them that I don’t want anymore. Interested?” The blonde asked intently.
“Sure!!! I just have to have a pair!!” Connie squealed.

After confirming that she had the time, Connie followed the blonde back to the blonde’s apartment. Making small talk along the way, the pair of lovely young women hardly noticed the passage of time as they made it to the apartment. Connie enjoyed the conversation, but detected some kind of unspoken preoccupation on her new friend’s part. She chalked it up to shyness, happy that she might possibly be getting a pair of those wonderful boots of her own. Making herself comfortable on the blonde’s sofa, Connie waited as she went to her room to get the boots.

“So where did you get them at?” she called in after her.
“A friend gave them to me. They’re prototypes, just made.
The blonde walked back out of her room with a large shoe box. “Now, this pair isn’t black…they’re white. But, other than that they’re identical.” As the blonde handed her the box, Connie could hardly contain her excitement.
“I don’t mind. They’re so cool, and white would be more of a fashion statement.”

Carefully, Connie opened the box and pulled out its contents. A pair of white patent leather boots, otherwise identical to the blondes was the reward for her patience. “WOW! They’re Amazing!” Connie cooed. “I think I even like them better in white! Can I try them on?” she begged.Letting out an odd little sigh, the blonde nodded her head yes.

Connie pulled each boot on, carefully sliding her small feet into the pointed toes of the boots. Pulling the leather shafts, she slid each zipper up, causing the material to hug each of her shapely little calves tightly. As the zippers came to the tops, Connie snapped each strange metal buckle and strap over them, hiding the zipper pull beneath them.

“OOOOOOO…they feel amazing!” Connie giggled as she stood up on each of them, balancing as best she could on the towering heels. “They’re a little tight, but I bet they’ll feel okay once I’ve broken them in a little.” “Yeah…once you’ve broken them in…” the blonde said sadly.

As Connie walked back and forth, her t-shirt and shorts looking a little mismatched with the sexy, yet elegant boots, she couldn’t help but admire the footwear.

“How much do you…” she began to say when something bizarre happened. As she came to a stop, a strange pair of clicks, one from each boot, interrupted her. Looking down, Connie felt the already tight shafts grow even more taught as her feet were pulled further in, compressing her toes into the pointed tips of the boots. “What in the…” she gasped as she hurried back toward the sofa. Raising one of the boots up to her lap, Connie pulled at the buckle, desperate to get at the zipper beneath it. Her probing fingers had no luck, being quite unable to pull the clasp from the boot. “What is this?” she asked, looking up at the blonde.

“They’ve locked. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” she repeated, tears beginning to fall from her eyes as she looked at Connie with regret. “I have to get mine off and…” Connie, more than a little freaked out, began to paw and grab at the boot, desperate to get the buckle and zipper undone. As her efforts failed, the young woman grew more and more desperate, panicking as she began to claw at the boot.

Giving up on the right one, Connie reached down to the left and continued her escape attempt there. Pulling and tugging at the boot, she found her efforts just as useless. Standing up and stomping each boot in frustration, she looked at the now crying blonde with fiery eyes. “What the Hell is this!!! Why can’t I get them off you Bitch!!!” she spat. “That’s the trap Connie. For my pair to come off, I had to get someone to wear that pair. I’m so sorry. It was the only way.” The blonde gave into a full crying fit as Connie stared at her in disbelief.

Anger rising, Connie rushed toward the Blonde, ready to attack. Before she could get to her, a strange dizziness overcame her. Each step got slower and slower. Connie finally came to a stop, unable to move. “What’s happennnnnnn….” she managed to grunt as her ability to speak gave out. Before she new what was happening, Connie came to a complete and frozen stop in mid stride. She had been reduced to a state like a statue, stuck in place. Her eyes searched around, her mind still aware of what was going on. The Blonde wiped her eyes as she looked at Connie. “Don’t worry. They do that at first. I think we get frozen into place so that the other girl can explain things. It’ll pass after an hour or so. Of course, being stuck like that an all, you’ll be pretty damn sore afterward.”

Connie’s eyes followed the Blonde as she walked over and sat down in a chair. When she sat, a pair of clicks sounded from each of he black boots. “Oh thank god…” she sighed as she pulled each buckle loose and slid the zippers down. She brought each boot up and pulled them off of her legs. She cried tears of happiness as she massaged her now free feet. “It feels so good to be rid of those damn things.”

Code locked boots

Looking up at the frozen Connie, the Blonde’s face grew sad once more. “I’m sorry, but once you put a pair of these on, the only way you can get them off is for someone else to put the other pair on. You see they lock on, and will only receive the signal to unlock when the other pair locks on to someone else’s feet.” Connie tried to speak, but remained frozen in place.

Looking at the black boots laying on the floor, the Blonde stood up, limping from foot to foot as she came over to Connie. “God those heels are murder.”

Meeting Connie’s eyes with her own, the Blonde put a hand on the still girl’s shoulder. “I’ll explain everything to you, just as the girl that tricked me into wearing mine did. I’m sorry, but it was the only way. I’m afraid that you’ll have to get some other poor girl to wear those black ones to get the white ones off of your feet. If you don’t….well, I’ll do my best to fill you in. I’ll tell you everything you need to know while your frozen. After a while it will wear off, and you’ll have to get out there an find someone to put them on.”

Connie’s eyes watched the Blonde as she began to tell her about the situation she now found herself in. Her heart sank as the realization of what was happening sank it. She didn’t like the boots much anymore.