Completely Helpless in Curiously Sticky Glue is a video by Giantess Katelyn Brooks.


Katelyn's bare foot slips back and falls into a large pile of rat trap glue when she tries to open the tight fridge door to get a drink. After the initial shock and struggling to pull her foot up out of the unnecessarily large pile of glue that ("he") put on the floor, she goes after the fridge once again to get the drink... with no luck. The only way it's going to happen is if she gets herself out of the glue.

She turns around and gets even more stuck! The glue pulls and sucks her feet back onto the floor when she tries to escape it. Her skirt hikes up from all of the pulling, moving and twisting around. In fact, the glue has such a good grip on her that she looses balance and falls backwards completely onto the floor. Now the glue has got a hold of her ass too!

Uh! She's only getting herself stuck more to the point of getting completely trapped! Thankfully she manages to pull herself back up to the counter to make a voice call. Darn... she forgot that she deactivated the feature and there's no touching the phone without getting glue on it. She'll just wait it out until ("he") get home.

With success, she finally reaches far enough into the fridge to grab a beer. Might as well sit back on the floor and enjoy the drink since there's nothing else to do until ("he") gets home. One problem, though. To her dismay, she discovers that the beer cap won't come off by simply twisting on it. Darn!! She grabs a nearby cloth and tries to open it again. No luck.

She's completely helpless and trapped, with nothing to do, until help arrives... and who knows when that will be...

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