Cruel Trick by Ayane Matrix

A girl about seventeen, wearing elegant flat sandals and a bright yellow and white sun flower dress, ran across the crowded school hallway trying to get the attention of a boy in a white short sleeve shirt. This boy, at first, did not appear to be eager to see her and had an attempt to dash away and into the crowded hallway. He pushed further and further, until the girl finally caught him by the sleeve, forcing him to turn in her direction.

"Hey, Tony!" yelled out Christy. "Come on over here, we need to talk." The boy, also about seventeen, turned his head and then greeted the girl. The smile he wore was more filled with sarcasism and disdain as he looked at the girl standing before him. "Hey, Christy. I didn't expect to see you here." "Neither did I," she commented, "I need to talk to you." "For what?" he glared. "The last time we meet, your friends made a joke out of me in front of the whole school. You're friends knocked me unconsciouse, stripped, and then LEFT ME TIED UP INFRONT OF THE SCHOOL LAWN; and for what, becuase I didn't want to help them in their little schemes?! Do you know how much crap I've had to put up with since then? DO YOU?"

Christy then stared down at her feet, feeling bad about what had happened the last week of school before summer. She had known about what her friends were going to Tony then, and, as far as he was concerned, did nothing to stop them. The truth of the matter was that she had helped deliver him to her friends, and then she had realized her mistake and could not stop the events that happened.

"I'm sorry about what had happened last summer. I...I... could have stopped what was going on," Christy said, as her eyes were about to water, "yet, I didn't. I'm so sorry." Just as she had finished speaking, Christy busted out into tears and tried to hide her face. "I know what you did," Tony said as he tried to comfort her, "but that still does not remove the fact that you did nothing." "I know, but... I didn't know what to do!" After saying this, she began to cry even more. "I know... I know." Tony was now hugging Christy to try to keep her from crying. "Maybe, you could do something to make it up to me?"

Christy then pulled her head from his arms and staring for a while at Tony's face. "Really?" She then seemed a little happier and began to have a glare in her eye and all to eager to listen. "What do you want me to do?"

He knew instantly what he wanted from her and exactly where he wanted her to go. The thought of it made him give off a devilish grin

"What if you went with me on my fishing trip tomorrow? It isn't the greatest thing in the world to ask, but maybe you could just spend some time with me."

"Oh," Christy stared back at him with her watery eyes, and she finally began to break a smile. "I would love to!" "Great, then it's settled. You and I are going to the lake! "Well, I do have another thing to ask." "And what would it be?"

Then Tony gave it a thought and found an answer. "Would you mind if you were to go barefoot? It's just a little ways from the spot I park and you wouldn't have to worry about bringing your shoes or sandals." "No, I don't mind. I actually like being barefoot, so much that I do all the time at home!" Christy said quietly, sounding quite happy. "Thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it. When do you want me to pick you up?"

"You don't need to ask that, silly. I live across the street from you!" she said with a great smile. "I'll just come out when your ready or I'll be waiting for you!"

"Okay then, see you tomorrow!" He watched as Christy turned away and proceeded to class, completely unaware of what sort of vengence he would bring in the morning.

Tony had just finished packing up his dad's car when Christy had crossed the street to meet him.

"Hey, Tony!" Christy said in the early dawning light. "Ready to go?"

Christy looked quite graceful and breath taking in her blue denim shorts and red slightly oversized shirt, including the fact that she had great legs that were complimented by her bare feet. "Yeah," Tony said closing the trunk, "we don't need much, so I brought only two fishing poles and a net to get the fishes out of the water."

"Great!" Christy said standing on her tippy toes full of glee. "I'm just wondering, does it look like it rained last night, because the grass and the ground feels a little moist under my bare feet!" "No, at least I don't think so," he said while pondering the thought, "and if it did, what would a little rain do? It might even help us get more fish!"

They then began to laugh at this for a while and then things slowly began to go back to normal. Then Tony approached the passenger side of the car and opened it for Christy. "After you, my dear!" "Why thank you Tony!"

Tony then went to the other side and got in and started the car. "Today is going to be a great day!" he commented as they pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. Within an hour, they had reached their destination and Tony stopped the car off the road in a small clearing. "Well, from here out we have to walk." he then looked down at Christy's bare feet and broke a smile. "Think your little tootsies can make it?

"Why, yes I think they can!" and then she wiggled them in a playful manner. "I hope it didn't rain to badly. I wouldn't want to get too dirty!"

"Don't worry," he said smiling. "If you do, there is always the lake!" "Okay then, lets get going!"

Tony got out first and went over to Christy's side and opened the door for her. She thanked him and then they both went to the trunk to get the fishing equipment. After that, they went down the trail. About fifteen minutes into the walk they had begun to encounter a few small problems.

"Tony!" "Yeah Christy?"

"The trail is starting to get a little wet!" and she lifted a barefoot behind her for a small inspection. Seeing that there was nothing there they continued on. They then can to a small dip in the trail as it went down between a pair of hills. Tony then noticed that the area had become a little muddy and about an inch or two deep. "Hey, Christy," he called back, " it's starting to get a little muddy and the end of the dip looks worse. Do you want me to carry you?"

"No, that okay," and she paused in next to him to see down below. "In fact, why don't I lead? Is that okay?" "Yeah, sure go on ahead!" "Thanks your such a great guy!"

After their small conversation ended, Christy took the lead into the muddy dip ahead. Christy took her first step into the mud and planted her barefoot in it as deep as it could go. Much to her surprise, the mud came up past her toes, and then she moved her other barefoot a little bit farther into the mud dip and had the same result.

"Hey, Tony," Christy said full of excitement, "this actually feels pretty good, running your bare feet in the mud." She then moved farther into the dip, yet, this time she pointed her toes as a ballerina would just before their feet would touch the floor. The mud in that area came up to Christy's ankle and she just seemed to be overjoyed by her effort. She then moved her other foot farther into the dip, while she pointed her toes to the ground, and came up ankle deep in mud once more.

"Tony, this so much fun! Thanks for bringing me along!" "Your welcome. I only hope that you would move a little bit faster through that mud!" "No problem! Only a few more steps and we are on to the next hill!"

After saying this, Christy then began to move her muddy bare feet faster through the mud. Only this time she didn't lift her feet, she, more or less, dragged her feet through the muddy dip. They finally got to the hill were the mud began to thin out again, and Tony decided to check Christy's feet.

"Well, well," he said in surprise, "it seems that you like doing this kind of thing!" "Oh yeah," Christy replied with a bright and wide smile, "it feels so good to get my feet dirty like this. Only that I've never done this before!!" "Wow, you are really weird!"

They started walking again and then Tony realized something. "Christy, if it really rained last night, that would mean..." and his voice trailed off in thought. "Means WHAT!" she said full of excitement and looked down at her bare feet. "That would mean that the area around the lake would be like a thick, deep bog." "You mean the area around the lake would be full of deep mud? How cool!!!" "Are you sure you want to do this? It's going to be like trying to walk through wet cement! And without shoes, you could get a little stuck."

"Oh Tony," Christy waved her hand at him in a joking manner. "You worry to much! I can get through that without much of a problem! Also, it will be great fun, to be in the mud way past my ankles!!" "Okay then, have it your way!"

The conversation ended with Christy skipping away like a giddy little school girl with her bare feet and Tony following close behind. They had walked a little farther down the path until they turned and divert off it, to go to the lake. That's when Christy's fun begins.

They had begun to get near the lake when Christy, skipping all the way there with her bare feet, jumped into an area full of thick mud came up to her ankles. When she tried to lift her foot, it became apparent that the thick mud was restraining her movement. She finally pulled her feet out of the thick brown and gray muck that had held her feet and went back a few steps.

She then took off running as fast as she could and jumped a few mere inches from where she had been before. Right before she had landed, she pointed her toes to the ground in hopes that she would be able to go at least a little deeper.

The result was something totally unexpected, she had jumped into the mud and it reached up to her bare calves. When she tried to lift her feet out this time, she had truly found her self stuck nearly up to her knees in brown and gray muck. Then she had an idea. She would keep moving her legs and feet till the muck began to churn and become soft. Christy then began doing this and found out while the muck became softer, it also had allowed her to sink a little bit farther with each step. She stopped trying to churn the muck when it began to flow over her knees and then asked for help. "Tony," Christy called back, "I think I'm stuck!"

Cruel Trick

"Well," Tony said without being too surprised of the event that just took place, "aren't we in a predicament. Hold on, I'll have you out in a jiffy."

Tony then came up next to Christy, grabbed her armpits, and began to pull her out of her muddy trap. Within minutes, Christy was free of the thick muck. She then inspected her legs and feet finding that they were covered with thick brown and gray mud.

"Thanks for pulling me out Tony," she said sounding a little foolish. "It was just so thick and sticky that I had a problem moving my legs."

"That's to be expected in this type of mud," He said while looking at Christy's legs "If you had gone any deeper, I might not have been able to get you out."

Christy then gave Tony a quick hug. "Thank you Tony." She turned and began to trot her mud cover down toward the lake, splashing the mud puddles as she went by. "I'm guessing that the lake is only so far away, so come lets go!" They walked through the mud bog with Christy skipping through the mud the whole way. When they had finally reached the lake, Tony began to set up their fishing equipment and found a place to sit, on a small rock formation on the edge of the lake.

"Hey Christy! Why don't you get into your bikini and go for a swim and get cleaned up before we start to fish?" Christy came out of her digging in the mud with her bare feet daze turned her head toward Tony. "Okay Tony! But turn around so that you can't see anything, just in case I reveal something that you're not supposed to see! Okay?" "Yeah, what ever! Just make it quick!" Tony scowled as he turned around and looked into the forest.

Christy then took off her denim shorts and her red shirt and revealed a bright red bikini. She was so captivating as the bikini showed off her the curves of her 5'9" body. "Okay Tony you can look now!"

Tony turned around and stood in awe at being in Christy's presence. "Wow, Christy! You look great!" "Thank you!" She revolved around showing off the rest of her body and walked into the lake. She swam toward the center of the lake, paused and waved at Tony. He waved back and sat on the rocks gazing at Christy.

"What a waste," Tony thought as she watched Christy swim. "But revenge is revenge" At that moment, the lake that was once filled with water began to disappear. Christy had not noticed this change until it was to late and the lake had turned into a deep glue-like mud, with Christy being trapped up to her hips. "Tony what the heck happened to the lake? It turns into mud!"

Tony was now standing and began to laugh. "What to know something, Christy? The lake never existed!" He laughed even harder. "It was nothing more than an illusion! And thanks to some of my internet pals, this illusion was good enough to trick you into the bog and then trap you!"

Cruel Trick2

"You bastard! How could you have done this? I thought that we were beginning to get along with one another." She violently shook her body in an attempt to free herself from her prison.

"You had better be careful! You would want to end up neck deep would you?" Tony laughed and laughed until he had begun to cry. "But anyway, I have some other things to do and this is only slowing me down." He then jumped off the rock onto firm ground and packed up the fishing supplies. "I must really be going, Christy. Farewell!" He began to leave, but then stopped at the spot that Christy had laid her clothing down and picked them up. "Well I don't need anyone to know that you're missing or anything, even if it's for a little while," and he balled up her clothes and through them out in to the bog as far as he could and watch them sink.

"Now, you won't die from anything out here," his face twisted to show his grim satisfaction, "but when you do manage to get out, you'll have to walk by half of the town just to get home; and I'll be waiting with my camcorder in hand!" He then turned away from the lake and waved his right hand mockingly."See ya later Christy; and try not to enjoy yourself too much!" he said and walked off into the forest.

After what felt like hours, Christy had barely managed to pull one arm out of the muck; and in the proccess, had lost her top to the mire and had sank nearly past her shoulders. She also know that when she finally managed to pull herself out of the clinging mire, she would lose her bikini bottom and feel exactly what Tony felt that day, a summer before.