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Deidra by Meerkat

Deirdra sat at her desk and stared at her computer screen. She was what some would call a goth. Her long hair dyed black and her eyshadow using a lot of black as well. She wore a black t-shirt and long baggy ripped jeans. She typed on her laptop as she nervously tapped her bare foot against the desk.

After two hours of waiting she gasped in delight. Her internet knight in shining armor had arrived. She quickly turned on a light, switched on her webcam and went back to typing. She was most likely the only one in the building...It was the middle of the Christmas season and the small apartment complex usually reserved for students would be deserted for three weeks at least.

His name...or alias...was Darknight1. She had met him a year ago and had not ever seen him. He had seen her however. Whenever they talked she would seduce him using her state of the art webcam. For an hour they flirted, cybersexed, traded stories, generally the same thing. About an hour later Darknight1 said that he had an important confession to make.

"Deirdra...I've been wanting to tell you this for awile but I was afraid it would ruin our setup..." "What is it Dark...anything...I love you and whatever you say I will still love you." "Deirdra...I live in your building...apartment 234." Deirdra screamed in delight and they thought back ideas on who would come to whose apartment. it was decided that Deirdra's apartment would be the place of the meeting but Dark had a request. "I want to do one last fantasy with the cam before we meet in real life. Is there any chance you could move the setup to your bed, lock yourself to the bed, and type with your toes for awile?" Deirdra's mouth dropped open, then she grinned. "Oooh, I like...kinky and creative. I'll do it." "Leave your door unlocked and leave the only keys on the dresser across the room. I will free you when I arrive." "I'll do it!" Deirdra went to work. Without, disconnecting she strategically moved her laptop and cam and carefully placed them on the table by the foot of her bed. She then got out her four pairs of police issue handcuffs that she had collected from her friend who was a cop.

Deirdra went to work. Without, disconnecting she strategically moved her laptop and cam and carefully placed them on the table by the foot of her bed. She then got out her four pairs of police issue handcuffs that she had collected from her friend who was a cop. Without even for a second doubting, or guessing Dark's trustability she collected ALL the keys and placed them where he had requested.She lay on the bed testing to make sure her toes could reach the keyboard. She would only be able to type with her left foot, it would be awkward, but fine.

First she individually locked both of her slender ankles spread eagled to the bedposts on either side of the foot of the bed. Then she tightly locked one cuff on each wrist and laid back. With ease she locked both hands to oposite sides of the headboard posts. She was now trapped, the only way out for her now was dark, who she eagerly awaited. Once fastened Dark began again. "Ok...perfect...I will be down in 15 minutes. are you comfortable?" Deirdrra clumsily typed with her black-toe nailed toes,"You better believe it my dark prince." " make this perfect push the computer away slightly with your foot so you can no longer reach it." "ok."Deirdra sowly and carefully pushed the computer as far away as she could. Dark was silent for fifteen minutes, the whole time Deirdra's heart raced. She longed for him with every muscle in her body but finally text began to come back on the screen. "I have another confession to make Deirdra." Deirdra could only wait for his response.


"I'm not really in your building, i'm not even in your country. The reason i've done this was because frankly, I've grown bored with the whole normal cam thing. I admire your trust and deplore your gullability, but I must have you know that I want this to be the last. And what a last one it will be. Your completely helpless and i've got a front row seat through your cam. Whether you escape or starve to death it should be a great show. Nice knowing you Deirdra." With that the chat screen went blank. He was gone but still watching through the cam.

Deirdra was shocked and in disbelief and just lay there bound in four pairs of handcuffs hoping he was joking. After a few minutes Deirdra realized the graveness of her situation. Dark was not coming to undo her and she had no ways of getting to the keys. Deirdra cused herself for making the cuffs so tight. There was no chance of her being even close to slipping her hands free. Her mind shifted back to the computer.

Maybe she could get help thorugh email. She hoped that somehow she would be able reach the keys. Deirdra stretched her foot out, straining against the cuffs, the chain streched out completely. Even at the best possible angle and the maximum reach of the chain only the tip of her toe could touch the edge of the keyboard. There was no possible way that Deirdra could get the laptop in a possition where she could type.

She gave up on the computer and began to think of new plans of escape. The keys were out of the question, there was no way of even geetting close to them. The next possibility was of someone rescuing her, but she knew she would most likely be the only person in the building for three weeks and even if there was someone else nearby the walls were so thick almost any screams for help would not be heard. The last possiblilty was to break the bed.

Deirdra relaxed, gathering her stregth. If this didn't work she was screwed. She wrapped har hands around each of the posts and readied her legs. With all the strength she had in her skinny frame she yanked and thrashed at the bed, hoping beyond hope that somehow her big brass bed would break. She had to break free, because if she didn't the consequences were too dire to think of. After a few minutes of attempting to break the bed it became abundantly clear that the bed was by far too solid for Deirdra to damage in any way. Deirdra laid still in her inescapable bonds, just then the consequences of her naive trust finally sank in.

She was doomed. There was no way out of this. A man miles a way had used her desperation to kill her. Anger began to build in Deirdra's mind. She was going to die and that slime was going to see it all. The sick bastard. She noticed the cord to her webcam was near one of her feet. "Thank god my feet are bare!" Deirdra thought as she stretched her toes and wrapped them around the cord. She gave a sharp tug and the cam fell from where it was perched. The cord was then ripped from her toes and disapeared behind the bed. A smile appeared on Deirdra's lips. Deirdra leaned back and tried to get comfortable. "If I'm going to die at least your not going to see it asshole!"