Fayth Steps in Sticky Goo!

Fayth Steps in Sticky Goo is a video from Fayth On Fire.


Fayth is cleaning her mantle, but as she steps away, she steps in a pile of thick, sticky goo with her high heels. She immediately gets grossed out and realizes her heels are stuck. When she tries to pull her feet off the floor, it creates an ooze of gooeyness. She soon slips off her heels, but puts her bare feet into the goo. It goes between her toes and everywhere. She wonders how she will get this off her feet, her floor, and her favorite heels. It is so gross as the streams of goo stretch far! She then tries to figure out how she is going to get to the bathroom without getting the goo everywhere. She crawls on her hands and knees as she plays with her sticky feet. They are sticking so nicely together in front of her, but she still has no idea how to get it off. She then finds two pieces of paper and sticks them to the bottoms of her feet, so she can walk to the ladies room to clean up.


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