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She was home alone... Her roommate had gone to her parents' and wasn't gonna get home until late that evening. She was on her way to the kitchen when she felt she stepped in something. She tried to lift her foot to see what she had stepped in but she couldn't get the foot to leave the floor..

She cursed a bit and tried again just to find that she was stuck. She murmured about her roommate spilling something sticky on the floor and she pulled a bit harder. She couldn't be stuck to the floor. That was impossible she thought. Nothing can be that sticky. She tried to twist the foot to get loose but it was stuck.

Now she was getting really irritated. She thought that her roommate must have spilt some glue on the floor. But no glue was strong enough to keep her foot glued to the floor. She probably had not tried hard enough. She put all her bodyweight into it and pulled hard, leaning to the right.. She pulled harder and harder. sure that she just had to get loose using all this strength.. The muscles in her thigh tightening as she pulled and pulled.. With a deep sigh she stopped.. how the heck was she gonna get loose? She looked around the room to see if she could find some implements to get her free..

She spotted a fork and thought she could use it to get it under her foot and get it loose.. She stretched for it but when she stretched to her full length there was still missing a few centimetres. She frowned.. this was ridiculous. She was a grown woman. What could hold her stuck to the floor? What the heck had Sandy spilt on the floor? She tried to reach for the fork again.. this time she felt as if she was closer. she pulled hard at her left foot and got a bit closer. her fingertips just reaching the fork. She grit her teeth and stretched just a bit more and finally she reached it.. she let a lil sound leave her lips in triumph.. But the triumph didn't last long.. She tried to get the fork in between the floor and her foot.. this proved to be a lot harder then she had thought it would be.. she almost chopped her foot with the darn fork twice.

Finally she got it in a lil bit.. She pulled at the fork to get it to loosen her foot. Her biceps tightening as she worked hard on getting loose. The arms were tensing under her white t-shirt and she pulled as hard as she could.. but nothing happened.. She tossed the fork across the room in anger and defeat.. but she wasn't ready to give up just yet.. something had to work.. she couldn't be stuck to the freaking floor.. she just couldn't.

She sat down and grabbed her ankle with her hands.. trying to pull and wiggle the foot loose. Just as she was giving it all she had she could hear the door open. It had to be Sandy. She sight with relif thinking now she would be freed.. Sandy came in to the room and looked rather surprised as she found her roommate on the floor with one foot seemingly stuck to the floor.

- What are you doing? Sandy asked Jen began to tell Sandy how she had gotten stuck and yelled at her for spilling glue on the floor. - Well you cant be THAT stuck- Sandy said - So help me loose then. Jen replied Sandy went over to Jen and grabbed her ankle.. she gave it a lil pull. - Will have you freed in no time. Sandy said


Jen didn't really think so but she thought to herself that no glue was strong enough to hold a grown person to the floor.

Sandy pulled as her well trained muscles worked hard. Her lightly brown skin tightning as she pulled harder on Jen´s foot.. Sandy mumbled and grabbed the ankle from the side and pulled again.. this time putting her legs into most work of pulling.. Her round thighs tensing and relaxing as she pulled and let go, pulled and let go.. Finally she gave up.-. that wasn't gonna work.. - I will get some hot water- She said to Jen She went in to the kitchen and came back with a bucket with water.. she took a spunge and got it wet and started to soak Jen´s foot in the warm water..

Sandy thought they should wait a bit and then try again to free Jen. As they waited Sandy could see the desperation grow in Jen´s eyes. Jen had been stuck for a lil over an hour and Sandy was amazed that she had not given up yet. After waiting for a few more minutes Sandy decided that they would try again to free Jen´s foot from the nasty glue.. She grabbed Jen´s ankle and Jen pulled with all her bodyweight..

Sandys muscles tightened under her blouse as she pulled and let go, pulled and let go.. Sandy tried to twist and turn the foot in order to get it loose. Jen grit her teeth thinking it was now or never. she relaxed her muscles , took a deep breath and pulled again.. harder and harder. but no.. the foot would not come loose. She gave up a moan and sank to the floor. she looked at Sandy with eyes filled with defeat. she was giving up.. she was realiseing that she could not get free.. .her whole body relaxed and she curled up on the floor, lil quiet sobs coming from her. Sand just watched, unable to do anything as Jen found herself accepting the fact that she was stuck and could not get loose.. THE END