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The storm fell that night at Stalkhills. Stacy, a young single woman, ran through the streets after steeping down from the bus. The rain was hard enough to get her shoulder long blond hair wet. The rhythmical clacking of her four inch high heels echoed all over the deserted shadowy street. As it was a fragile baby, the woman protected with her body, her laptop case from getting wet.

While the woman took a short break bellow a building roof, she glance at something with the corner of her eye at the entrance of the contiguous alley. It seems it was an expensive pink high heel over a black trash bag. It was a six inch stiletto high heel shoe with short ankle laces. The shoe seemed in mint condition.

Going From Fuchsia

The woman looked at it, approached the bag and picked it up, pulling up the other heel tied with its laces to the first one. “Wow, they seem to be my size!” Said excited and escaped with the loot.A minute later, the woman entered the small apartment all soaked. She left the laptop case and the shoes along with her purse on the table and went to her room and changed her cloths.

Stacy returned later in underwear with a towel wrapped over her head and picked up the pink shoes, she cleaned them and tried them on. She walked on them around the room and then sat on a chair. “Rats! They’re too high for me. I wouldn’t last even an hour on these at work”. Disappointed, Stacy left the shoes over the table and went to sleep.


The next day at work, Stacy talked with her friend Carmen. The five foot two inches high burnet with curly hair talked with Stacy about the weekend plans. “So how did it go with Mike O’Hara?” Carmen naughtily asks. “Mike is kind of cute.” Stacy says lowering her head hiding her red face. “He invited me out this weekend.” Carmen grins looking at her reaction. “Get a hold of yourself, girl! This guy is a keeper and he is madly attracted to you!” “That’s not true. That kind of men is attracted to big boobs. I’m just regular size.” Stacy responds doubtful. “Are you blind woman!? This is what he likes about you.” Carmen replies slapping Stacy’s thigh. “Mike can’t keep his eyes off of your legs.” Stacy giggles as she rubs her leg. Carmen grabs Stacy head tilts it upward. “Listen to me. That man makes enough money maintain you, your sisters, your parents, cousins, uncles, and even your grandparents. Just wear something sexy bellow your waist and he will be kissing the ground you walk on. Don’t you screw up this chance or I’ll make you painfully regret it!” “I…I understand Carmen, just one thing.” Stacy replies looking aside. “Can we continue this conversation somewhere else, please?” Carmen turns around and sees the whole office personal staring at them. Besides a plastic cup hitting the floor near the water tank, the office was in complete silence. “Can’t we have some privacy here?! GET BACK TO WORK!” Carmen scolds at the whole crew and they resume working. “I’ll see you this Friday at your home. Don’t be late.” Carmen tells Stacy while pointing back at her and winking while walking away.


That Friday night at Stacy’s apartment, Carmen coached her friend. She had brought a huge purse with stockings, jewelry, and nail paint. Carmen opens her purse at the table and looks at the pair of pink stilettos. “Wow! This is what I’m talking about Stacy, nice taste!” Carmen exclaims looking at the high heels. “Mike will go nuts when he sees you on these.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Carmen. I’m not used to walk on heels that high.” Stacy replies with her arm behind her back and grabbing the other one while looking downward.

“Then learn! You have less than a day to get use to them before your date with Mike. Men love high heels, you know.” Carmen states while placing a shoe on Stacy’s foot. “Beauty hurts. Don’t forget that.”

Later that night, after practicing for half hour walking on the stilettos, Stacy rests tired on the sofa. Carmen digs in Stacy’s wardrobe while her friend contemplates her aching feet. Carmen then pulls out from Stacy’s closet a white blouse with pink frilly laces and a pink short skirt.

“Get up lazy and try these on!” Carmen orders Stacy while tossing the blouse and skirt over Stacy’s head. Minutes later, Stacy is standing barefoot wearing the blouse and skirt with a pair of white stockings. She has a golden thick anklet on her left leg and a toe ring on each foot. Her pink painted toenails are visible through the white stockings.

“Don’t you think this is a little revealing? I feel like a whore on these.” Stacy asks ashamed. “Nonsense, you look perfect!” Michael O’Hara will idolatrize you as soon he sees you wearing that!” Carmen says while picking up her things. “Good luck with your date tomorrow. I want to hear the full story with details Monday morning. Goodnight Stacy and remember my advices for a successful date.”

“Yes, Carmen. Goodnight and thank you for everything.” Stacy hugs Carmen and then she exits the apartment. “Don’t forget about your poor friends when you become Mrs. O’Hara.” Carmen tells her winking and closes the apartment door.


The next night, Stacy waits for Mike outside an expensive restaurant wearing the blouse and skirt with the towering stilettos. The laces are wrapped around her ankles and tied in big bows. Stacy crouches against the wall trying reducing the pain on her feet.

“What do I tell him? Its two minutes past the hour. What if he doesn’t show up? What if he notices I’m not good at these shoes? My goodness, my feet hurt…” Stacy’s mind starts popping random negative thoughts. Stacy sighs and turns to her left. She finds Mike staring at her legs with his lower jaw hanging open. Quickly, Stacy stands up straight while he tries hiding his surprise.

“Hi… Hi Stacy! I… you… well…” The man babbles looking up. “I’m sorry for being late. The traffic was awful.” “That’s okay, Mike.” Stacy smiles while looking around waiting for Mike’s question. “Why don’t we continue this conversation inside or it will get leg… LATE!” Mike says. Stacy giggles and complies. Mike’s nervousness was beyond obvious. Seeing the man like that, give Stacy assurance. The couple entered the exclusive place. Stacy knew It was needed at least a week waiting period and good contacts to get a table in that restaurant. The man as a perfect gentleman conducted the woman to their table. The evening was great. The couple talked for a couple hours while a musician played the violin at their table. Stacy was so entertained, she forgot about the stilettos. Then Mike signaled the captain and a piano started playing. The man stood up and extended his hand at Stacy. “Would you like to dance this waltz?”

Stacy surprised, placed her hand in her chest while looking at her date. Unsure to accept because of her shoes, she hesitated for a couple of seconds. The woman finally grabbed his hand and was conducted to the dance floor. “You are fantastic, Stacy. You are not only beautiful, but I like your way of thinking.” Mike tells Stacy. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls.” Stacy responded following Carmen advices. “I assure you is true, Stacy. We commune so easily. Most of the women I talk to can’t keep a good conversation for more than a couple of minutes.” Mike replies while continuing dancing. “I have to confess to you I’m still a bit nervous about you, because you are one of a kind.” “How can you be so nervous and still be a gentlemen?” Stacy asks raising an eyebrow. “I don’t have an answer to that, Stacy, but when I hear you look at me I feel like I’m able to do anything” He replies quickly. “I think you are just pretending” Stacy tells him looking upset. Mike grabs her delicate hand and places it over his chest. Stacy notice his heart is beating faster than normal. Surprised, she looks at her date. “You like it? You can have it. It’s all yours.” Mike tells Stacy smiling.

Stacy smiles back at him and places her head over his chest. The man embraces the shy woman and they keep dancing for a long time. Stacy at this stage barely feels pain in her feet. After dancing another ten minutes, Stacy hears a voice echoing inside her head. “FEED US, WE MUST EAT” Stacy’s sight gets blurry while she hears the creepy voice. A minute later, she hears the voice louder and stronger. Stacy embraces Mike worried she could fall down.

Going From Fuchsia 2

“Are you alright, Stacy?” Mike asks her worried.
“I think I need to rest, Mike.” Stacy responds worried. “I’m not used to shoes this high.”
“I noticed that when I first saw you tonight. You were resting your legs while leaning on the wall. I must confess I’m surprised you lasted this long wearing them. I’m flattered.” Mike tells Stacy while taking her back to their table.
Mike helps Stacy sit down at the chair. He kneels and grabs one of her legs to massage it. Mike then stops while contemplating the leg.
"This is odd." Mike exclaims surprised. "I would swear you had your stilettos tied down at your ankles when we met outside the restaurant."

Stacy looks down and discovered the laces of her high heels were now half way up her calves on both feet. The bows are still knot the same way she tide them. She looks puzzled at her feet remembering the laces weren’t long enough to be wrapped that high.

“I think I’m not feeling fine.” Stacy tells Mike, confused.

Mike pays the bill and helps Stacy out of the restaurant. The valet parking brings his red Ferrari and they leave the place.

“I’m taking you to your home, if that’s fine with you.” Mike asks Stacy while she looks at her pink shoes.

“Sure.” Stacy replies while listening to the strange voice again.

Ten minutes later, the sports car arrives to Stacy apartment. The man hurries and opens the car door to Stacy. Stacy steps out of the car, but she falls at the sidewalk after taking the first step.

“Are you alright?” Mike asks worried.

“My feet… I can’t feel my feet!” Stacy shouts in fright.

Mike picks up Stacy and quickly takes her upstairs to her apartment. They enter the apartment and Mike places Stacy on her couch. He tries untying the knots of the high heels, but he can’t.

“The laces are too tight. It must be stopping the blood going down to your feet. I need a knife to cut them off.” Mike tells the scared woman.

Mike stands up asking where the kitchen is. Before Stacy could answer, her legs move by themselves and wrap Mike’s legs. Stacy realizes now the bows are just below her knees. She observes how the laces keep climbing up her legs slowly like vines. She then looks at her shoes and her left foot is rubbing slowly Mike’s leg. Mike looks back at Stacy completely aroused.

“You did all this acting to get me here.” Mike says while raising an eyebrow.

Thinking she was pretending, Mike grabs the TV Remote and turns it on loud. He starts unbuttoning his jacket. Stacy opens her eyes wide as her foot keeps caressing softly his leg.

“No wait Mike! I’m not doing this!” Stacy tells Mike as he climbs over her and stars kissing her neck. “My legs are moving by themselves!”

The man is sexual excited. He continues touching Stacy as she tries pulling him away from her. Then Stacy’s right leg moves forward aside of Mike’s neck.

The stiletto heel plunges inside Mike’s neck. The man grunts in pain and tries standing up. Then Stacy’s other leg wraps around his body. The heel starts sucking blood out of Mike while he tries escaping. In less than a minute, the man looses consciousness and falls over Stacy.

“WE NEED MORE!” Stacy hears the voice again and the other heel pinches the other side of Mike’s neck.

Stacy tries taking the stilettos off her feet, but she makes the shocking discovering they are attached now to her legs. A long line of thin stitches can be seen at the laces fusing them to her legs. Also the edge of the shoes disappears bellow her skin. The laces now cover her knees and she has no longer control of her legs from the knees bellow.

“THANK YOU FOR THE FOOD, STACY” Stacy hears the voice once again while she cries in silence.

Stacy horrified, Watches the lifeless eyes of Michael. She realizes the man is dead and faints. After she passes out, the shoes continue their feast, the color of the shoes change gradually from pink to bright red. She has lost more than her boyfriend. She lost her freedom.