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At one of London's museums, an employee rushes through the basement. It's past 10 p.m. and the place is been closed by the guards. The clack of her high heels echoes as she hurries. The young woman embraces a large cardboard envelope against her chest as she watches no one follows her.

She reaches a room at the other side of the vast underground storage room. She locks the door of the small, abandon room and moves an old wood cabinet at the back and enters a hole in the wall that connects to a dark passage. The passage leads to an ancient old room lighted by candles and filled with a collection of old objects, but not valuable as she would like. The room looks like it was a medieval catacomb, never the less, it has a 1920's desk with a large shelf full of books aside of it.

The woman sits down and opens her envelope. She places over the desk some old documents, a book, notes, and a diary. As she works, the dairy falls down the floor. It opens in the last page and reads:

"I found an old document in my boss's office. It's about an old legend. Nevertheless, I took a picture of it with my cell phone. As I read the manuscript, I noticed it was too elaborated for a simple legend. This looks too good to be true. I need to copy the rest of his investigation."

"Today I followed my boss to an old room. I finally found out what he's doing. He has a secret room when he keeps all kind of treasures, but most important, the key to make me rich and finally give up this stupid job."

"This is my last annotation. Now I have everything, it's time to raid his secret place."

The woman keeps working deciphering the works of the library administrator. As she continues, a smile appears on her face. In her diary, she writes down the last notes she needs. Doing it with the impetus her greed has created. The notes are a series of rules she entitled: The Midas Touch Rules.

  • Dionysus granted the golden touch.
  • The touch can only be used with the hands.
  • On each hand, the touch only works with one object at the time.
  • The touch can't be transferred through gold transformed objects.
  • Minerals present on Pactolus River block the effects of the touch.
  • The Receiver's body can't be transformed into gold.
  • A person can receive the Touch using a gold transformed object treated with a potion.
  • If the granted person says specific prayer to Dionysus within the first 24 hours after the magic touch was granted, it nullifies the Midas touch."

Using a flat screwdriver, the woman breaks the lock of the top drawer and takes out a paper. She reads it and starts looking around the room. She follows the instructions in a paper and starts taking stones out of the wall and finds a foot high wooden chest.

Again, the screwdriver is used to open the old chest. The woman glares in side it, but soon looks disappointed. Instead of jewels and treasures, she finds a series of old objects.

The woman pulls everything out in an effort to find more clues that could guide her to something that is worth the risk she is taking. She finds at the bottom of the chest an old book; she opens it and starts reading it. Her eyes widen as her mouth opens. She looks at the objects inside the chest.

The book has the same list of rules she found at the document she copied. She carefully inspects the objects inside the chest: a flask with some blue liquid, a pair of leather gloves, a bottle with some mineral dust in it and a leather bag. The museum employee opens the leather bag and gasps surprised.

She pulls out the bag a pair of high heeled slippers. The slippers have no straps or buckles. They are just the soles of the shoes, not even straps down the toes. Soon the woman realizes they were made of gold, but what was really weird was the mysterious glow emanated by them.

"This is a kit for getting the Midas touch!" The woman exclaims excited and quickly covers her mouth.

The woman thinks about it for a moment and then she quickly reads the book as her hands tremble. She finds the instructions to get the Midas touch. She reads it a couple of times and then closes the book. The museum employee opens the flask and wets the slippers then she holds the slippers with the hands and chants the phrase on the book, but nothing happens.

Disappointed, she opens again the book and reads it carefully. After reading several times the instructions, she closes it without finding any clues of what she is doing wrong. She looks down at the slippers and notices they are about her size. Droved by female vanity, she takes off her high heels and steps over the slippers just to try them on.

Golden queen

The woman admires them for a while, but when she raises her foot, she finds out the shoe is fixed to her sole. She kicks softly to pull it away, but it remains attached. She raises her other foot and finds the other shoe stuck to the other sole. She starts feeling worried and uses her hands to pull them off.

After a couple of strong pulls, the slippers remained fixed to her soles. Anxious, she tries with all her strength and finds no avail. Desperate she introduces her fingers between her foot and the slipper to use them as a wedge.

As she fights, she notices her toes are turning into gold, on both feet. She panics and tries to take her hands away from her foot. Desperation grows even bigger when she can't move the fingers. Now they are also turning into gold fused to the slippers.

She starts crying desperate as she wiggles. On her other foot, the gold stain advances, reaching the instep. There's not much the woman can do at this stage, but to watch how she slowly becomes a gold statue.

"HELP, PLESE SOMEONE HELP ME!" The woman desperate shouts.

Her cries barely exit the locked door of the room. Outside, in the huge basement, the AC system and electric machines block her screams to be heard a few feet further from that point. Denying the horrible predicament she is in, the woman continues shouting with all her strength, even though it's almost certain she is doomed.