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“Don’t worry Amanda, I’ll be back in about two, or three hours at most from the hardware store.” Amanda’s mother said as she finished placing on her raincoat talking a little louder than normal due to the heavy rain pelting the window.

“So you will only have to watch them for about an hour or two at most. So pleases stop your fussing. I really need your help right now, Amanda.” Her Mother said placing a hand on her 19-year-old daughters shoulder.

“I promises, mom.” Amanda said as she gave her mother a hug, looking over her shoulder at the bed where a carefully folded fluffy mass laid upon it, before letting her Mother go.

“All right, you know where everything is and please try not to be too hard on your little brother. I know he can be a little brat now and then, but today is his birthday and Easter so please go easy on him.” Amanda’s Mother said moving around the room picking up her purse as Amanda followed her down to the staircase where William (Amanda’s little 8 year old brother) and his friends John, Steve, and Ron were running around chasing one of the party balloons trying to catch it.

As William’s, mother calmed them down and instructed the little monsters, as Amanda liked to call them, on what was going on Amanda looked over to the wall separating the living room and dining room where a large hole had been hit between the two so you could now look directly into the dining room. She or rather her brother had caused the accident only a few minutes ago when they were all involved in a game of piñata, which had been forced inside due to the rain. All had been going well, with the large decorative egg tied to a rope thrown over a hook in the ceiling. Amanda giving it a bit of an up wards tug now and then while the little children tried to hit it, resulting in a few good holes as Amanda’s mother spun them around a little before having them give it a go at the large decorative paper egg.

That was until William wanted to be the one to tug on the rope and insisted that Amanda should be the one to try to hit the egg in hopes of seeing her dizzy as she gave it shot. She had been resistant to the idea, but with her mother’s encouragement and guilt (‘it’s his birthday’) she handed over the rope to William and placed on the blind fold before being spun around a few times by her mother before being told to take a swing. She could see the huge thing through the blind fold, her mother had not folded it over as she had done for the kids, and she took few less determined swings to give her bother a little fun at the rope. However, after a few misses she had gotten a little too involved in the game and wanted to crack that egg in two. So taking carful aim she took a determined swing, but William wouldn’t let her have it and he pulled the cord as hard as he could. Causing the egg to crack open as it hit the ceiling while the bat landed in the wall knocking open a good foot and a half almost round portion out of it and the candy fell upon her head.

Normally, something like this would have gone for a few days without being fixed, however the home was going up for sale in the next few days and they would be moving up north to join their father so it need to be fixed as soon as possible. As their mother said her good bye as she left out the door to the hardware store, Amanda looked at the task in front of her as her brother gave her an almost cold look and his friends just stood there staring at her.

“O.K. Let’s get this party back on track. How about we start by playing pin the tail on the bunny?” Amanda held up the blind fold and one of the fluffy little cotton balls for the game as the kids revolted against her idea of fun and began to run around chasing the balloon.

“It’s going to be a long day.” Amanda thought to herself.

It had been almost three hours since her mother left and Amanda was going nuts. She had tried everything to get the little monsters to listen to her, she had talked to them, yelled at them, even ranted at them, and nothing seemed to work. They just ignored her running around the house doing whatever Will wanted to do. When she had tried to get them to play the pin the tail game, she had been hit in the knee by the little black spiked haired kid Ron as he ran past her shouting, that he wasn’t going to obey her.

Therefore, she placed him in the kitchen corner as punishment but when she did that John and Steve decided to come to their friend’s defense and pulled down her pants revealing her white frilly panties. She of course made them join their friend in their respectful corners as well and even placed William with them when he started to pound on the floor in a fit that she was ruining his birthday. Amanda tried to call her mother to find out where she was, but the storm outside had become horrible causing the lights to flicker and the house to shake with each blast of thunder and her call would not go through.

Thankfully, though the storm did have one good side effect, it frightened the children enough to listen to her as they did their time in the corner. For the most part, they had been behaving well but occasionally she would find them walking between each of their corners to another’s whispering to each other as if collaborating a plan, until she told them to get back in their places. Nonetheless, she had lunch to make for them and didn’t hear them very well over the crash of dishes and the storm. Which they received after they all had served their punishment and they were behaving well throughout the meal. She had never known these kids to act so angelic in her life; her brother was even being nice to her.

They even politely asked if they could play the Easter egg hunt, which her mother had planned, where she would dress up and give the kids clues where her mother had hidden the eggs. If they found them then she would give them a little candy ones from her basket. Amanda thought it was a great idea but offered to play the game without the costume. Will though was insistent that he wanted the Easter Bunny to come on his birthday for the game and his friends even kindly plead her to play the game as planned. Nevertheless, she refused making Will even more determined to get what he wanted threatening to tell their mother that she had broken her promises and having his little friends act up once more if she didn’t. Amanda could easily handle her mother even William, but looking past Will’s little determined face and seeing the house full of his friends, she knew she could not handle them all at once again and relented. Telling the kids to be good, above all Will, while she was gone as she marched up the stairs disappointed that she had been forced to do what she didn't want to do by a bunch of children.

“We promise!” The said almost in unison as they lined up in front of her as she walked up the steeps carefully watching her, giving Amanda a cold chill down her spine as she thought that she was going to regret this. Looking down upon her mother’s bed, she stared at the folded fluffy mass, calling her mother again finding that there was still no service.

“Where is she? It’s been almost four hours.” Amanda said aloud, picking up the white mass as it unfolded to the ground where it ended with two white-pink padded bunny feet. Amanda let out a growl as she looked at the bunny suit with its long white and pink ears, its pink belly, large paws, and fluffy tail.

“God, I hope no one gets pictures of me in this.” She said as she took a look back down upon the bed seeing that there was something else there which had been under the costume. It looked like some sort of half mask that had pink nose, long whiskers, and had the overall appearance of a rabbits face. Placing down costume Amanda, took up the mask and placed it on, it went under her chin and almost reached to her neck, covering her nose, and her mouth as she closed the strap behind her head she found she could not speak and could barley breath out of the small holes in the pink nose and mouth.

“How could anyone control children wearing this?” Amanda thought to herself, as she looked at her half bunny face in the mirror until she heard Will yell up asking where his Easter Bunny was.

Amanda quickly took off the mask, determined to not wear at last this part of costume, and threw it upon the bed, before shouting down to William that it would be another few minutes. Closing the door behind her she took off all her clothing except her bra, she had thought about leaving on her panties but given she had a little more down below then her mother she decided to take them off for comfort.

Talking a quick glance at her nearly naked physic in the mirror, she unzipped the back of the costume before placing on the white furry suit. It was hard to get into, her mother and she were about the same size but she was a little taller and had a little more in the trunk and up above as they say. Making it almost skin tight upon her, she even took off her bra trying to make it a more comfortable fit upon her. It was so tight, that Amanda was almost certain that had it not been for the thickness of the fur, she could have probably seen her nipples poking through the fabric. As she slid her head through the hole, she found two floppy ears obstructing her vision, she tried to brush her long blond hair under the hood with her now large paws, but the hood was just too tight on her head and she gave up, leaving her bangs and a bit of her blond hair sticking out. Furthermore, given her cumbersome paws when it was time to zip up the back she had to slip a hook from a coat hanger through the zipper to pull it up. This was no easy task given that the suit was already tight on her and she had to pull hard to make the zipper come together without the metal teeth biting into her flesh.

Letting out a sigh, Amanda laid down upon the bed for a moment to regain her breath, as much as the tight costume would let her before she got up moving towards the mirror. The large bunny feet give her a lot of trouble as they forced her feet up into an animal like stance making her trip now and then until she decided to give each of her steep a little hop that made going a bit easier. Observing herself in the mirror, she hoped none of her friends would ever see her in this thing. Her breasts looked like huge white balls, the small fluffy tail perfectly centered above her ass making it look much bigger than it was (or at least she hoped), and the floppy ears sticking out of her fur-surrounded head with bits of her own hair sticking out made her look like some sort of demented playboy bunny - only fully covered.

As William gave another yell, she grabbed the little basket of candy eggs that her mother had set aside earlier and began hopping down the staircase, repeating her mind with each hop, “I hate my life.”

As she came into William's and his little friends view, she was greeted with shouts of praise that the Easter Bunny had arrived, it was so humiliating. Calling them together, she began to distribute the clues for the egg hunt, while this was going on William gave his friend John, a brown haired kid, a little nod who nodded in return as he snatched the basket from Amanda running to the other end of the room taunting her. “I took Easters basket…I took the Easters Basket…”

Amanda demanded him to return it at once or else he would be standing in the corner again.

“Make me Easter!” He shouted at her as he ran off into the next room.

“That’s it!” Amanda yelled as she started to chase after him as he ran around the house, Amanda would normally have easily caught him but those large bunny feet slowed her down as she was forced to hop in them. Until she cornered him in William’s bedroom, ready to grab him and give him a spanking he would never forget.

“What are you going to do now.” She said in an almost delightfully evil tone.

“Play CATCH!” He shouted throwing the basket over her head to William who was standing by the door as John passed her, escaping her grasp.

“Give me the basket Will, I’m in no mood to put up with your games. Give it to me now!” Amanda sternly said, almost grinding her teeth.

“Oh but the game is only starting.” He said running off starting the chase once more. They ran down the stair through the kitchen and into the dining room where William stopped, someone had locked the door.

“I have you now, you little monster.” Locking the door behind her, before running around the table after him, until at full speed, he ran for the hole in the wall jumping through it, landing on his feet on the other side like an Olympian, with shouts of approval from his little friends. Amanda though was not so lucky, she had speed up just as Will had, but did not expect him to go through the wall. She tried to stop, however her large feet slipped on the carpeting sending her flying like superman face first through the hole squeezing through before being forcefully stopped with a jarring crash as her bottom reached the wall.

The children franticly started to laugh at her as she tried to dislodge herself, trying to pull herself forward or backward, trying to get out pleading with the frantic laughing children before her in avail.

Happy Easter

“If you tell I think your friends will have some new pictures on MySpace.” Pulling out her cell phone and taking a few pictures.

“Lucky for us Ron found this on the floor when he was going to the bathroom. Without it our bunny might not look right.” Will said as he clipped it shut around her head as one of the kids began squeezing glue in her hair, styling it with rubber gloves until it was flat and gooey to her scalp, before pulling the hood back in place sealing it to her head.

Amanda boiled over with silent rage as the children circled all around her body as they drew around her patting her one the head and rubbing between her ears telling her that she was a ‘good bunny’ and saying how they would sneak her a carrot latter on in giggles as William looked on at their progress. Smiling down at her, as she solemnly promised that some day she would have revenge upon all these little twerps.