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Jill was more than your average young lady. She was 26, had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was strikingly beautiful. For her, this weekday evening was like any other. She had just finished work and was on her way home to her apartment. She walked down one of the city’s busy streets then took her usual shortcut down an alley that went past several warehouses. She had walked down this alley everyday and felt she had no need to worry. Soon she came past the rear of the warehouse labeled “Ultra-Stick Inc.”, which was an industrial-strength adhesive manufacturer. She continued to stroll along, her boots clonking along on the pavement with every step. Jill had turned on her headphones earlier and was paying little attention to where she was walking.

Suddenly, she felt something soft under her boot. She looked down and saw she was standing in a somewhat large, bright green puddle. A spilled bucket with the “Ultra-Stick” logo marked on the side lay on the ground, tipped over. It looked as if it had fallen off a forklift or something else carrying it earlier that day, and the lid had broken off when it had done so

Shocked, Jill tried to lift her right foot out of the glue. With effort, she was able to lift her foot a few inches from the ground, thick strands of the green goo connected the pavement to the bottom of her boot, and almost immediately her foot was pulled back down to the ground. She then lifted her left foot out of the mess, this time turning slightly, hoping to break the strands of glue clinging her to the ground.

Just like before, her left boot was pulled back down to the ground. Immediately, Jill turned off her CD Player and began tugging at her boots, trying to pull herself free with no success. “No real problem.”, she thought to herself. “I’ll just take off the boots, jump out of the puddle, and walk home in my socks. These things are pretty old, it won’t be much of a loss.”, she figured. She rolled up her left pant leg and tried to zip down the side of her boot. The zipper was stuck, it would only move about an inch downward and then stop

Horrified, Jill tried her luck with her right boot. Unbelievably, it too was stuck, not moving at all Jill began to panic and tried pulling her feet out of the boots, but they clung to her legs tightly, making it impossible

Jill couldn’t believe what was happening, she was frozen in her tracks and it was starting to get dark. The alley was seemingly harmless during the day, she rarely encountered anyone during her daily walk. However, at night it was not a place she wanted to be. There was no telling who would show up there. She continued to tug at her feet, still trying to get free of the glue. Suddenly, she heard a loud banging noise coming from inside the Ultra-Stick warehouse A dark, green van was parked outside the door. She had noticed it before, but thought nothing of it. Suddenly, the warehouse’s back door opened and two mafia-styled thugs walked out, each carrying large cardboard boxes. A third appeared, this one carrying a briefcase. They didn’t seem to notice her, and started talking to each other about stolen money inside the briefcase. Jill stood still, hoping they wouldn’t notice her and leave. The three goons loaded the boxes into the rear of the van and 2 got inside the side doors. As the third was closing the rear door, he stared Jill straight in the eye.

“Hey! There’s some girl out here, she heard everything we just said!”. Jill immediately tried to run, but it was no use. The glue now held her firmly in place, her boots wouldn’t budge. The two other mafia men got out of the van and proceeded to run around the gate into the alley. Jill could hear them coming from behind her, and still tugged at her feet, hoping to break free. The last thing she remembered was a wet cloth being held against her mouth and then she passed out, falling into the arms of one of the thugs.

Jill nightmare

When Jill awoke, she found herself sitting in a large, wooden deck chair. As well as being gagged, her arms were tied to the armrests and her ankles and legs were bound. She then realized that she was barefoot and her pant legs were rolled up to her knees. Her socks were nowhere in site and she began to wonder how the mobsters had gotten her boots off. She looked around the room she was in, it was dimly lit and no one else seemed to be around. With a loud noise, a door came open and a man wheeling a dolly-cart came in, followed by two other men. The same three that had kidnapped her and brought her here. But what scared Jill was what was riding on the cart: A large bucket filled to the top with a dark, gray goo. It was cement. Jill began to wiggle around in her chair, trying to get free. The bottoms of her feet smacked off the cold, concrete floor. She tried to scream but it was muffled under the duct-tape stretched across her mouth

Even though she lived in Georgia, Jill was quite familiar with this old mob technique for getting rid of the unwanted, although she never, ever would have thought she’d be in a position where she would be fitted with these cement shoes. Although sitting still, she was still overcome with fear. The goons remained silent. One of them picked up her feet and raised them in the air while the other positioned the tub of wet cement in front of the chair. Then, her feet were lowered downward.

“Oh no, this is it, they’re actually going to stick my feet in this goop!”, Jill thought. As her feet were lowered towards the tub, she leaned forward in the chair and stared down at them. The goon sunk her feet into the gray goo, she watched as the cement oozed between each of her toes. Although soft, the wet cement was somewhat cold and very thick, it made a gurgling sound as both her feet sunk downward to the bottom of the bucket. Both her feet were now at the bottom of the bucket, she could only see her bound calves poking out of the thick, gray mass. She looked up at the thugs, two of which made eye contact with her, but remained silent. She moaned and then looked back down at the cement

Jill nightmare 2

All she could do was sit as the cement slowly hardened. She found it difficult to wiggle her toes after a few minutes, she then realized it was probably quick-drying. The cement’s dark, gray color was now lighter than it had been when she first sunk her tootsies in it. Soon, she found she couldn’t squish the cement with her toes at all, let alone move her feet around. One of the mobsters looked at his watch, then knocked on the cement with his fist. It had completely hardened, Jill’s feet were now trapped inside the hardened bucket. She began to twitch around in her seat but the cement held most of her body in place. One of the goons untied her arms from the chair and she was told to stand. Jill thought the cement would act as a base, which would make it easier for her to stand, but she found herself having trouble to keep her balance

The thug that untied her hoisted up the chair and carried it to the other side of the room while the goon that plopped her feet in the wet concrete proceeded to tie her wrists behind her back

“Okay, let’s get to the swamp.”, the head mobster said to the three of them. The dolly cart was brought behind her and the base slid under the tub of cement. The cart was then tilted and Jill was wheeled out of the warehouse. She felt like a piece of equipment or a statue as she was wheeled outside to the waiting green van. It took all three of the mobsters to get Jill in the back of the van, she tried screaming for help from under the duct tape but it was no use, this warehouse was miles away from the city, or anyone else for that matter. All she could see was a dark forest and a small road leading into it from the warehouse. The three thugs entered the van and it began to pull out onto the road. She was then blindfolded. The ride to their destination was long, Jill kept trying to figure out where exactly she was at. All she knew was that she was being taken to a swamp of some sort deep in the woods of Georgia, and she didn’t even want to begin to think about what would happen next

The van then began to slow down and she felt it pull to the side of the road. Her blindfold was removed and she was lifted out of the van. She stood there next to the railing of a small bridge, her feet buried in the concrete pedestal. She looked over the side but couldn’t see much of what was below. She believed it was a river, but could hear no running water. It was dimly lit outside making seeing much of anything else besides the bridge itself nearly impossible Two of the thugs then picked her up and hoisted her over the railing, she screamed with fear

“See you later, sweetheart.”, remarked the head goon as she was tossed over the side. She fell to the bottom and the bucket smacked on the ground below, half of it buried in the mud. Jill looked up and saw the drop from the bridge was only about twenty feet. She stood in a vast field of mud which she had thought to be a body of water. “A dry riverbed! I’m saved!”, Jill thought to herself. She heard the van pull away, and then realized that even though she wasn’t sleeping with the fishes at the moment, she was still bound, gagged, her feet encased in cement, and to top things off her toe-wiggling days were a thing of the past.

She tried screaming for help but could only hear sounds of various insects coming from the woods. She looked back down at the cement. When she had landed, the top of the bucket was above the mud, but now it was completely buried by it. She could only see her legs poking out of the dark mud, and they were getting smaller. Jill suddenly realized what was happening, she was sinking in quicksand. She tried jumping out but several pounds of hardened concrete prohibited her from doing so. She was sinking fast, and could do nothing to break free except trying to scream for help, but the duct tape made anyone hearing her impossible. She heard no other cars on the bridge above, she was completely alone and sinking fast

Jill nightmare 3

She was now up to her waist in quicksand, wiggling her body about as she panicked. Soon the quicksand reached her chest, and not long after only her head poked out of the swamp. “This is it! This is the end! Oh, God!” she thought to herself. The quicksand reached her chin and she tilted her head upward, staring at the stars as she sunk deeper. She could feel her ears touching the quicksand and soon her cheeks. She took one last gasp of air as she disappeared under the dark mud

Jill awoke in her bed, screaming. It was all a dream, the glue, the cement footbath, the swamp. All a dream, a nightmare. Relieved, Jill started to get out of her bed but could only move a little. Her entire body from the neck down was stuck to the bed, on the dresser at the foot of her bed she saw a bucket labeled “Ultra-Stick”. She tried getting the sheet off the bed, but it was glued to the mattress. Would Jill ever get out of this mess