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Jill's Revenge by mrcjc255

I used to laugh when I saw women having problems walking in high heels. My girlfriend Jill always got mad at me when I did so, and especially when we were visiting nightclubs and saw women staggering around when they had a few too many. One Friday night, we were at home and I was well on my way to getting snookered--and I had thought that Jill was too. She, on the other hand, was acting it, but was as sober as could be. She had planned well, and I was soon to pay for my indiscretions.

Jill steered our conversation purposely to high heel shoes, by wearing a pair of 5 inch heels and staggering around as though she was loaded. She challenged me to try wearing high heels and see if I could keep my balance in them, and I was so far gone that I took her up on it. She said she had a pair of heels her friend had left at the house that might fit me, and I was so far gone that I said ‘go get them’. I should have smelled the rat, but........

Jill came back into the room with a box, and pulled out a pair of nice looking black sandal type heels. I tried to get into them, but kept fumbling the straps so much that she had to finally help finish putting them on me. She told me to try walking around, and I did, I even managed not to fall. She asked me if the shoes were comfortable. When I said yes, sort of, she said in a loud voice “Lock on”. I was feeling so good I didn’t feel the shoes getting snugger around my feet, but I did feel pinpricks on the soles of my feet. I yelled, sat down and tried to pull off the shoes, but I was far too slow. I couldn’t get them off. Jill just sat there with a concerned look on her face, and said she hoped the shoes didn’t hurt too much, but I was going to experience the way women feel while wearing heels.

I was getting sober fast and demanded that Jill remove the shoes from my feet. She just sat there and said it was not possible, the shoes were becoming a part of me--a permanent part. It was far too late to remove them, as the shoes were specially made with the latest kind of nanoprobe technology. Once the nanoprobes were activated and insinuated themselves into a person, they couldn’t be removed without causing severe damage. If I tried to pull the shoes off--even if I could stand the pain--I would never be able to walk normally again. She also said the straps were made of flexible titanium and were now permanently fastened together, the shoes were getting enough energy from my system to stay activated, and she alone could control the shoes, they were voice coded to only her.

Then she smiled and said the shoes guaranteed I would be her husband--I had a roving eye and Jill had wanted to get married for the past eight months, but I hadn’t. She said there was a phrase to lock the shoes to one style for a week at a time which she would use if she felt she had to, and also one to permanently change the shoes to women’s 6 inch high heels which she hoped to never have to use, but would if I ever left her. I was, in effect, married to her as of that moment! While I thought that wasn’t too bad, Jill was a really good looking woman, I also knew that my days of playing around were over. How could I explain wearing shoes to bed?

Jill's Revenge

She explained the shoes could be changed to any style by voice command, and then showed me by changing them to a comfortable Italian style loafer. She then changed them back to a pair of heels, this time with six inch spikes! I got up and tried to take a step, but wound up flat on my face.

This time it was Jill doing the laughing as she helped me up, then told the shoes to reduce the heel to four inches. She left the shoes like that for the entire weekend, but I had already learned the most important lesson, or so I had thought.

A few days later, I was in my office talking to my secretary when I felt the shoes changing. I told my secretary to leave because I had to make a call, and as soon as the door was shut, I looked down at my feet. To my horror, I saw a pair of red sandaled spike heels where I had a pair of loafers on that morning. I was shaking as I tried dialing my home number--I had to do it three times befor I got it right and got through. I heard Jill’s voice on the other end and rapidly told her what had happened. She was laughing when I finished and said “I’ve been waiting for this call! You must have been getting a little carried away with your secretary.

This morning I told the shoes to change if they sensed you getting a little too interested in anybody. That can be set by voice command as well. Put the phone down to your feet and I’ll change them back, but if it happens again I may not be home. Think about it. The nanoprobes are tied into your nervous system and can sense your moods. You’ll never know if the shoes will change or not.”

I’ve worn the shoes for almost nine months, and I’m kind of used to them by now. I even found out where Jill had gotten them made. I asked about getting the shoes removed or the programming changed, but was informed if an attempt were made to do so the shoes would change permanently to sandals with six inch spikes. First they had to be told they were going to be adjusted by the person who had voice control. So I had a special pair of shoes made for Jill, and I’m now just waiting for the right time to get her to put them on. After all, what’s good for me should be good for her as well, right?