Joss Stone in Brown Sludge is a story by Charlie Stewart.


It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Joss Stone was at home, sitting on her couch barefoot, and reading one of her favorite novels of all time. Just then, Joss’s phone begins to vibrate. She looks down and recognizes the name. It was Dave Stewart, the lead guitarist of their band, Superheavy. Joss picks up the phone and says, “Hello?” “Hey Joss, this is Dave” “Hey Dave, what’s up?” asks Joss as she gets into a comfortable on her couch. “We got our next gig! We’re said to play in Times Square tomorrow night! ” Joss Stone bolts up on her couch, “NO WAY!” “Yes way!” “Dave that’s amazing!” “I’ve already taken the liberty of telling the other band members about the great news. I also told them that we should meet over at my place as soon as possible, so that we can leave outta here and get to New York in time. So you better get on down here quick” “What do you think I should wear?” asks Joss. “Anything you want, wear what you normally would. It’s Time Square not England” jokes Dave. “Alright, I’ll be there as soon as possible” “See you then” With that said, Joss hangs up her cellphone and immediately begins packing for Time Square.

After about an hour, Joss is finally ready to head on out. The only thing let to do, is for her to pick out an outfit for her to wear to Time Square. It takes Joss a few minutes for her to decide, but in the end, she decides to put on a lovely white dress with colorful flowers on it. Joss looks in the mirror and twirls, “This outfit will do nicely” Once Joss is completely finished with everything, she grabs her suitcase and begins walking towards the front door of her house. As soon as Joss places the suitcase outside, she turns around and locks the door behind her. After her house is secure, Joss begins making her way over to her car.

Joss walks over to her car and opens up the trunk. She places her suitcase into the back of her car and then climbs into the driver's seat. Joss places the keys into the ignition and then places her barefoot onto the gas pedal. Unfortunately, her car doesn’t seem to budge. Joss continually pushes down on the gas, but her car doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually, Joss starts to get worried and begins wondering if something is wrong with her car. After several more pedal pumps, Joss climbs out of the car and decides to look underneath the hood to try figure out what the problem could be. Once Joss reaches the front of her car, she lifts up the hood and begins examining the engine. At first glance, nothing seems to be wrong, but upon further inspection, Joss spots a brown sludge like substance covering a certain area of the engine. “What’s that?” asks Joss as she reaches over touches the brown substance covering the engine. As Joss plays with some of the grimy substance between her fingers, she begins to realizes just how sticky it is. “What is this stuff?” asks Joss as she examines the brown gunk covering her fingers.

What Joss doesn’t know, it that some of the strange brown sludge is leaking from beneath her car and pooling around her bare feet! After Joss is finished examining the strange gunk on her fingers, she decides to just call someone to clean out her engine. “Maybe I should just call a mechanic, that way I won’t be late to-” Joss tries to take a step backward, only to find out that she can’t move her feet, “Huh?” she looks down and discovers that her feet seem to be surrounded by the same exact brown sludge she was examining just a second ago. Joss tries to lift her foot out of the brown gunk, but it only hovers a few centimeters, before it slaps back down again. She tries lifting her other foot, but the same thing happens, “Oh no! My feet are stuck!” Joss reaches down and begins pulling at her legs, trying to free her precious feet from the vicious brown sludge. She manages to get her left foot, several inches above the ground, but it doesn’t matter, because it still ends up snapping back down again. Joss attempts to lift her right foot, but the brown sludge ends up stretching before yanking her foot back down, “Oh no… I’m gonna be late! Ugh, this stuff is so… sticky!” she tries to lift her left foot once more, but it just slaps back down again. Joss begins twisting and turning in all different directions. Hoping that her body weight might somehow free her bare feet from the brown sludge. She looks down at her feet and realizes that the brown gunk has seeped in between her toes, making them feel extremely sticky, “Ugh, my feet are completely stuck! I can’t even… wiggle my toes…” Joss grabs her thigh and pulls, but the brown goo stretches like the many times before and yanks her foot back down again.

After struggling for nearly an hour, Joss tries jumping out of the sticky sludge, but her feet still remain stuck to the pavement. She sighs in defeat and looks down at her sludge covered feet. Joss tries to lift her bare feet one last time, but they still end up slapping back down again, “Oh….” she says as she shifted her bare feet in the puddle of brown goo surrounding her feet, “So much for going to Times Square…”

The End

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