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Katheryn opened her locker and grabbed her swimsuit. She quickly slipped out of her clothes. She slid on her blue bathing suit and it hugged her curvy tight frame as she put her long blonde hair into a tight bathing cap. She was a bit nervous.

This was the qualifying round for the nationals. She knew she was late and knew that she was the last girl to get changed, but she would still make it. She looked around and found her black Nike flip-flop sandals that she had left there the night before. She slid her slender size 71/2 feet into the shoes and quickly walked out to the pool area. She sat down on a bench and waited for her turn. Several heats were run and eventually her name was called.

She went to kick of her sandals but they held to her feet. She crossed a leg onto a lap and began to pull on the shoe. It was as if the rubber of the sandal was fused to her bare skin. Katheryn was instantly scared. She had only a few moments to get these sandals off her feet and get into the pool. She wriggled her feet and found that both feet were securely and similarly stuck and that even the pads of her toes were welded tightly to the sandal. Katheryn struggled like mad but found both shoes quite intent on staying on her feet. She tried as hard as she could to pry her skin from the shoe but her skin only stretched a little, held to the shoe with some unknown adhesive.

Swim meet

Her name was called again and she was told that it was the last call. She explained to them that she was unable to remove her shoes and asked if she could try it with them on. She was flatly told that it was against regulations to do it any other way than barefoot. She was told that unless she could remove her shoes within the next two minutes she would have to withdraw.

Katheryn sat down and struggled with all of her strength but only succeded on making her feet red and sore. The shoes seemed to be part of her feet now. She slowly walked back to the change room, defeated. Katheryn realized she had to use the bathroom so she ducked into a stall.

She tried to peel the bathing suit straps off her shoulders but found them attached to her skin. She tugged at the suit on several places but found that everywhere the suit touched her skin was now attached. She grabbed the fabric between her legs and pulled on it. It wasnt glued as extensively as the rest but it was still stuck tight. The swimsuit was now serving as a makeshift chastity belt. She tried the fabric at her butt. It was glued in several places but found she could manouver it out of the way. She reralised that though difficult she could do her buisness back there when she needed to. However she needed to do the lesser buisness right then and decided the only way was to go through the fabric. She sighed and went to the task.

Later when she had finished and had satisfactorily cleaned herself off she examined her condition. Someone had obviusly applied some kind of strong adhesive to her shoes and suit. The adhesive seemed to be intended to let her do her buisness but not be removed for some time. Katheryn began to speculate to why someone had done this to her. Was it to make her miss her heat or just basic revenge.

Katheryn decided she better go home and try to figure things out. She threw her clothes on over her suit and left the changeroom. She looked down at her bare toes which were hopelessly stuck and very bare. She gulped and cursed the fact that is was january and that she had to walk to her car in a foot of snow with bare toes!!! Katheryn plunged a sandled foot into the snow. The freezing cold snow bit harshly at the flesh on her exposed foot. She steped forward and placed the other foot into the snowy ground and went to take another step. The snow refused to let go of her foot. Katheryn gasped in disbelief as she realized the thickness of this snow.

She gave a few jerks and her cold sandled foot poped free. She sank it in ahead of the other and was not surprised when the other foot refused to move. She was able to pull it out by tugging and by repeating this process with each foot she managed to make progress through the snow. Within a minute or so she had reached her car and climbed in. Katheryn immediately started the engine and cranked the heat. She began to rub her freezing feet and was relieved to find they were not frost bitten. She pried at her skin hoping the cold had weakened the glue but discovered that the glue was still holding her feet in the sandles.

She drove home in disbelief of her situation. "Stuck in my swimsuit and sandles" she kept repeating to herself. She arrived home, and after a similar sticky situation in the thick snow in front of her house, she went to her room and set to the task of getting out of the glued clothes and footwear.

She focused on the sandles first. She withdrew an exact knife from a drawer. She extended the blade and stretched the skin at the heel of her left foot where it was bonded to the sandle. She tried to find the spot where her skin ended and the glue began but it was hopeless. The glue had fuzed to the rubber on the sandle and similarly with the skin on her heel. She just stared at the transition point...or lack thereof, trying to find a spot to best cut the glue off. She found the most likely spot and probed it with the blade.

Katheryn yelped in pain just coming short of drawing blood. There was no seam. There was just one mass of shoe/foot. She decided to cut the rubber on the shoe. She might end up with rubber still stuck to her soles but that was better than the whole shoe. She slashed at the rubber and was shocked to discover it had not been damaged. She tried in several other places but found the shoe had been coated with something that made it completely indestructible. Katheryn realized that the shoe could not be cut so she tried again to find the seam.

Hoping desperately that there was a small gap between the indestructible rubber and her foot skin. She studded the area for another hour and carefully placed the tip of the blade on one spot. It looked closest to a seam then anything and she prepared to try and cut along it. She cut with the blade in a one inch cut and screamed. She had cut skin and blood slowly beaded over the wound. She regained her composure and looked at the wound. It had done nothing! the glue held firm right below the cut. Shed have to cut her feet down to the bone to do it that way.

There was no seam. She decided that her feet were hopeless and tried to extract herself from the swimsuit. She tried pulling it up in many places but found it was as one with her skin. She decided to try the areas near her private parts that weren't glued. She was anxious to do this because she could feel the urge to pee approaching. She cut at the fabric and gasped. The fabric was like the rubber. It was indestructible!!!

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She started to cry and gave up trying to cut. She grabed what fabric she could and yanked hard but only succeeded in making her skin sore at the contact points where the glue held. Then came the addmitance that she was out of ideas. She didn`t klnow what next to try. She dressed and went downstaires. She held her breath and got ready to step outside back into the deep snow, all the while hoping that the people at the hospital might have a way to free her. Katheryn sat in the waiting room of the hospital for three hours before she finallty got to see a doctor. The doctor poked and prodded and consulted some texts. before long several doctors were all staring at her feet and the rest of her stuck body. She was then kept in the waiting room for a few more hours. The whole time she kept reminding herself that these were professional doctors. With all their training and resourses they would surely be able to find away to get her out of the glue.

Finally a doctor came to tell Katheryn the situation. - Well Katheryn the clothes you are trapped in are coated with a compound called Zeemaxilin, which has rendered your clothes permanently indesructable. The force necissary to destroy, or even damage the clothing would kill you in the process. The glue used to bond it to your skin is very strong, but we are convinced we can try the solvents we have to free you. However, there is a chance some skin damage may result, so we will have several dermatologists with us in a complex operation that that should release you from your predicament. It will bequite expensive, but since we are in Canada, ohip will cover it.

- Thank God for that! - Sighed Katheryn in relief. - So you think you can get me out of this? - Definatly - Assured the doctor. Katheryn was immediatly prepped for surgery and soon found herself on a hospital bed with anesthetic being introduced into her mouth with a mask. Within seconds Katheryn forgot about her glue troubles and passed into a deep sleep.

Katheryn slowly drifted into consciousness. She slowly shook off the sleepiness and tried to remember what she was here for. Slowly her glued clothes came to her mind and she sighed a sigh of relief, knowing she was done with the glue horror. Katheryn smiled and wiggled her toes...or at least tried to. Katheryn was shocked to feel the rubber from the sandles tug back on her toes as she tried to move them. Her shoes were still stuck!!! Katheryn threw back her sheets to reveal that the shoes and the swimsuit were both still stuck to her body.

Katheryn then became aware of a stinging pain eminating from several places on her feet and body. Here and there litttle spots of red skin dotted places where the skin fuzed to the suit. -I'm afraid none of our solvents worked - explained the doctor. - Some of them burned your skin a bit but none would even begin to dissolve the glue. We tried everything. We even tried to cut it off. But there is no seam. To cut the suit off would require us to remove the entire first layer of skin and most of the second. That glue is strong. - Is there nothing you can do? - Asked Katheryn desperately.

The doctor layed on the news that he had no idea what to try next and said he would keep an eye out for anything that might help her. Katheryn returned home defeated, beaten by the glue. She moped for a week, hiding her imprisonment from everyone the best she could. She defended her sandled feet saying she was making a fasion statement. She was slowly giving up all hope of getting the suit off her slender body. One day she arrived home to discover a strange letter in the mailbox. She tore it open and was shocked by what she found.

"Dear Katheryn, as you may have noticed you are unable to free yourself from your clothes. I found it rather interesting when I discovered not even the doctors could extract you. I have gone to great pains to make sure your entrapement is secure. I defy you to find a way free. I suppose you are wondering why I am doing this. I can't tell you that yet because it would ruin it. All I can tell you that the swimsuit and the sandles are just the begining. Have fun Kath! - -Signed G"

Katheryn read the letter several times, but found no answers to any of her questiions. She hid the letter and lay down in her bed. She lay there terrified until she fell asleep. "Just the beggining?"