Kim stuck (previously known as Kimberly on Clips4Sale) is a video from Spyder0Productions.


Something a little different. Kimberly, with a retro 80's look is going for a casual drive when it suddnely goes horribly wrong. ..she finds her feet glued to the gas pedal and floorboard,. she tries desperately to lift her feet so she can hit the brake and slow down. . looks like a dirty prank by those evil little brats she babysits. to make matters worse.. the gas pedal is stuck down and her feet are stuck inside her shoes (pink 80's style ballet flats)


  • The original alternate ending video name was Stuck feet -Then Brakes fail and the original video was taken off by YouTube possibly because it linked to Clips4Sale. It was reuploaded on YouTube as Stuck feet -Then Brakes fail and still is on YouTube.
  • Originally, Kim stuck cost $5 USD but on Sept 11, 2012, it was posted on YouTube for free.
    • This is different of most glue videos. Most people such as Sticky Barbi, Sticky Sweetie, Jamie Daniels, DIDVP, and even Syper0 post a short preview on YouTube and then charge for the full video.
  • Kim stuck is the only stuck video from Sypder0 that isn't removed by him and moved to Girls feet stuck unlike the other videos which were originally posted here.