Second Life is a multiplayer online sandbox game that allows users to create and build their own objects in a very wide-open manner using a powerful scripting language. As such, with the help of a plugin called Restrained Love Viewer which allows one to be "locked" for bondage roleplay, users have created objects that can get people "stuck" in many various scenarios, including sticky glue/tar, quicksand, wedge, cages, rope/chains, spider webs, and more unusual mechanisms such as super-powerful magnets and transformation.

Here is a list of known SL locations that are publicly accessible, some with items that can be purchased or attained for your own enjoyment in any SL location you'd like (provided it's appropriate for the age level of that region):

Toy's Toys and Wylieville: One of the largest sticky-themed areas in SL. Has a large city environment with not only sticky traps but a wide range of other forms of roleplay, and has a more general RPG theme, in which you can become a police officer, firefighter, or any other type of denizen of the city. Toy's Toys has a catalog of a wide range of RLV-related toys, ranging from cages to get locked in to sticky puddles of glue that you can get trapped in, as well as other creative traps, such as a giant magnet that you can be stuck to and a very configurable quicksand product.

Quicksand Cove: An extension of Wylieville, this has a collection of quicksand of different consistencies and tar pits to get trapped in.

Gloodood Industries: Portrayed as a corporate office with a warehouse and giant sticky slugs. Gloodood Industries manufactures giant glue traps designed for trapping kangaroos, but works just as well on any other similarly sized creature. The slugs can shoot globs of sticky slime at you, entrapping you and slowly approaching you to mount for some... sticky pleasure. If getting mounted by a slug isn't your thing, then there's lots of other purely sticky trouble to get into. Gloodood Industries has a catalog of RLV items, most of which is purely sticky themed.

The availability of these locations may change, as they are maintained by their owners and if an owner decides to stop supporting their land (which costs RL money) that land may disappear. The land above has been around for many years, so hopefully there isn't a chance they will go away anytime soon.

Note: For those who wish to add to this list, please respect the land owners. If the land isn't searchable on SL, even if it's "public" the land owners may not wish their land to be included in this list, so please consult with them before you add.