This article catalogues scenes from various media which involve people sinking in quicksand or similar elements.

Live actionEdit

Title/Episode Description Image
The Lost world/Out of time Marguerite Krux has to crawl on her belly through quicksand in order to help Malone.

Supergirl (US TV Show) Toyman traps Supergirl in a quicksand at the factory. She uses her

freeze breath to escape.


Title Format Episode


Description and Link(s) Image(s)
Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin Series Ep 30 Keiko falls into a pit of quicksand, where Karin attempts to rescue her, only to fail as Keiko lets go of her hand in the end.

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Blue Blink Series Ep 18 A man gets stuck in a bottomless swamp, as he tries to obtain some mysterious flowers. His daughter, Fula, attempts to rescue him, but fails. The two eventually get rescued by Kakeru.

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Ep 35 Kirara, in the middle of a trek in the desert, gets trapped in quicksand, then she gets pulled out of the trap by her allies.

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Class of the Titans Series S2E2: Grace's Anatomy Atlanta, Theresa, and Harry fall for a quicksand trap set by Cronus, in an attempt to get answers from the three protagonists on how they managed to locate his hideout. The three protagonists eventually get rescued through the efforts of their allies.

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Further Adventures of SuperTed, The Series S1E2: Dot's Entertainment

SuperTed, Spotty, and Billy walk into a quicksand pit. With SuperTed unable to fly out, he has to pull himself to safety with a rope and save the others with a large branch.

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Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Series Ep 5 Chuukou Kyocho ends up in a bottomless swamp, where she sinks nearly up to her shoulders, only to be pulled out by Bachou Mouki.

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Jungle Girl and the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs Film N/A Emma gets stuck in some quicksand but finds a branch to pull herself free, but her barefeet slip out of her boots.

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Jungle Wars OVA Ep 2 Boy, Mio, and Sasuke encounter a swamp, in which Mio enters said swamp optimistically. Sasuke follows suit, only for the both of them to get stuck and start sinking. Boy attempts to rescue them, but fails by being thwarted by one of the villains, causing him to be mired as well, though his entire party gets rescued by a bird in the end.

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Meremanoid Series Ep 4 Hard to make out but it acts more as a river than quicksand.

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Sabrina: Friends Forever Film N/A Sabrina and her friend Nicole get stuck in some quicksand before using their magic together to escape.

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Teen Titans Series Ep 58 The Titans get stuck in a tar pit and almost sink under, but a caveman helps them out by throwing them a vine.

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Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline Series Ep 32: Time for Change Laureline gets stuck in a mire on the way to a lost city. Valerian, as he marvels at the sight of the city, finds out Laureline's situation and quickly rescues her from the mire.

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Bunch of Munsch "Pigs" The main girl sinks under into the mud before pulling herself out with the pig's tail.

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幻变精灵之蛋糕甜心 (Vary Pery) Episode 5 The group takes a wrong turn into a swamp. 

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Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Series Season 3 Episode 27/ The Bogbeast of Boggabah Star get caught in the mud while chasing after the Bogbeast.
S3E27 Star Butterfly sinks deeper into the mud
Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas   Series episode 15 Yuzuriha gets pulled into the swamp by a mud creature

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木灵宝贝之重回帆智谷  Series episode 25 The team gets tricked into a swamp. They dont sink very 

deep but still a cute scene.

{Dailymotion link}

神兵小将 (Shen Bing Kids) Series Episode 35 The two main girls 

are challengeing each other. They walk into a swamp. One girl 
think she has the advantage but is sinking too. The pets try to save 
them but they sink under. They are rescued by the gators living in 
the swamp. {Youtube link}

Manga/Comics Edit

Title/Series Volume/Issue/Chapter Page number Description Image(s)
Anne Happy♪ Chapter 26 Hanako falls into a quagmire, immediately getting herself rescued by Hibari.

Video Games Edit

Title Console Genre Stage/Level/Location Chapter(If applicable) Description(and video link if available) Image(s)
Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate DOS Adventure(Point and click) Darkmoor swamp(Quicksand Bog) Zanthia (The protagonist in the game) doesn't really sink, she just walks across the quicksand like it's just a mud puddle, until the skeleton hand pull her under...

Spy Fiction PS2 Chapter: Old King Cole

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