This article is for quicksand or similar sinking scenes in popular media.

This site contains a comprehensive list of quicksand scenes

Live actionEdit

Title/Episode Description Image
The Lost world/Out of time Marguerite Krux has to crawl on her belly through quicksand in order to help Malone.


Title/Episode Description Image
Sabrina: Friends Forever Sabrina and her friend Nicole get stuck in some quicksand before using their magic together to escape.


Episode 4

Hard to make out but it acts more as a river that quicksand.

Time Jam Valerian & Laureline

Episode 32

Jungle Girl and the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs Emma gets stuck in some quicksand but finds a branch to pull herself free, but her barefeet slip out of her boots.

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor/Episode 5 Chuuko Kyocho sinks up to her shoulders before letting herself be pulled out...

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