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Live actionEdit

Title Description Substance Image
Lizzie McGuire

Episode: Lizzie Strikes Out

Lizzie steps in some glue that was part of a trap the boys set up.

Lizzie McGuire

Episode: TBA

Lizzie hides under a table and gets her hair stuck to a piece of gum. Later, the animated version of Lizzie gets stuck to a piece of gum.

Animated Lizzie McGuire Gum Stuck 1
Heartbreakers Jennifer Love Hewitt's character gets her heels stuck in the mud and falls into the mud after tugging on them. Mud
Gilligan's Island

Episode: Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Mary Ann steps in the glue in that was set by Mr. Howell on the stage while dancing.

Stuck Damsel's blog

Sonny with a Chance

Episode: Gummy with a Chance

Zora keeps getting her hands stuck to a giant ball of gum she calls "Gummy".

Sonny With A Chance

Episode: West Coast Story.

The entire So Random! cast gets glued to their chairs.

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves While backing away from a giant cockroach, Diana gets her foot stuck in the glue of the Roach Hotel trap. Wayne tries to help her get free. Glue
Dani's House Sam steps in glue laid by Max and Ben and gets stuck. Glue
Boots Stuck
The Parent Trap (1998 Movie) One of the girls staying in Annie's cabin gets covered in honey during a prank that was made by Hallie, while Annie steps barefoot in a puddle of sticky molasses which squishes between her toes. Honey and Molasses
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Debbie Stevens is pulled into a scary nightmare where Freddy turns her into a half-human, half-cockroach-like creature (she has a phobia of bugs) and then traps her in a Roach Motel trap. She gets stuck in the glue of the Roach Motel trap and is subsequently killed.

Glue 2
Into The Woods (2014 Movie)

Cinderella flees from the ball only to step and get stuck in pitch (tar) that Prince Charming spread on the palace stairs to prevent her escape.

On the Steps of the Palace
Meet Dave

A miniature Gabrielle Union gets her foot stuck in a giant (to her) wad of gum.

Meet Dave gum

Episode: Pilot

Guidance Counselor Emma steps in a huge wad of gum on the sidewalk. Teacher Will comes along and helps her scrape it off her shoe with a credit card.

Glee gum 3
The Bold and the Beautiful Season 13 Episode 214

During a competition fashion show between the Spectra and Forrester families, someone sprays glue on a runway to make it harder for the models to walk.

Freddy's Nightmares Episode: Judy Miller, Come On Down

A woman is in a nightmare where she's a contestant in a game show in which her family members are being tortured. To keep her from escaping or trying to help them, her high heels are glued to the floor with super-sticky honey.

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 1 Episode 2 Hoop Wars

Alex uses her powers to stick her basketball opponent's feet to the asphalt.

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 1 Episode 7

False Alarms

When Libby pulls a fire alarm to get out of studying and tries to use Alex as the scapegoat, Alex sticks her feet to the floor with her powers.

Don't Just Sit There (classic Nickelodeon show)

In one skit they were showing how to "survive" a visit to the movies. One "peril" was the sticky theater floors; several kids stood up but were unable to move as their shoes were stuck to the floor. One girl stepped out of her large shoes to reveal she was wearing a pair of ballet flats inside them, and proceeded to escape.

Land of the Lost

Episode: Tar Pit

Spike and Dopey get stuck in a tar pit. Spike eventually frees himself, but he leaves Dopey behind. The Marshalls try several things to free Dopey, but they all fail. Eventually, they manage to get Dopey free with the help of his adoptive mother, Emily.

Tar Pit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Judge Doom punches a container of glue and gets it on his fist. He then accidentally hits a steam roller and gets stuck to it. He steps in the glue and when he tries to push the steamroller away with his foot, that gets stuck as well. He's eventually run over by the steamroller, but he survives because he's a toon. Glue
The Babysitters Club Cokie and her two friends get their feet stuck in cement.

Brum Episode: Brum and the Birthday Cake

A gang of five people get stuck in cement. (starts at 7:22)

Animal Planet: The Most Extreme Episode: Strength

In top 9, which was the mussel (a clam with sticky properties) there is a scene where the narrator says "Imagine that we glued your feet to the floor", followed by a silent film of a little girl getting her feet stuck in glue nad then her parents went to help her get free. (it starts at 7:22, and the video is in portuguese, so if you want you can put subtitles)

Every Witch Way Episode: Magic Fight Club

Emma casts a spell on Maddie that glues her shoes to the floor. She is able to slip her feet out of her shoes and get away.

((Also contains a very involved costume stuck where the Emma is literally stuck in a glamour spell and fights to remove it...literally.))

Every Witch Way Episode: The Fool Moon

Jax casts a spell on Andi to stick her feet to the ground  (4:45 & 6:27)

Every Witch Way Episode: Outta Hand

Ursula attempts to cast a spell on Emma to glue her hands together (to stop her from casting spells), but hits Maddie instead.   (very beginning)

My So Called Life Season 1 Episode 19

In the beginning of the episode, a girl is dreaming about her crush, but she is unable to follow him as her feet are stuck in glue.

The Villain Cactus Jack uses a puddle of glue to trap his target's bandwagon onto a railroad. The wagon rolls over the puddle without getting caught while Jack gets stuck in it after stepping in it. Glue
The Queen's Nose While on a coach, a teacher gets hold of the Queen's Nose - a magical 50p coin - and wished for the group to 'stick together on the trip'. Unfortunately, her version of 'sticking together' is different to what happens because everyone gets stuck together with glue. Thankfully, one of the children manages to reverse the wish. Glue
My Parents Are Aliens Episode: Sticky Situations

Brian gets stuck to his mother which is unfortunate because it's on the same day he has a date

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 23

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus get stuck in green slime

Doctor Who (2005) Episode: Face the Raven

The Doctor, Clara and Rigsy enter a hidden alien street in the middle of London. When they enter, a system that prevent intruders to enter the street uses an energy that keep their feet stuck to the floor. Later, Mayor Me allow their entrance and their feet get freed. (11:47)

Doctor Who (1963-1989) Episode: Carnival of Monsters

When the Doctor and Jo Grant are running, they encounter come drashigs. When the Doctor tells Jo to run, she isn´t able because her feet are stuck in a pond. (0:33)



Title Description Substance Image
The PowerPuff Girls

Episode: Stray Bullet

The PowerPuff Girls are stuck in flypaper laid by Mojo Jojo. They struggle to escape but get more stuck, until they finally get freed by Bullet.

Powerpuff Girls Episode: Town and Out

Buttercup steps in gum.

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Episode: New Trickster in Town

Juniper Lee steps on a flypaper welcome mat and hops around a little bit.

Juniper Lee
Mighty Magiswords Episode: Warriors for hire

Vambre gets half of her body covered in week-old toothpaste, which hardens so she cant move.

Week-Old Toothpaste
What's with Andy

Episode: Molasses

Andy pulls off a sticky prank covering the dance floor in molasses in which everyone there gets stuck in.

Lori stuck in molasses
Adventure Time

Episode: Vault of Bones

Finn ends up getting covered in green goo by one of the goo skulls in the Vault of Bones. Flame Princess makes said goo skull do the splits to release Finn.

Green Goo
Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 23 The Curse of Candace

While at the movies, Stacy's feet get stuck in some purple goo. Later in the episode Perry the Platypus lands on a square of the same goo at Doofenshmirtz's lair.

Purple Goo
Phineas and Ferb Season 1 Episode 38 The Flying Fishmonger

Perry the Platypus walks right onto a square of flypaper laid out by Professor Doofenshmirtz.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Episode: Fall Weather Friends

Rainbow Dash gets stuck in maple sap from trees.

Maple Tree Sap
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.23.32 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Episode: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

The Cutie Mark Crusaders get stuck together with tree sap after a failed attempt at zip-lining.

Tree Sap
The CMC stuck together S1E23
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Episode: A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2

Princess Cadance's hooves are stuck in green goo.

Green Goo
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Episode: Make New Friends but Keep Discord

The Smooze covers nearly everyone in its sticky ooze.

Fluttershy and Tree Hugger stuck to a wall S5E7
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Episode: Scare Master

The main cast end up stuck in a giant spider web.

Spider web
Main cast stuck in a spider web S5E21
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Minis The Show Must Go On Parts 1 & 2

In part 1 Twilight and Rarity get stuck in gum. In part 2 everyone gets stuck in a big ball of gum.

Sgt. Frog

Episode: 24

One of Kururu's pranks involves trapping Momoka Nishizawa in grey glue. (2:40 mark)

Grey Glue
IMG 1327
Totally Spies Season 2 Episode 6(Here Comes The Sun)

When investigating in Alaska, the spies are stuck in melted tar because of high temperature caused by the main villain Sunny Day. It's around 9:12.

TS S2E6 stuck scene
Totally Spies!

Season 2 Episode 9: I Dude

Clover accidentally glues Jerry's hand to his head with the glue gadget named "24 Hour Extra Power All Day Adhesive Hair Pomade". Later, the main girls stick several of Frankie Dude's henchwomen (all clad in metalic bikinis) to the floor using the same substance.

Glue(24 Hour Extra Power All Day Adhesive Hair Pomade)
TS S2E9 stuck scene
TS S2E9 stuck scene 2
TS S2E9 stuck scene 3
Totally Spies Season 3 Episode 17 (Creepy Crawly Much?)

When investigating in a house,the spies fall into a room with sticky goo everywhere. They soon find out they are totally stuck and Sam comments that they are in a human size roach motel.

TS S3E7 stuck scene
TS S3E7 stuck scene 2
Fairly Oddparents

Episode: Frenemy Mine

Vicky's feet get stuck in tar, twice. Near the end, Timmy also gets stuck in the tar when he gets blasted by feathers.

The Smurfs

Episode: Hogatha's Heartthrob

Hogatha gets stuck in Gargamel's sticky glue trap that he laid out for the Smurfs. She frees herself using her magic & puts Gargamel into the same trap for refusing to help her earlier.

The Smurfs

Episode: Shamrock Smurfs

Smurfette, Jokey, Snappy Smurfling, and Smoogle get stuck in a potato glue trap that Brainy whips up.

Potato Glue
The Smurfs Season 5 Episode 01 Stuck on Smurfs

Gargamel creates a potion that causes Clumsy Smurf to stick to the other Smurfs which quickly snowballs into most of the village being stuck together. Papa Smurf manages to trick Gargamel into getting stuck to them as well, so he is forced to create an antidote. While he's doing that, the Smurflings glue Gargamel's feet to the ground, so he is unable to chase the Smurfs once they've all been hit with the antidote.

Clumsy starts the chain reaction:

Gargamel is stuck to the floor:

Magic Potion/Glue
The Smurfs Season 3 Episode 35 Hefty's Heart

Hefty is infected with Yellow Hate disease and Gargamel catches him to lure in the others. He brushes a large patch of glue on a table beneath the window which 5 smurfs land in. Hefty is eventually able to rescue them.

The Smurfs Season 9 Episode 01 The Smurfs that Time Forgot

A large group of Smurfs run from a hungry dinosaur and straight into a tar pit.

The Wild Thornberrys

Episode: Naimina Enkiyio

Eliza gets her feet stuck in mud.

The Wild Thornberrys

Episode: Forget Me Not

Shango's mother Zita gets stuck in some mud.

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock Cera's feet temporarily get stuck in mud during the Bad Luck song. Mud
Darkwing Duck

Episode: Dirtysomething

Gosalyn and the gang get themselves stuck in glue.

Mighty Ducks

Episode: The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt

Tanya Vanderflock gets one of her legs stuck in a tar pit.

Tar Pit
SpongeBob SquarePants

Episode: The Gift of Gum

SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward get stuck to a giant ball of gum that Patrick calls "Gummy". Patrick then chews its remains up, but then blows a bubble that leaves Bikini Bottom covered in gum.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Episode: Stuck in The Wringer

Patrick accidentally glues SpongeBob into his wringer using Forever Glue. SpongeBob is finally freed when he and Patrick cry the glue off.

Forever Glue
SpongeBob SquarePants

Episode: Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Squidward steps in chewing gum and tries to get it off.

Chewing Gum

Episode: Grubble Gum

Chowder gets some grubble gum & accidentally swallows it. After a series of accidents, the whole world gets covered in it.

Grubble Gum
The Ballad of Big Al The corpse of a stegosaurus lures 2 allosaurus to their deaths via predator trap made of mud. The 2nd allosaurus that gets stuck in it struggles to free herself, but fails. Mud
Song of The South Br'er rabbit gets stuck to a figure made of tar as he repeatedly hits it.

Steven Universe

Episode: Together Breakfast

Pearl and Garnet get caught in gooey whipped cream

Gooey whipped cream
2014-01-14 07-26-06 24-2
The Berenstain Bears (1985 series)

Episode: The Messy Room

Mama Bear gets her foot stuck in Brother's airplane cement while putting her foot down.

Airplane cement
Seven Little Monsters

Episode: Are You My Family

During the scene where all the monsters (except Six) are making a card for Mom, Five starts to cover himself with glue. He tries to put down the jar of glue, but it's stuck to his hands because there's some glue on his hands. One tells Seven that maybe he should handle the glue. He grabs the jar of glue from Five, but his hands get stuck to it as well. One asks the others to help get them apart, but that backfires.

The Lego Movie Bad Cop/Good Cop's parents get struck fast by Kragle. Later, other citizens get frozen in place by Kragle, and Emmet gets his foot immobilized towards the end of the movie. "Kragle" (a.k.a. Krazy Glue)
Slim Pig

Episode: Sticky Situation

Dog gets stuck in the mud during a game of fetch. Humorously, he ends up breaking free to fetch a rolled-up Slim.


Episode: Stuck in the Mud

Moze & his henchmen dam up the river to stop Captain Bleat's boat so that they can steal the beach mats that it held, but they end up getting stuck in the river bed. They end up being freed when Hubert breaks the dam.

Budgie the Little Helicopter

Episode: Budgie Sticks to It

Budgie ends up getting stuck in quick drying cement while checking out the new airport that was being built. He gets free when the cement is broken by one of the workers at the site.

Quick drying cement
Geronimo Stilton

Episode: Cheese Connection

Thea and Benjamin Stilton discover melted cheese inside an underground tunnel that sticks to their feet.

Melted cheese
Back at the Barnyard

Episode: Too Good to Be Glued

Otis glues Bessie to her chair during the commercial for Moo Glue. When the stuff starts exploding, she is launched on top of Otis.

Moo Glue
Squirrel Boy

Episode: The Rod Squad

An escelating situation involving honey buns ends with most of the cast stuck together in a huge ball.

Honey buns
The Simpsons

Episode: Lost Our Lisa

Bart glues multiple items to his face with an industrial strength adhesive. Dr. Hibbert removes them by making Bart sweat.

Industrial strength adhesive
Brandy And Mr. Whiskers

Episode: A Bunny On My Back

Both the main characters get glued back to back with tree sap.

Tree sap

Episode: Sticky Situation

Oswald and Daisy are making honey rolls, but Daisy ends up putting too much honey into the bowl. She gets her leaves stuck in the bowl after trying to press the honey down.  Numerous other characters end up getting stuck to Daisy and Oswald until it rains, causing the honey to dissolve.

Postman Pat

Episode: Postman Pat and The Sticky Situation

One of Alf's sheep gets stuck in mud. Pat frees it using the quad bike that he was delivering to Alf.

Regular Show

Episode: Stick Hockey

Benson steps in a piece of gum and realizes that Mordecai and Rigby didn't degum the park like he asked them to. Mordecai gets his hand stuck in gum while deguming the park.

Regular Show

Episode: Big Winner

As one of his pranks, Muscle Man glues Mordecai and Rigby's thumbs to their video game controllers.

Regular Show

Episode: Fancy Restruant

Muscle Man chews up a piece of gum, put it on a small piece of paper, places it on the ground, and sits down as he and Starla watch as a speedwalker comes in and steps on the gum while jogging. After that happens, Muscle Man starts laughing about it.

Regular Show

Episode: Fuzzy Dice

While entering the Fun Fun Zone, Benson steps on a slice of pizza and the melted cheese from it gets stuck to his foot.

Melted cheese
The Mr. Men Show

Episode: Goo

Many of the characters encounter different types of goo. There's also a song called "Space Goo", sung by Little Miss Scary, that features several characters stuck in the titular goo.

Various types of goo
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Some of the characters encounter Gooage (a green goo-like substance) in some of the episodes. Gooage

Episode: Into The Woods

Earl, Robbie, and Roy get stuck in a tar pit. However, they are later freed by Baby and Les the woodsman.

Tar Pit
Family Guy

Episode: Stuck Together, Torn Apart

Stewie tries to eat some industrial adhesive, but Brian stops him. This results in their hands being glued together and they stay that way until they recieve a solvent to break the glue.

Industrial adhesive
Ed Edd n Eddy

Episode: For Your Ed Only

At 27:20 to 27:55, Ed, Edd, Eddy and Johnny get stuck together with gum at the end of the episode. It is unknown how Johnny got there since he ended up in China near the beginning of the episode.

Ed Edd n Eddy

Episode: The Day The Ed Stood Still

During his run as a literal monster, Ed sticks several of the other kids to his bedroom wall with chewed-up Chunky Puffs.

At 9:58 to 10:22, Sarah gets stuck to Jimmy while trying to peel him off the wall

Chewed up Chunky Puffs
Looney Tunes Wile E. Coyote uses several sticky substances such as glue and tar to trap the Road Runner. Like many of his other attempts, this method backfires everytime. Various
Coyote-glue 8689
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Episode: Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals

Bloo's experiment at the start of the episode leaves him and numerous other characters stuck in a green goo that covers the main hall.

Green goo
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM) Episode: Sonic and Sally

Sonic discovers that Sally has been replaced by a robot. It leads him into a puddle a mega muck that he must be rescued from by Bunny.

Mega Muck
Sonic and Sally

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM)

Episode: Sonic's Nightmare

During his nightmare near the beginning of the episode, Sonic gets stuck in Mega-muck. He later gets stuck in mud, and then has a flashback of his nightmare.

Mega Muck & mud
Sonic's Nightmare
Sonic's Nightmare 2
Sonic's Nightmare 3
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM) Episode: Sonic Conversion

Uncle Chuck lays a trap of mega muck for Sonic to delay him while taking Tails and Antoine to Robotnik.

Mega Muck
Sonic Conversion
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM) Episode: Dulcy

Robotnik corners Sonic will several Mega Muck Hover Units and catches him with a burst of it.

Mega Muck
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie Metal Robotnik manages to capture Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails with a goo blaster.

Kids Next Door Episode: Operation D.I.A.P.E.R

Glue Gun
The Scooby-Doo Show

Episode: The Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul

The Gator Ghoul gets caught in a pile of raw bread dough on the floor.

Raw bread dough
Littlest Pet Shop (2012 series)

Episode: Super Sunil

Early in the episode a snack truck, driven by the Biscuits, sprays a customer with soda which glues his sneakers to the sidewalk. Later on the same truck sprays Blythe and the pets with soda, leaving them struggling to free their feet and catch up to the truck.

Super Sunil 1
Super Sunil 2
Littlest Pet Shop (2012 series) Episode: It's a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World

Out of frustration for Vinnie's constant dancing, Russel squirts glue on the ground and stick Vinnie's feet in it.

It's a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World
Nu, Pogodi!

Episode: Na Dache (In the city)

Volk tries to climb up the wall to Zayat's house by putting glue on his paws, but the glue eventually immoblizes him.

Eek the Cat

Episode: TTL: Goop Dreams

The Terrible Thunder Lizards invent an experimental goop that gets them stuck.

Expirimental goop
Bob The Builder

Episode: Mucky Muck

Travis the Tractor gets stuck in some mud. He is pulled out by Muck.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 4 Video Games

Ben goes up against a robot designed specifically to defeat his alien forms. The robot shoots out a wad of goo to stop Cannonbolt.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Episode: Double or Nothing

Ben uses Ultimate Spidermonkey to stick a Vaxasaurian named Hugh to the wall with spider silk during a fight that he had with the actors of "Ben 10 Live".

Spider silk
Kid vs Kat

Episode: Who's Haunting Who?

Burt and Millie Burtonburger keep getting stuck in some taffy that they are making together.

Johnny Test

Episode: Black & White & Johnny all over

Johnny traps a rouge puppy agent in sticky nougat.


Episode: Rudy's Story

The main antagonist of this episode is a giant spider who keeps trapping Rudy with gum webs.


Episode: Chalk Rain

Rudy traps a rampaging dragon in a giant puddle of glue.

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode: Sticky Business

Both the Ecto-1 and the Stay Puff Marshmallow man get stuck in a puddle of tar.

Godzilla (Animated TV Series)

Episode: Competition

Several people get stuck in a huge puddle of snake spit.

Snake spit
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Episode: Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures

Piglet and Pooh get stuck in some gum at the movie theater.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Episode: The Old Switcheroo

Roo and Tigger get stuck in a web of bubble gum after blowing huge bubbles that explode right in their faces.

Bubble Gum
The Legend of Tarzan

Episode: Tarzan and the Challenger

A bunch of gorillas get trapped in a tar pit. Later on, a snake also gets trapped in a tar pit.

Tar Pit
Paw Paws

Episode: The Greedie Meanies

Dark Paw gets his foot stuck in a puddle of Greedy Greenie goo. He is pulled out by Brave Paw.

Greedy Greenie Goo
Swampy's Underground Adventures

Episode: Stretched Thin

Swampy and several other aligators become stuck together by some glue that he found.

Skunk Fu

Episode: The Art of Stickiness

Skunk, Rabbit and several other animals get trapped in a ball of tree sap.

Tree Sap
Enchanted Journey A rat gets stuck in a wad of gum while trying to cross a street on a rainy day.

Klondike Kat

Episode: Sticky Stuff

Klondike tries several traps involving glue to trap a thieving mouse. The first one backfires humorously. The second trap ensnares the mouse, but it also traps the major and Klondike himself. They are freed when the bomb Klondike set up explodes, but the mouse lands in a bucket of glue.

He-Man Master of the Universe

Episode: One For All

Prince Adam, Teela, and Cringer get their feet trapped in a puddle of tar.


Episode: The Tower of Traps

Wilykit gets her legs stuck in some goo on the tower stairs. Lion-O frees her from it.

Wonder Pets

Episode: Save the Duckling

Ming Ming gets stranded on the school house roof when her wings get glued to her body with tree sap.

Tree Sap
Rocket Girl and The Aliens

Episode: 4

Rocket Girl is trapped in pink goo by the aliens, but she uses her super strength to break free.


Pink Goo
Sonic Underground

Episode: New Echidna in Town

Robotnik's robots trap Sonic, Sonia and Manic in glue.

Inspector Gadget (2015 Netflix series)

Talon Claw (Dr. Claw's nephew) often gets into one-on-one fights with Penny, and in many episodes, he fires a glue gun at her feet, gluing her to the ground with glue.

Uncle Grandpa

Episode: Grounded

Riley gets stuck in melted cheese from a evil version of Pizza Steve.

Melted Cheese
SheZow Episode: SheZap

SheZow's evil clone, SheZap, covers the city in Toxic Tangle Hair Gel, gluing dozens of cars to the road. SheZow and his sidekick Maz get their feet stuck in it briefly. However, SheZow is super-strong and is able to easily shuffle through it.

Toxic Tangle Hair Gel
Shezow Episode: Friend or Faux

Tara uses her Snot attack to stick Kelly to the wall.

Super Slimy Snot Shot
Sonic Boom Episode: Blue with Envy

A bucket filled with glue spills over and Sonic steps in it, thus getting stuck. In the next scene, Sonic is shown trying to get the glue residue off of his shoes.

Pee-Wee's Playhouse Episode: Puppy in the Playhouse

In the Penny cartoon shown, we see at one point some suspiciously sticky applesauce on Penny's right shoe, while her left shoe gets chocolate milk poured on it.

Chicken Run (2000) When Ginger is put into a machine that will turn her into a chicken pie, Rocky the Rooster jumps in to rescue her. Both briefly get stuck in dough before Rocky manages to free them - moments before the dough gets flattened. Dough
Jumanji: The Animated Series

Episode: The Plague (Season 2 episode 13)

Judy heads underwater to get a bead out of a giant oyster's mouth, but briefly gets stuck in its goo until Alan saves her.

Julie foot stuck
Jumanji: The Animated Series Episode: The Ultimate Weapon (Season 3 episode 9)

Judy and Peter are caught in a glue trap while trying to steal the Trans-Vector from Isben. Meanwhile Alan is attacked and trapped by mechanical spiders. When the Trans-Vector is turned on again Isben jumps into his own trap to avoid being sucked into the portal, while some of the objects that do get sucked in free Alan from the spiders.

Jumanji: The Animated Series Episode: Nothing to Fear (Season 3 episode 12)

Peter walks into a living tar pit which drags Alan into it as well. Judy manages to pull them both out just after they sink completely below the surface.


Episode: Wrath of Klinko.

Near the end of the episode, Stripperella gets trapped in glue by a special machine on a conveyor belt.

Teen Titans

Episode: Fractured.

The Teen Titans fights a powered up Johnny Rancid. He took Larry's reality warping powers, and when Raven fights him, she gets knocked into the ocean, which transformed into a goo she can't escape from.

Tumblr mafn8tcpb31rnn5ano1 500
Ben 10 Alien Force

Episode: The Return of Ben 10.

Ben, Gwen and an alien special agent finds an illegal alien weapons traffic. The special agent gets covered by alien's goo, and Gwen gets her feet stuck by same substance, later also getting covered by the goo.

14:48 - 14:54

Sans titre
Urusei Yatsura OVA

Episode: Terror of the Girly-Eyes Measles

Ten-chan is fleeing from Lum, who is trying to give him a (giant) shot to cure his alien "Girly-Eyes Measles" disease. Apparently, the disease spreads to Lum's (human) lecherous boyfriend Ataru. Lum eventually menages to give the two a shot, and tells them to rest for two/three days. However, Ataru, being the flirtatious scum he is, heads off in a flash going girl hunting, eventually spreading the disease to all the men in Tomobiki (According to Lum, women can't get the disease). Lum resorts to using a huge goo gun to trap Ataru, but she ends up trapping nearly everyone else before catching him. In particular, one young lady in high heels gets her shoe stuck in the goo, but when Ataru approaches her she sheds her stuck shoe and flees. Ironically, the shoe does detach from the goo when she flees.

19:30 - 19:40

Urusei Yatsura 1
Urusei Yatsura 2
Urusei Yatsura Episode: The Obstacle Course Swim Meet (the 12th OVA)

Ataru and the others join the competition of 'The Obstacle Course Swim Meet' held by their school. One of the obstacles is a huge glue trap on the floor which traps lots of students.

6:47 - 6:53

Urusei Yatsura stuck scene
Urusei Yatsura stuck scene 2
File:Urusei Yatsura stuck scene 3.PNG
The Emperors New Groove

Yzma gets her high heels stuck walking in the mud looking for llama Kuzco.

Mia and Me Episode: Hope in Pieces (season 1 episode 7)

Mia and Phuddle roll into a patch of clinging moss. Phuddle accidentally lies down in it. Mia only has her feet stuck and tries to fly out of it a couple of times. Mo and Yuko try to pull Mia out but are unsuccessful. The two are finally rescued Onchao.

Clinging Moss
Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 1.52.26 AM copy
Mia and Me Episode: A Sticky Situation (season 2 episode 24)

Mia confronts Violetta about hiding her identity from the other elves and doesn't realize that she's stepped into clinging moss. Violetta then takes Mia's ring leaving Mia with her feet stuck. A villain notices Violetta returning without Mia and sends the main bad guys in her direction. In the mean time Mia realizes the meaning of the riddle she received earlier and falls onto her hands and knees trying to get loose. The pair of villains show up, capture Mia in a net, and haul her out of the clinging moss field.

Clinging Moss
Mia and Me S2 Ep24 A Sticky Situation
W.I.T.C.H. Episode: The Princess Revealed (season 1 episode 12)

Vathic and the girls are hit with a glob of goo from a Larvec. Later Will is stuck to the wall by another glob.

W.I.T.C.H. Episode: C is for Changes (season 2 episode 3)

Miranda spits a burst of webs that cover Taranee's wings, causing her to fall to the ground. Miranda then covers her in webs while Hay Lin and Cornelia fight other adversaries.

Winx Club Episode: The Shadow Phoenix (Season 2 episode 1)

Layla spends the early part of the episode carrying around the pixie whose wings are covered in tar so most of them cant fly. During this time she also has to dodge a goo-slinging monster.

Winx Club Episode: Rescue Mission & Princess Amentia (Season 2 episodes 3 & 4 respectively)

At the end of episode 3, a monster hits Layla with a glob of goo, sticking her to the wall. The episode ends on an almost literal cliffhanger and picks back up with her being pulled down from the wall. However, she's unable to fly due to the gunk still on her wings.

Winx Club Episode: The Phoenix Revealed (Season 2 episode 26)

Stella and Layla are hit with a wave of shadow tar which sticks both of them to the ground.

Shadow Tar
Winx Club Episode: The Fairy and The Beast (Season 3 episode 3)

The Winx Club is trapped in the webs of giant spiders and hung from the celings and walls.

Winx Club Episode: The Island of Dragons (Season 3 episode 15)

Bloom is knocked into a tar pit by dragon which causes her wings to stick together.

Winx Club Episode: The Fairy Cat (Season 7 Episode 9)

A monster catches Stella's feet in a puddle of slime. She's unable to feel her feet out of the slime or fly away.

The Amazing World of Gumball Episode: The Quest/The Spoon (Season 1 episode )

During The Spoon, Gumball and Darwin lay a trap of maple syrup for a robber in a store. Unfortunately Darwin puts down his batch of syrup behind Gumball who has to fight through it with the robber right behind him in the other puddle.

Maple Syrup
Gumball - The Spoon
Minimighty Kids Episode: Superglu

A bunny inexplicably gets powers to shoot pink glue from her hands.She uses it to annoy most of the townsfolk. When her powers wear off, the glue disappears.

Teen Titans Episode: Masks

Red X hits Beast Boy with a red goo that sticks him to the spot. He then struggles, turning into a gorilla, a bird, then an elephant but still fails to escape.

8:21 to 8:36

Red goo
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode: Suspended (Season 2 episode 4)

Strongarm gets caught in a glue-trap set up by the very Decepticons she was hunting

Pokémon: Black & White Rival Destinies Episode: The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue! (episode 717)

While checking out a warehouse, Linda gets her hands and feet glued to a stack of boxes by the leader of the Vanillite Gang.

Astroblast Episode: Astroblast Spic'n'span

The group get stuck in a mess left behind by some of their Glorpian customers during a shooting star show.

Aladdin Episode: Black Sand

Mozenrath replaces Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, the Sultan, and the palace guards with mamlucks, leaving the group in a pocket dimension of black sand with their feet stuck.

Black sand
Aladdin Episode: Beast or Famine

A wizard turns the dirt beneath Aladdin into mud. Once he's sunk ankle-deep, the wizard turns the mud into ice leaving Aladdin trapped

うちゅう人田中太郎 Episode14:太郎グッズは私(わたくし)のもの!! 大作戦

Aiko and her maid guards are trapped by a huge roach motel. (A Chinese version aired in Taiwan long before. It's around 8:54)

huge roach motel
Date A Live

( デート・ア・ライブ)

Season 1 Episode 6:"Hot Springs of Love"(恋する温泉) 

One of the attempt that Ratatoskr trys to prevent AST from contacting with Reine, Shido, Yoshino and Tohka is firing a missile loaded with goo. When the missile explodes, it spreads the goo everywhere atround the AST, trapping many of them in the goo. An English version. The scene is around 1:42.

Date A Live stuck scene
Date A Live stuck scene 2
Date A Live stuck scene 3
Super robot monkey team hyperforce go Episode: Circus of Ooze

Otto finds Chiro stuck in a pull of ooze on a guys hat but he gets Chiro out.

He-Man Season 2 Episode 70 Fisto's Forest

Teela and a young girl are trapped in a spider's sticky webbing that is spread on the ground like a giant puddle of glue

The Wizard of Oz Episode 5 The Lion That Squeaked

Dorothy and Toto are stuck on a large sheet of flypaper while being held captive by The Laughing Hyena.

Tangled: The Series

Episode 1 What the Hair?!

Raccoon trap Tangled-Before-Ever-After-63Rapunzel's feet stuck
Tangled: The Series

Episode 10: One Angry Princess

While investigating a crime scene Pascal and Rapunzel briefly get stuck in molasses that was spilled on the floor.

Scene at 10:30

Molasses Tangled the Series Episode 10
Enigma Season 2 episode 8

Engima has her hands and feet stuck to the blade of a windmill by a villain's super sticky pies

Pie dough
Enigma Season 1 episode 3 - Sticky City

The one-shot villain for this episode uses his glue gun to cause troubles for Enigma all episode and trap a large portion of the city. It turns out that Engima has problems with this villain's glue on her slippers and cape.

Supernoobs Season 1 episode 36 - The Noobiest Place on Earth

Roach gets shot by super sticky cheese. Later his friends also get stuck in it. They later teleport out of the cheese, but are still covered in it and sticky so they get stuck to a ride.

Supernoobs Season 1 episode 35 - To Catch a Noob

The gang is trapped by super sticky slime, but it loses its sticky properties later.

At 9:31

Star vs the Forces of evil Season 1 Episode 4 - Cheer up Star

Star summons a flood of caramel against minions which causes them to get stuck. She later hugs a caramel-covered Marco and briefly gets stuck to him

At 11:27

Disney Donald Duck Out on a Limb

Donald sets a glue trap which ends up briefly getting Chip and Dale stuck together. Chip and Dale get their hands stuck together again in the end.

Fairly Oddparents Season 7 Episode 16 - Chicken Poofs

Poof briefly gets stuck in some peanut butter sauce

At 10:40

Peanut butter sauce
Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 30b - Light My Firebreath

at 23:20. it's very brief

Emmy squishes science project volcano
Gofrette The Scary Sleepover

The characters set up a trap to trap "ghosts", however they get caught in it instead

At 6:15

Backyardigans Race to the Tower of Power

Uniqua and Austin get stuck in the goo that was laid by Pablo.

Then Pablo tranforms the water where Uniqua and Austin are rowing into goo, making the boat to get stuck.

At 8:40 and 11:40

Buzz Bumble Episode: Stuck Tight

The two main characters get stuck with glue (later getting stuck to someone else) when they accidentally slam their glue-covered backs together

My Friend Rabbit Rabbit and Mouse get stuck together holding a sap-covered stick. They hesitate wanting to get apart because they don't like their fur ripped off.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Red Hulk gets into Ego's nose. Even if it doesn't enable red hulk to walk it at least slows him down. Then Red Hulk and others get covered in Ego's snot.

Dragon Tales Ord gets stuck in a pit of sap, he later gets help via a nearby vine.

At around 6:35

Teen Titans The titans get stuck in a tarpit, and almost sink but a cavemen helps them out by throwing them a vine

Krypto the Superdog Season 1 Episode 10 Teeny Tiny Troubles

Kevin and two aliens get stuck to a bandaid.

Cro Season 1 Episode 2 No Time for Steamer

Big Red and Murray get stuck in some sap from a rubber tree.

Cro Season 1 Episode 13 Pulley for You

Ogg gets stuck in a tar pit.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Episode: A Sticky Situation

Spiderus gets stuck in pine sap and unable to pull himself out; fearing that he'll be turn into amber. Bounce steps on a drop of pine sap; fortunately he pulls himself free to run home to get Miss Spider, but several twigs and pieces of grass and soil stick to his foot. Later, Miss Spider erases pine sap of Bounce's foot with a witch hazel twig, and gives it to Spiderus to rub around his leg whilst she and the other bugs pull him free.

Pine Sap
George of the Jungle George and the gang get stuck to a spider's web. Magnolia gets cocooned.

Extreme Dinosaurs Episode: Inevitable Eggstinction

Spittor glues Steg's feet to the ground.

Later Spittor gets stuck to a wall accidentally by his own glue. He frees himself but later get knocked back into the same sticky wall.

Extreme Dinosaurs Episode: Raptoroid

At 4:30, Spittor gets a glue-covered satellite dish stuck on his head

At 13:06, Spittor and Haxx gets trapped in his own glue

Little Mermaid the animated series Episode: Beached

From 18:06 to 20:02, an alligator gets run over by a giant sea slug and covered with his slime. He gets stuck to the ground. He escapes later but gets knocked back into the same puddle.

Sea slug slime
Extreme Dinosaurs Episode: Lunar Toons

Spittor fires glue but due to the moon's negligible pressure, it becomes a cloud. Spittor is thrown through it and gets momentarily stuck to Haxx

Extreme Dinosaurs Episode: The Raptor Who Would be King

Bullseye gets shot by glue while flying.

Later Spittor gets a glue-covered shield thrown at him and it sticks to his chest, he fails to get it off

Extreme Dinosaurs Episode: Enter the Dinosaur

Bullseye gets shot with glue.

Later, Badrap, Spittor and Haxx get stuck in Spittor's puddle of glue.

Later, Spittor gets knocked into a wall of his own glue and needs Badrap to help him off

Disney Episode: Dragon Around

At 4:56 to 5:08, an excavator robot resembling a dragon controlled by Donald Duck gets its jaws stuck in tar and the digging apparatus yanked off

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot Episode: King of the Gobblebugs

Oopsy falls into a vat of glue and when he climbs out of it, his glue covered body sticks him to the ground. Also, throughout the episode, objects stick to him and cover him which causes him to be mistaken for a Gobblebug

Darkwing Duck Episode: Inside Binkie's Brain

Darkwing Duck misfires a glue bomb which lands all over him, Launchpad and a villain.

Alice in Wonderland Episode: The Strange Trainride

At 18:00 onwards Alice steps on a chessboard square covered in honey.

IMG 1329
New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Episode: Things that go Piglet in the Night

At 4:20, Tigger glues Eeyore to a swing hoping it'll hold him as he swings high. He falls down soon though.

Ducktales Episode: Raiders of the Lost Harp

Scrooge floods the streets with bubblegum to trap a giant minotaur.

All-New Popeye "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Popeye"

Bluto picks up Popeye and plants him into a puddle of glue to delay his start in the Boston Marathon.

Later Bluto dumps molasses on the road to trap all the other runners, including Olive and Popeye.



Speedy Gonzales Mexican Boarders

Sylvester lays a sticky trap for Speedy.

Zatch Bell Episode 29

Zatch's feet get covered in a sticky liquid that glue him in place once it dries.

Monster Buster Club Season 1 Episode 5

Gluten infiltrates the school to kidnap Cathy. He pins Danny's body to the floor with a glob of glue in the cafeteria. Later he glues both of Cathy's feet to a desk while Sam gets both a hand and foot stuck to a desk. Cathy eventually gets her hands stuck attempting to pull the glue off her foot. It´s at 16:00

Ranma 1/2

Episode 98

During a gymnastics duel, Ranma steps into the sticky gum left by the opposing school's ribbon wand.

Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates

Episode 35: A Wee Problem

While shrunken, the lost boys are cornered on board Captian Hook's ship. Down in the hold, the group is discovered and flies away. However, Micheal had unknowingly been standing in pitch and was stuck to the floor.


Season 4 Episode 18: What's the Difference? Don't all Insects Look Alike?

Hinata comes face-to-face with a trio of ninjas. Having used up all of her chakra earlier in the episode, she's unable to effectively fend off the female ninja's wasps which are honey clones. Slashing through the clones reverts them back to honey which sticks her in place. In subsequent episodes she is cocooned in honey and must scape on her own.

Naruto Shippuden

Episode 170

Ino, Choji, Sakura, and Naruto race across a rope bridge only to discover that it's actually a giant spider's web when their feet get stuck to it half way across.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonically Ever After

Sonic, Tails, and Cinderella (who had been transformed into a frog earlier in the episode) all find themselves stuck when Robotnik transforms the ground into flypaper.


The Worst First Date Ever Period

During a dream Sharron's felt melt into the ground and she's left stuck.


Gluey Louie

During this episode, Batfink is plaster to the wall by Gluey Louie while his sidekick is stuck in a puddle of glue.

Tokyo Mew Mew

Episode 13

Ichigo finds herself stuck to the floor by slime while her crush is fully enveloped by it and unconscious.

Monster Buster Club

Season 1 Episode 20: Trick or Treat or Alien

While alone in a haunted house, Danny finds the kitchen floor stickier than he expected. Very quickly his feet are stuck to the floor. His hands follow suit when he loses his balance.

Rave Master

Episode 16

Ellie and Musica get stuck to the ground by one of the minion's shadow stone powers.

The Amazing Spiez

Operation Buzz Off

Midway through the episode, the spies have their feet dunked into a vat of honey which clogs up their jet boots. Later in the episode, the villian catches the group in a puddle of much stickier honey.

The Amazing Spiez

Operation WOOCSI

Megan, Tony, and Lee all get their feet stuck in the compost pile at the beginning of the episode. Near the end of the episode the same group are stuck in giant strips of bubblegum by the episode's villian.

Sitting Duck The Great Scooter Race

Oly and Waddle get stuck in their own trap of tar during the race. (5:40)

Edgar and Ellen Episode: Beast of Show

Edgar sabotages Stephanie's poodle in a pet show by setting a glue trap in a race. In the process of freeing her poodle, she gets stuck in the puddle too.

Cow and chicken Episode: Free inside

A frustrated Red Hiney facepalms gum onto his forehead and hits a lamp post. He humorously gets stuck to it "for years" (5:43)

Dora the Explorer Episode: Rescue rescue rescue

Swiper gets his foot stuck stepping in a puddle of pink goo. After freeing himself, he is visibly slowed down as he leaves behind a trail of pink footprints (23:23)

Polly Pocket Episode: Gumming up the works

The characters get stuck together by gum and ask for help to free themselves from it

Polly Pocket - Gumming Up The Works
Brave Police J-Decker Episode 33

Drillboy (a toy) gets stuck in some gum until a kid picks him up from it (11:00)

Rated A for Awesome Episode 9: Gum Shoes

The characters get stuck stepping in gum which later inspires them to formulate even stickier gum that allows them

Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 38: Cliff Notes

Spittor sets a glue trap for an airplane but Haxx accidentally pushes Spittor into it instead. Later Badrap and Haxx land in the puddle as well

Taz-Mania Episode 53: Mutton for nothing

To prevent Taz from attacking the sheep, a sheepdog guardian glues Taz's butt to a giant target to be crushed by a boulder

Tiny Toon Adventures Episode 3: The Wheel o' Comedy

Furball gets a pair of glasses stuck to his face by glue throughout the episode. The glasses also attract any object that he directly stares at.

Blinky Bill Episode 11: Blinky Bill and the Magician

Splodge and Marcia get covered in sticky glue. And later the glue they accidentally spread around causes Danny's magic tricks to not work properly

Sabrina Friends Forever At 62:43, Sabrina puts a sticky spell on a pig henchman, sticking him to the stairs.

A Pup Named Scooby Doo Episode 3: The Schnook who Took my comic book

Scooby detonates a bubblegum bomb on a frog monster which sticks him in place

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie The babies go on an amusement ride called Ooey Gooey World which is filled with very sticky green goo. Lil keeps some of it and later discards it on the floor, later a ninja gets stuck in it.

In a parody of the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss scene, Spike and Fifi get their faces stuck together via sticky pizza cheese.



Pink Panther and Pals Episode: Life in the Pink Lane

Little Man gets his fingers stuck in a bowling ball via glue and the bowling ball gets swung around to hit all the pins from the stretchy glue

Shuriken School Episode: Winning Ninja

When making riceballs, Jimmy accidentally gets stuck to the wall via sticky rice

Sticky rice
Lapitch Episode: The Candy Man

Brewster gets stuck in a barrel of gum and has to get pulled out. Lapitch gets stuck in super sticky bubblegum

Ben 10 (Original) Episode: Ken 10

Ken as XLR8 gets stuck in purple goo shot by a purple goo monster

Doki Episode: Team Doki's Big Adventure

Fico, Gabi and Doki get stuck together back to back via sticky candy. The candy is later used to stop a runaway wheel.

Buzz Bumble Episode: Cold Fusion

Sam the snail gets a cold and his snot gets most of the cast stuck to the floor. Salt dissolves it.

Camp Lazlo Episode: Marshmallow Jones

Raj breaks a marshmallow dispenser which causes him to get covered in marshmallow goo. Numerous objects stick to him as he walks along the woods, until he finally gets stuck between two trees a 'web' of marshmallows. Lazlo and Clam who hug him get stuck to him as well. Their tears free him. The remnant marshmallow gets the female campers' feet stuck to the ground.

Camp Lazlo - Marshmallow Jones
Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures Episode: Bride of Grinder

Pinky sets a glue trap and traps Pac man in it but he removes his shoes to escape. Pinky then accidentally lands in her own glue trap

"Super stickum"
Dumb Bunnies Episode: Can It

The Dumb Bunnies invent an experimental carrot paste that expands and becomes extremely sticky upon adding water. Sly Fox steals that idea and starts selling it without knowing that there it had a sticky property to it. Also, at the end of the episode, Sly Fox is punished for stealing someone's idea by being forced to clean gum off school desks

Experimental carrot paste / Gum
Inspector Gadget (2015) Episode: Towering Towers

Penny gets shot with a sticky pink goo is very cohesive. When punched by Talon, he gets his fist, then body stuck to Penny. He cuts them both free with a laser pen

Canimals Episode: Mistake Can ID

Mimi gets stuck inside a vending machine and cannot leave because she stepped in gum

Canimals Episode: Can Zilla

4 of the canimals end up getting stuck together by glue as a prank. At the end of the episode, their human "owner" also trips from a glue puddle from having his socks removed

Packages from Planet X Episode: Bad Hair Day

Dan gets gum all over everyone in school when he blows the biggest bubble gum bubble. Dan, Amanda and Troll are left stuck together head to head by gum so sticky that only superpowered scissors managed to free them. Later, they use a truckload supply of gum to defeat the episode's monster which is made of hair, and blow up a bubble big enough to cover the whole city.

Kleo the Misfit Unicorn Episode: Waiting for Kleo

The episode's Misfit, an impatient cheetah, attempts to use a slingshot made of gum to launch her to a fair, but ignores the warning to wait for the gum to dry. Causing her to get covered in gum and roll into a ball that gets the whole cast stuck.

Tiny Toon Adventures Episode: Dating Acme Acres Style

Calamity gets stuck and covered in tar from his own tar trap, his blackened body causes Fifi the skunk to mistake him for a skunk and thus follow him

Tiny Toon Adventures Episode: Buster Bunny Bunch

Dizzy, who got shrunk down, gets stuck in a wad of gum

Jewelpet Kira Deco Episode 14

Ruby and Opal get their butts stuck together via glue, which is unfortunate because they have a beauty contest to attend. The glue stretches well over a thousand feet before it snaps.

The Robonic Stooges Episode: Rip Van Wrinkles

A glue monster sticks an aged Curly to the ground. The 3 main characters fall into their own flypaper trap. Later, the superheroine 'Fat Person' traps the glue monster in her own glue trap.



Digata Defenders Episode: Shape Shifted

Seth and Rion activate a booby trap that sends out magical slugs that explode into a sticky slime that traps them

Julius Jr. Episode: Gummiest Bear

Worrybear and Clancy get stuck together via gum. Clancy then gets stuck to a rock via gum which by extension gets Worrybear stuck too

Hot Rod Dogs and Cool Car Cats Episode 5

Crusher gets stuck in a pit of tar while chasing the two main characters, and has to use a buzzsaw on the unyielding strands to free himself

DC Super Friends Episode: The Joker's Playhouse

Flash gets stuck in a gum trap set up by Joker and has to be pulled free by Hawk Man. Hawk Man also throws Gorilla Grodd into the gum to keep him there.

Clasharama Episode: Wiz-con

When the princesses kiss the ice wizard, they get stuck to him

(Starts at 7:56)

Jumanji The Animated Series Episode: Mud Boy

Mudboy sticks Peter to the wall via stretchy clay where he attemps to drown Allan and Judy. Peter manages to free himself but not without struggling and hanging off his feet for a while.

Oscar's Oasis Episode: Yummi Oscar

After falling into a box of gummy crocs melted by the Sun, Oscar gets his body sticky all over. He gets stuck to a cactus and then later a chicken.

Melted gummy candy
Ultimate Book of Spells

Episode 4

Several flowers spit sticky goo all over the villain's henchmen near the end of the episode. Prior to that, the two male leads have their legs turned into tree roots.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Episode: Good Times Bat Times

Chip bursts Dale's bubblegum bubbe which covers both him and the Ranger Wing in gum. This causes a few problems, but also saves the Rangers when they crash by dangling them from long strands of gum.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Episode: Love is a Many-Splintered Thing

At the beginning of the episode, Dale steps on a wad of bubblegum while running from the episode's villains. Chip and Gadget stop to help pull him out of it.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Episode: Prehysteric Pet

Steggy runs onto a freshly tarred road get all 4 of his feet stuck. Monty jumps in after him only get stuck himself. The other Rangers have to save them opening a fire hyrdrant and washing them out of of the way of a load of gravel about to be dumped on their heads.

Oscar's Oasis Episode: For A Fistful Of Corn

At 3:12 and 3:58, Roco uses sticky soda to climb up a rock arch and even hangs upside down from it. He even struggles a bit getting off it.

Sticky soda
Taiga Tale This Russian cartoon has a fox tricked into collecting pine resin to fix a boat, but gets his paws, feet and tail stuck.

Tree sap
Mr Bogus Episode: Bogus Private Eye

At 8:35, Ratty and Mole get shot with a glue gun that temporarily glues them to the spot. Mole struggles getting up that he stumbles and falls into a hole.

Zig and Sharko Episode: Bubble Gum

When a shipment of bubble gum crates goes uncovered by Zig, he sticks Sharko to his eat. The gum is so sticky he used it as a makeshift bungee rope to jump from the moon to Earth. Marina later blows a bubble so big that it covers the whole area with gum, which gets Zig and Sharko stuck together.

Lensman Secret of The Lens Snail monsters shoot the main characters with a very sticky white string that gets them stuck and is used to reel them in.

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode: Collateral Damage

Grimlock gets stuck in some glue/cement

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Episode: Time for Waffles

Mr. Whiskers gets caught up in his own bubblegum temporarily when popping it

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Episode: The Tell-Tale Shoes

Brandy buys a pair of shoes but it turns out the shoes are uncomfortable and have very sticky soles

Melted rubber
Cartoon Network Promo

Superfriends at the Movies

Birdman gets stuck to the theater floor while trying to get popcorn for his movie-going group

Vroomiz Episode: Speeder vs Spunky

Spunky puts glue underneath Speeder's starting position to give him a slow start when they race

Looney Tunes Episode: Hop and Go

At 3:40, Claude the Kangaroo gets his tail stuck to the ground by gum before he is challenged to a highest jump contest.

Bananas in Pyjamas (2011) Episode: Glue

B1 and B2 get glue over themselves when they hang a picture, and end up getting stuck together. The teddies try to help but they get stuck to them as well. They finally get apart upon accidentally falling into a lake, dissolving the glue.

Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens Ben 10 as Stinkfly shoots Retaliator with his goo which sticks him to a pyramid.


Space Ranger Roger Episode: Roger Go Round

Roger and friends tries to fix up a broken merry go round with glue but apply too much and get stuck to the merry go round. When the merry go round spins too fast, it flies up into the air but they don't launch off because they're stuck

Space Ranger Roger Episode: Roger Sticks The Landing

Roger and friends fix a scooter with glue but apply too much and Roger's feet get stuck to the out of control scooter. Roger then asks his friend to stop the scooter with a sticky puddle.

Richard Scarry's Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever Mr Rabbit gets his feet stuck in tar. He had to be pulled out with an excavator.

He-Man Episode: Battlecat

Orko puts a spell on Cringer's feet which causes him to get stuck in a puddle of glue


Richard Scarry's Busytown Adventures Episode: Niagara Falls Mystery

Someone gets stuck to the ground with some maple syrup leaked from a barrel, so the gang gets an idea to squirt a villainous gang of beavers with maple syrups, sticking them together

Maple syrup
Puppy Dog Pals Episode: Hissy's Big Day

Hissy gets her foot stuck in some gum, which is unfortunate because a train is headed her way

Danger Rangers Episode: Go Games

Duncan gets his feet stuck after knocking a glue barrel. After a glue mishap, Sully and Kitty get their feet stuck to the floor. Duncan uses the glue later to sabotage someone's bicycle.

Wild Kratts Episode: Flight of the Pollinators

Shrunk Chris gets stuck to a bee's face by pollen fluid, then later gets stuck to a bird the same way

Pollen fluid
Wild Kratts

Episode: When Fish Fly

A shrunken Koki gets her feet stuck in the mucus of flying fish eggs as the tree frond she's standing on sinks. She is later pulled free by the Kratts.

Egg mucus
Wild Kratts - When Fish Fly
Hooray For Huckle, Busytown Mysteries

Episode: The Sticky Stuff Mystery

Huckle and friends solve the mystery of purple goo that keeps sticking Buystown residents to the ground. It turns out to be billboard glue that has been leaking from a leaky tray. At the end of the episode, Huckle tries to separate 2 stuck friends only to get stuck in between.

Billboard glue
MotorMouse and AutoCat

Episode: I've Been Framed

AutoCat catches MotorMouse in a sticky trap but is tricked into the trap himself as well!

Wild Kratts Episode: Secret Of The Spider's Web

Chris gets his feet stuck in a spiderweb. Jimmy upon being a test target for a large scale web prototype gets stuck to the wall. The episode's villains fall into a web trap constructed by the Kratts and get stuck.

PJ Masks

Episode: Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino

Catboy has his hands and feet stuck to the Owl Mobile by Night Ninja's sticky splat. He's only able to get free with the help of a tiny Ninjalino.

Sticky Splat
Ripping Friends Episode: The Indigestible Wad

3 of the Ripping Friends get stuck together back to back by an evil piece of gum turned alive by cosmic rays

Lupin III Episode: Madam Prefers Them Hand Dipped

Zenigata stops Lupin's car via a sticky trap made from sticky rice. Lupin flees the scene leaving the car behind and Zenigata runs to chase him, but ends up stepping in the trap and getting stuck.

Sticky rice


Title Description Substance Image
Resident Evil 6 There is a J'avo mutation which appears in Chris' and Ada's campaign that sprays sticky substances to trap the player. It can be escaped by doing the QTE or being saved by another player. Slime
RE6 Ada stuck
Resident Evil 5 A bat-like creature called Popokarimu is the boss of one level. It sometimes sprays slime onto Chris and/or Sheva, trapping them in place for a few seconds. Slime
Bayonetta The boss Iustitia ("Justice") in Chapter XI occasionally spits gobs of goo onto the ground, in which Bayonetta (or Jeanne) will get her feet stuck if she steps in them, leaving her vulnerable to attack. The player needs to struggle using the joystick to break free. Goo
No One Lives Forever 2 Cate has a multipurpose gun into which she can load glue ammo. When fired at an NPC (hostile or friendly) two gobs of glue appear at their feet (no matter where you shoot the NPC) and they struggle for a few seconds to free themselves (complete with "I'm stuck!" and similar comments). If shot onto the ground, it leaves a trap that can catch an NPC, or Cate herself. If Cate gets stuck, you hear the cartoon "pulling" sound effect until she automatically frees herself.

Bonus: Through console commands, you can enable 3rd-person view so you can see Cate struggling. If you further enable God Mode while she is stuck, she will remain stuck and struggling until you disable God Mode.

Deception IV: Nightmare Princess This game revolves around defeating enemies (various men and women) by laying various traps that immobilize, humiliate, and damage them. Two traps in particular are:

Giant Bear Trap - clamps the legs of the victim and holds them in place. It's available at the start of the game.

Flypaper - Giant glue trap that causes victims feet to get stuck, and they then stumble and fall so their entire body becomes stuck. It's a late trap, unlocked after completing the Nightmare 4 quest.

Bear trap, Flypaper
Trapss15 01
Trapss15 02
Monster Madness One weapon in the game is a Glue Cannon, which you spray on the ground to slow down enemies, as well as other players. Glue
Mortal Kombat 9 In the game mode "Test your luck" there is a Magnetic floor in the slot machine that makes characters stuck to the floor randomly, this is great for a cat fight match. Magnetism
Sweet Home In this Famicom horror RPG, a group of journalists (and some other people) investigate a mansion haunted by the spirit of an evil witch. In some areas the floor is covered in a sticky goo, and after a few steps your characters get stuck in it. You need to switch to another character and free the stuck one(s).

If all characters become stuck at the same time, it's Game Over.

Folklore Enemies with "Bond" abilities do just that: Bond victims to the ground in viscous mucus which must be struggled off. Only available if you are playing as Ellen. Mucus/Slime


Title Description Substance Image
Kelloggs' Rice Krispies Commerical Pop gets stuck in syrup/honey, with Snap and Crackle trying and failing to free him. Syrup/Honey
Kores Glue Commercial A mongoose becomes covered in glue during a failed attempt at catching some quail. Later on, he tries Kores glue, but he gets his feet stuck in it. Glue

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