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It finally came, a shimmering blue mermaid dress that Debbie had ordered from a catalogue she had received in the mail. It was a beautiful dress and it was so cheap, she just had to buy it.Debbie was excited and could not wait to show her boyfriend.

She went into the bedroom of the small home in which she lived and opened up the box, eager to try it on. As she pulled the dress out of the box she found it tingled as she touched the fabric. “Static” she thought as she unfolded the blue dress. The box was plain with no markings. She laid the dress out on her bed and began to strip. As she undressed her 5’7 frame, C sized breasts and shapely figure were revealed. She was a size 3 and the dress would fit snugly. She noticed a small paper folded up that fell out of the box.

As she bent over to get it she had to brush some of her long blond hair out of her eyes. Upon unfolding it she read the instructions “For best sexy effect do not wear underwear”. "Well that’s odd" she thought but she was eager to try the it on. She took off her panties and began to slip on the blue dress.

She sat on the bed and began to pull the dress up on her. It tingled as she stood up and pulled it over her breasts and zipped up the back and turned to the mirror.

She felt the tingling all through her body as she looked at herself. “Wow, this looks great!” she thought. Then she noticed that the tingling had become much more severe and became an itching sensation. Debbie decided perhaps she was allergic to something in the material. “Damn, maybe if I wash it” she thought to herself as she reached behind her back to unzip the dress.

Except now she could not find the zipper. She stood up and tried to turn her back in the mirror to find the missing zipper. “What the hell?” then the dress began to tighten up on her as she fell forward to the floor with a thump. “Uggg, what the fuck is happening to me” she cried as she attempted to get up. The dress seemed to be tightening up on her skin, legs and breasts almost if it were molding into them.

She tried to pull it off but it felt if she was pulling at her own skin. In a panic she tried to get up and was stunned to find her feet enveloped by the bottom of the dress. She felt if her feet were being flatted out as she struggled on the floor. “Somebody please, please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!’ she screamed as she looked toward her feet that now began to resemble the shape of a fish’s tail. “Oh my god I am becoming a mermaid!” she thought as she flailed on the floor.

She found that lower body beginning to twist in different directions, as her body movements were becoming more fluid below her waist. Her breasts had increased in size and had “melted through” the dress, her nipples now blue in color like the dress that imprisoned her. Blue scales began to grow on her body below her belly button. Debbie rolled onto her back, out of strength and just waited for the changes to run their course.

Mermaid dress

Debbie was still in shock of what was happening to her. She felt changes churn in her body and as suddenly as they began, they stopped. She no longer felt the dress upon her skin she now felt if she was nude.

She sat up and looked down at her mermaids tail. “Now what the fuck am I going to do” she mumbled to herself as she slowly realized what kind of an impact this may have on her life. She had a long blue mermaids tail, large breasts with blue nipples and her hair still blond but was blue at the roots. “I am a freak, what am I supposed to do?” Debbie said as she began to cry. Just then two men entered and quickly scooped up Debbie and threw her in the back of a waiting truck. She was too shocked, scared and exhausted to say or do anything.

A few days later she found herself in a travelling freak show touring the country’s small towns and villages. She was kept in a small tank that had a window on it. Occasionally she would be brought out into pools for “private parties”. She learned quickly to do what she was told or she could be changed into something more hideous.

She met a woman who had been changed. She had the lower half of a slimy slug. She was also part of the show. Debbie also later found out that other women have suffered fates like her by responding to catalogues sent in the mail.

Her life so dramatically changed just because of a dress. She pleaded with her captors but was told that she was making them too much money to give up. They also told her that she could never be changed back and perhaps they might sell her to someone else.

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