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Beth, having just gotten out of the shower, was heading too and fro through the apartment, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her damp body. Though she was in her late thirties, her naked body would have captured the imagination of any red-blooded hetero man lucky enough to behold her. Still trim, with soft creamy skin, elfin features, and dark hair that fell a bit above her shoulders. She had large, round breasts, and curves that flowed just as a woman's should.

After Drinking a coffee and watching the morning news for a little while, Beth finally decided to get dressed for work. For the past six years she had worked as an administrative assistant at a large real-estate firm, toiling away in the offices to earn her daily bread. Well, perhaps toiling wasn't the right word. Beautiful Beth had used all of her feminine whiles to get into the good graces of the male executives. In fact, she was the CEO's personal assistant now, having flirted shamelessly with the old man so often, that, when his old assistant left, Beth had naturally been moved into her position. Beth loved to dress well for work; balancing stylish, formal office wear with as much sexuality as she could get away with.

As she headed out of the kitchen and into the hallway of the apartment, a package from yesterdays mail caught her eye. It was addressed to her room-mate Candace. Stopping in front of it, Beth picked up the small package and red the attention grabbing graphics.


Even though it was addressed to Candace, Beth hugged the package close and trotted on into her bedroom. "To bad Candace isn't here. Oh well, I'm sure she won't mind if I try them out!" she laughed.

Beth let the towel fall to the floor as she pulled open the package and let its contents slide out into her hands. She ran her fingers of those contents; a pair of sheer black stockings that felt absolutely delicious on her skin. "Oooooooo...." she cooed. Setting down on the bet, Beth slowly pulled first one, then the other up her long sensual legs. The material of the stockings felt wonderful as it hugged the contours of her limbs. "Wow...." she whispered as she marveled at the feel and look of the hosiery. They felt like no other stockings she had every worn before in her life.

Pushing off of the bed, Beth stumbled a bit, surprised by the strange effects the stockings were having on her. They felt tight against her skin, covering her legs all he way up to the middle of her thighs, but there was something that threw her off balance. "What in the world!" she gasped. Catching herself before she tumbled over, Beth stood there, balanced on her extended toes. The tight pull of the stockings forced her feet up into an arch, just as if she were wearing very high heels. Stepping from foot to foot, she was amazed to find that she couldn't put either foot flat. "I guess these require heels!" she giggled.

Walking over to the closet, Beth pulled out a pair of very high stiletto heels, heels that's black color matched her new stockings as closely as she could find. Stepping into each, she paced back and forth taking in the sight. Now stable in her shoes, she was in awe of how fantastic her legs looked. Each long shaft now oozed with sexual power. "I guess the packaging wasn't lying!"

After spending a while admiring the appearance of her legs, Beth assembled an outfit that complimented her new hosiery. A black suit jacket, very short black skirt, and a white blouse over a matched set of white bra and panties. Though still within work attire norms, she had an electric aura around her. She was quite the sexy little office girl. She twirled around in front of the mirror for a bit, rubbing her thighs through her new stockings for a bit in admiration. Feeling like sex given form, Beth gathered herself and drove on into work.

After a short commute, she pulled into the lot and prepared to start her workday. Stepping one heeled foot after the other out of her car, Beth smiled as she noticed a pair of her male co-workers, talking before they headed on in, stop there conversation to look over at the lovely creature climbing out of her car. She waved to the men as she strolled on into the building, heels clicking on the pavement with a steady rhythm.

Walking into the lobby of the building, the sound of her heels took on an echo. Beth was gratified to find all of the heads turn to look at the source of the noise. Immediately, all of the people, men an women, were staring at her legs. "I guess these really are attention-getter's.." she muttered to herself. The men seemed lost in a disconnected lust. At first, she thought the women were envious, but something about their gazes seemed off. Beth felt a little odd on noticing this. She was used to jealous, catty stares, but the women looking at her seemed just as enraptured as the men. The attention began to get a little uncomfortable.

She felt a little better as the doors to the elevator slid shut. Inside, she found that her fellow passengers were just as enthralled as the people in the lobby. Recognizing the man next to her she greeted him. "Good Morning Rob." Regaining some of his composure, Rob tore his gaze away form Beth's leg for a moment. "Ugh, Yeah! Good morning look Amazing!" he announced before looking down at her lower limbs again.

"Oh, uh, thank you Rob." she answered awkwardly. Looking past Rob at the other woman in the elevator, Beth was disturbed to find that she was staring slack-jawed at her legs as well. Looking up at Beth, she swallowed hard before speaking. "I-I love those hose! Where did you get them, they look amazing!!!" she said before returning her eyes to Beth's legs.

"I got them in the mail." Beth said, turning to look at the elevators progress in ascending the floors. This was beginning to get uncomfortable. These two seemed a bit creepy in their admiration. Relieved to see the doors open, Beth hurried out onto the floor. As quickly as she could, she went to her desk and sat down, hiding her legs behind it. After a few moments, she gathered herself and started brewing a pot of coffee. Returning to her desk, she went to work on her computer. After an hour of so, Beth's boss Mr. Reiner came in. "Morning Beth. Already hard at work I see. As busy as you are pretty."

Giggling playfully, Beth said, "Oh Mr. Reiner, you're terrible. I'll get a big head with all of your compliments." The man winked as he went on into his office. . Finishing her last typing, Beth stood up and walked over to get a cup of coffee ready. With the last of the cream and sugar added, she stirred as she carried it in for Mr. Reiner.

As she entered, she found Mr. Reiner looking down at some of his paperwork, reading over statistics. "Here's your cup of joe Mr. R!" she chirped as she put it down on his desk.

"Thanks Beth. You're a life-saver." As Beth turned and started walking out of the office Mr. Reiner looked up as he took his first sip of coffee. As his eyes came up in line with his departing assistant, his spit that sip out. Startled at the sound, Beth whirled around to find Mr. Reiner wide-eyed and staring at her legs. " look wonderful today!" he shouted almost maniacally.

Trying to compose herself, and more than a little confused at his brazen lust, Beth managed to answer pitifully, "oh, uh, thank-thank-you Mr. Reiner..."

"Your god....your legs look fabulous..." he stammered. Shocked and at his forwardness, and more than a little creeped out Beth shouted, "Mr Reiner! I don't think I like the sound of that! The goes a bit further than a friendly compliment!" She pulled down a little at the lower edges of her skirt, suddenly uncomfortable with the short length.

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"I'm sorry Beth..but, I'm just so amazed...." Slowly, the older man rose up from his desk and crept around it. "I wonder..., do you suppose...., might I just touch them..." he begged, reaching out as he slowly walked towards her. "NO!" Beth screamed, backing up as she looked at the older man in disgust. "This is way over the line sir! I'm not going to put up with this kind of harassment! Rest assured that I'm going to report this!" Turning around, she practically jogged out of the office as fast as her high-heels allowed.

Gathering up her purse and other belongings, she started to head out, having no intention of staying for the rest of the workday. She would have to decided who to report this too, and whether to consult with an attorney. As she started to head for the elevator, she was startled to find Mr. Reiner beside her. His eyes had a vacant, haunted look as they looked over her legs once more. To her disgust, he grabbed her thighs, rubbing the soft material of her stockings. "So beautiful..." he whispered.

Screaming as she acted, Beth pushed the old man away, rushing from the yet-to-open elevator doors to the stair well. "What a freak!" she screeched as she pushed through the door and headed down the stairs. She didn't know what had come over the old guy, but she wasn't going to take it.

Emerging in the lobby, she strode out and through the room toward the exit doors. As she walked, once more the people around her stopped what they were doing to stare at her. "Stop staring at me you weirdos! What is wrong with you people!?!?" she shouted as she ran out into the parking lot. Muttering to herself, she climbed into her car and sped away.

Was the world falling apart? What was wrong with Mr. Reiner? For that matter, what was wrong with the rest of them? Angry beyond belief, she decided to go to her lawyer's office immediately. Driving to a city parking lot, she pulled in and sprang from her car. She started walking along the city sidewalks in the direction of her lawyer's building. He'd know what to do. She was going to take old man Reiner and his company for all she could.

As she strode along, heels clicking on the pavement, she began to have the eeriest of sensations. As she walked, everyone she passed stopped what they were doing to stare at her legs. Walking more quickly, she stared right back angrily, "What the hell are you looking at!" Passing a cafe full of people, she was horrified to find everyone stop what they were doing to stare at her legs.

She could hear the crow mumbling, "Look at them...So beautiful...Legsssss....Wow...Gotta touch 'em....". Terrified, Beth found herself jogging past and away.

"What in the hell is wrong with everyone?!?" she asked desperately. Hearing a commotion, she looked back to discover a crowd of people following her. "What are you doing? Stay away from me!!!!" she screamed as she broke into a run. To her terror, she heard the mob pick up its own pace. They were chasing her!

As fast she could, Beth ran down the street. Quickly, she began to run out of breath. It was so awkward, and painful to run in the damn heels! Suddenly, she had an epiphany, "Oh my God! The stockings! They're doing this! They're drawing these people to my legs!!!!" Turning off of the street, Beth headed into an alleyway.

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Stopping, she reached down and began to claw at the tops of the stockings. Pull and scratch, tug and pull, no matter what she did, the damnable things remained firmly attached to her legs. Her nails didn't tear them in the least, and her strength couldn't pull them down. They were firmly bound to her legs. "Oh my God!!!" She screamed. Desperate, she fell to the ground and tried to pull the high-heels off. To her horror, she found them just as stuck to her as the stockings. "Get off of me!!!!" she screamed.

As she lay there struggling, she slowly became aware of a crowd of people gathering around her. All of them wore a naked, lustful _expression as they stared down at her legs. "I have to touch them...Got to feel them...My God...They're Amazing...Beautiful..." she heard them mumble..

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"Stay away from me!!!! Leave me alone!!!!" Tugging at the stockings, pulling on the heels, Beth was trapped in them. At once, the mob moved forward. A sea of grasping hands reached toward her, all of them groping and rubbing her kicking legs. She felt herself being lifted off the ground as the mob began to caress the legs that had captivated them so. She could feel some of them kissing and licking her legs. "Somebody help me!!! Please!!! Let me go!!! Put me down!!! Hellllp!!!" she screamed as the mob offered its devotion to her legs.

As the struggled and kicked and screamed, Beth thought of the packaging the stockings came in. EVERYONE WILL BE CAPTIVATED BY YOUR LEGS! She wished that she had left the damn things to Candace.