The Mysterious Green Stuff by Existing Bloke is a story archived from the old Sticky-Site.

It had been a bright, warm day in the small town of Peth. The day was now approaching evening, and the air was slightly cooler. About half a mile outside the town was a cluster of trees, which lead into a moderately sized wood. A young woman of about nineteen called Rachel had spent this afternoon doing some serious running around the outside of the town. The mildly cool air was soothing on her bare arms and legs.

As she was looking in this direction of the wood, her vision was met with a thoroughly unusual sight. Between the trees, there was a soft, but very distinctive, glowing green light. Its glow pulsated for a few seconds, then faded away.

Fascinated by this phenomena, she decided to have a walk around the wood. Within ten minutes, she was moving through the first of the trees. Feeling excitement, curiosity, and a certain amount of apprehension, she proceeded further. With a thrill, she now noticed that several patches of the forest floor were glowing green. Looking further into the wood, she saw that certain parts of various trees were infected with this green radiance. The green glow seemed to increase in quantity further into the wood.

Rapt with curiosity, she cautiously nudged a portion of the ground that was glowing. It felt wonderfully thick and smooth, like very dense syrup. She nudged her foot slightly further into it. Amazingly, her foot sank further and further into it, until it the green substance was firmly around her bare calf. She easily pulled her foot out again. Now very excited, she proceeded further. For about ten minutes, she continued to walk. The green stuff glowed vibrantly on the vegetation around her, like some fantastic species of moss.

Remembering that her phone could take pictures, she pressed the relevant buttons, and held it up. Just as her thumb had reached the button, a thin, green, alarmingly dexterous vine swooped through the air and snatched the phone right out of her hand. She gave a short, thoroughly startled yelp. The vine had darted back into the midst of trees. She suddenly considered that it might be a good idea to proceed calmly to the exit.

She turned to retreat in the direction she had come, and froze in mortified horror. Blocking her path was a thick mass of vines. These formed a wall between the trees.

Green stuff

Starting to feel the threat of panic, she broke into a run. But as soon as she had started running, she noticed that ground beneath her feet was now of the glowing green variety. This new green glow seemed to be full what looked like strands of swamp weed. She hadn’t started to sink yet, though.

Just as she was about to break into a fresh run, two large green hands erupted from the green stuff, and clamped themselves around her bare ankles. On very long arms, four more shot out, and seized her bare calves and thighs. The first two hands proceeded to tightly wrap some of the swamp weed around her ankles. The stuff was unbelievably strong. The other hands proceeded to do the same with her upper legs.

Now they were finished, she was now up to her thighs in the ground. The hands now started to wrap strands of weed around her bare arms, pinning them to her sides. Summoning all her strength, she omitted an almighty scream for help…