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Naruto's Prank by Rairaku

"Argh!" Naruto said to himself as he walked the streets of konoha by himself. "I wish pervy sage were here right now. This is so boring without him, That and granny Tsunade wont give me any more missions for the moment." He ruffled his hair in frustration as he kept walking. "Maybe i can try to have some fun while everyone is away right now." He said to himself while he walked passed a costume shop. As that thought entered his brain he stopped and turned his head at the costume shop. He stared in thought as he slowly came up with a plan...

"The red one, The black one, Oh and also that blue one! that once looks nice" He pointed to 3 bunny costumes on the costume rack. The shopkeeper raised an eyebrow as he pointed out the female costume that a obvious male was buying. The shopkeeper Shook her head at naruto's request and Chased him out of the store calling him a "pervert" and names like that. He grumbled as he sat down on the bench nearby the shop. "How can i get those costumes for this perfect plan." He thought aloud to himself, "What plan!?" A kids voice from around the corner shouted. "Konohamaru! Shhhhh not so loud!" Naruto looked around making sure nobody heard that. "Look its gonna be a really sexy and funny prank now leave me alone so i can figure out how to get those costumes from that shop lady." Konohamaru blinked in slight disbelief "If i tell you how to ge tthos costumes will you tell me the plan?" Naruto looked down at konohamaru and smiled slightly "Sure" He said.

Konohmaru motioned to naruto to kneel down so he could whisper in his ear. "Really!? you think that willl work?" Konohmaru nodded to naruto. "Lets do it then!" Naruto and konohamru ducked into a nearby alley and both made the hand motions for the transformation jutsu's "Sexy Jutsu!" They both said. "I hope your right about this." Naruto said to the now sexy brunette konohamru had become, "Don't worry of course it will *Giggle*" Konohamru laughed lightly. Naruto and Konohamru walked into the store acting nonchalant trying not to get the attention of the storekeeper. Naruto leaned over to Konohamaru and whispered in his ear "She will get suspicious if i try to buy the same thing as before i disguised what should i do?" Konohamaru shrugged and said lightly "Just buy another one with them to make it seem like a different purchase i guess" he shrugged.

"Ill take the black one, The red one, The blue one-" The storekeeper looked at the female Naruto with a weird eye. Naruto giggled nervously "A-a-and the orange one, That one looks cute too". He stuttered nervously. The shopkeeper smiled at Naruto thinking she was a akward teen trying to show off. `He paid the shopkeeper for the 4 costumes and quickly ran off with the female konohmaru.

"So whats the plan nii-chan?" Konohamaru said back in his normal form, "Shouldn't you transform back now?" He said looking at the still female Naruto. "Oh i didnt notice, Eh doesn't matter right now my plan is almost complete!" He said triumphantly as he looked at the 4 bunny costumes in front of him. "How is this gonna work Nii-chan?" Konohmaru asked quizzicly. "Here is how it works, I infuse A LOT my chakra in all these costumes When they open up the boxes ill manipulate my chakra to make the costumes come alive and five them onto sakura ino and hinata" He grinned mischievously. "I can understand Sakura and Ino because they're so mean to you alot of the time but why Hinata?" Konohamaru tilted his head in confusion. "Dont know, I think 3 girls for this prank is a good number, And Hinata is the only other girl i know." Naruto shrugged. "Now for my master prank to unfold!" He made hand motions and focused his chakra onto the costumes....

"I wonder what Naruto wants" Sakura asked the other girls walking with her. "Whatever it is its probably nothing important" Ino said sarcasticly. "D-dont say about Naruto-kun" Hinata awkwardly blushed and twiddled her fingers like she always does. "Whatever it islets jsut go so i can go home and relax." Sakura grumbled to herself. They came to the park area where Naruto told them to meet up at. When they came to the meeting spot Naruto was nowhere in sight. There was only 3 small clothing boxes with each girls names on them with a small note attached to Sakura's box.

Hey guys
Sorry i couldn't give these presents to you all in person but konohmaru wanted to show me this awesome new comic book today- anyway i wanted to give you all these outfits to show how cool you guys have been to me and being my friends for all this time.

Love Naruto.

Naruto's Prank

Hinata blushed a bright red after they all read it at once. Ino scoffed at the note, Sakura smiled at the note. "Maybe this time he is actually being sincere about this" Sakura thought to herself. At that moment Naruto hiding in a bush nearby silent began making jutsu motions with his hands.

As Hinata bent over to open one of the boxes all 3 boxes burst open launching clothes at all 3 girls knocking them over and piling on them. Their clothes began to melt away as the new bunny girl outfits forced themselves onto the girls. A few minutes passed when the clothes finally stopped wrestling onto the girls as they stood up. The three girls stood up and all of them had the most embarrassed faces when they saw they were now wearing bunny girl outfits....

What the hell!" Ino shouted while trying to yank at her bust area of the bunnygirl outfit. "E-erm, Uhm..." Hinata awkwardly said while blushing a deep red while covering her chest. "Grrr what did Naruto do now!?" Sakura said while yanking at the Bottom part of her red bunnygirl outfit. Sakura shouted naruto's name at the top of her lungs where it could have been heard through the whole village. Naruto ran away as fast as possible away from that particular area, As to not be found of course.

"AAAAH No it wasn't me i swear!" Konohamaru shouted as he ran away from sakura and ino chasing him. "Well get you for this!" Sakura and ino both shouted as they chased. Eventually they tackled him and caught him, "Now tell us where he is!" Sakura yelled at him. "I don't know!" Konohamaru replied in witch he got bonked in the head leaving a large lump. "Okay okay! Ill tell you *sniff* He said he would meet me at his house after he ran away when the prank was done!" Sakura and ino let go of him when he said that. Both of them giving him the scariest look in the world, "W-w-would you forgive me if i helped you get back at him?" Sakura and ino looked at each other and grinned widely "

Go on...." Sakura said mischievously. After Konohmaru explained how naruto fed his chakra into the costumes and forced them onto the girls, Konohmaru aved them the 4th bunny girl outfit naruto bought from the store to deceive the shopkeeper. Sakura and Ino let Konohamaru go after giving him a few more lumps on his head. "Wanna do to him what he did to us?" Ino said playfully. "Of course, The chakra on our costumes will wear off after a while. If we both combine ours onto this one we can make his almost permanent." Sakura said with a revengeful grin on her face.