Performance Art by ryric is a story that has been archived from the old Sticky-Site.

Lisa looked over the contract. The intricate legal wording evaded her ability to comprehend its meaning. She asked Tara, the artist she would be modeling for, "could you just sum it up for me?" Tara replied, "Basically, it says you understand what it is your job will be. You're going to be incorporated into one of my art pieces. Parts of you will be held immobile for the duration of the display; about 2 days or so. You'll be paid a percentage of the income from the display."

Nodding, Lisa signed the contract. "Go into the other room and take off your clothes. Go ahead and shower, too. Shave yourself completely; you don't want any hair getting stuck in this stuff."

After complying, Lisa was given a shower cap and led over to a series of boxes on the ground near the wall. Tara instructed her to sit in one of the boxes with legs poking out and to lean her head back into one mounted on the wall. Tara secured her hands in the box next to her head. Now Lisa was sitting in a box, her head and hands were stuck into another one, and then she placed both her feet into a single box.

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Tara said, "You might be in there a while, so I'm going to allow for feeding and bathroom activities." She then placed a couple flexible tubes into Lisa's nostrils, and a larger tube for her mouth and clipped the loose ends above the box. Then Tara inserted a catheter and hollow butt plug into Lisa's newly shaved private area, and ran tubes from those attachments out the underside of the box.

Tara mixed up a large batch of thick wet concrete using a small mixer and dumped it into a wheelbarrow. "Getting you out of this will take some work with a chisel, but it's important for the statement that I want to make that your imprisonment seem permanent. Let's do your feet first." With that she poured the concrete out of the wheelbarrow, quickly covering Lisa's feet up to the calf in the thick gritty mixture. "How's that feel?" Lisa was only able to mumble around the tube in her mouth. Tara commented, "Sorry if it's cold; I should have used warm water. Try not to squirm; we want this to set up nice and solid. Let's give you a solid stone chastity belt next!"

With that statement she cheerfully poured the rest of the concrete into the box around Lisa's crotch, covering her almost up to the belly button with the soft mixture. "There, that should be hard in no time. I'll just mix up your head stuff then." At this point Lisa started to worry just a bit. Concrete did seem awfully permanent. Plus it was cold and not exactly comfortable. Lisa looked up to see Tara looking down at her. Just as Lisa was about to spit out the tube to ask to let free, Tara upended a bucketful of concrete right over her head, burying it a good portion.

Now if she spit out the tube she wouldn't be able to speak anyway, her mouth was already under. Seeing the worry in her eyes, Tara reassured her, "Just relax Lisa. I know it's a bit scary, but in a couple days you'll probably be a couple thousand dollars richer. Not bad for just having to sit around a while. You should try having to lift these buckets; they're heavy!" And with that, another load of concrete worked it's way slowly up Lisa's beautiful face. A few hours later, the quick drying concrete had set up nicely.

File:Performance Art 2.jpg

Leaning against the wall, supported by some metal braces, was a block of stone, out of the bottom of which protruded the arms and torso of a lovely naked woman. At her waist the torso vanished into another block, which had a pair of thighs emerging up out of it, the legs bending at the knee to enter a third block of gray concrete. "Perfect," thought Tara. Inside, Lisa had lost all track of time. She felt herself being moved, then felt some warm lights shone upon her. Occasionally someone would fondle her bare legs or arms. This wasn't so bad, once she got over the initial panic. It was really boring though.

The galley manager approached Tara. "Well Tara, you've done it. This piece is a hit. I've gotten requests from galleries all over the world; they want you to do a tour with it. It'll probably take nine months to a year to do, but you'll make a ton of money. What do you say?"

Tara replied, "Wow, I'm not sure how pleased my model will be with that arrangement. She might be kinda pissed if I don't let her out for a year!"

"Well, her contract didn't specify a length of time, and she'll make a ton of money too. That should soften the blow. If you're really worried about a lawsuit, you could always sell it when you're overseas. I'm sure there's an eccentric millionaire somewhere who would love to own this piece, permanently."