Prankster by ryric is a story that was originally hosted on Sticky-Site.

Angela stopped at her mailbox on her way home from work. Empty, again. She sighed in exasperation. Someone had been stealing her mail. Angela had graduated from college a couple years ago, and her job didn't give her time to watch the mailbox all day. She was getting tired of phone calls from bill collectors, as well as missing all of her magazine subscriptions. Angela had spoken with several of her neighbors, many of whom were also getting mail stolen. No one had yet caught the thief in the act, but Angela was determined to figure out who it was and get some justice.

She set up a digital camera and programmed it to take pictures at set intervals throughout the day, while pointed at her mailbox. She got nothing the first couple days, but on the third day, she had a photo of the culprit caught in the act. It was one of those sorority girls down the street. Finally she could enact her plan to get even. Angela thought about calling the police, but figured that even if they accepted the digital picture as evidence, that the girl would get off with just a slap on the wrist. Angela had something better in mind.

A few days later, after discreetly purchasing some supplies, and making some preparations in her basement, Angela was ready to start her plan for revenge. She told her boss she would be taking her vacation and lurked at home, waiting for the girl to show up. About 10 minutes after the mail went by, a thin blonde girl crept up to Angela's mailbox and opened it. She froze when she heard, "Just what do you think you're doing young lady?" from Angela's house. "I should call the police," continued Angela.

"No please don't call the cops," plead the girl, her eyes wide with fear. "It was just a prank. I don't want to go to jail, I'll make it up to you, I swear. I have your mail at my place, just let me go get it and I'll give it back." Appearing to consider a moment, Angela said, "Maybe you're right. Perhaps calling the police isn't the right way to deal with this. Why don't you come inside and we'll talk about how you can make it up to me, and the rest of the neighborhood." The girl looked relieved as she entered Angela's house. "Have a seat," said Angela, gesturing toward a couch.

"What's your name? I'm Angela."

"My name is Sandra," said the girl. Sandra looked about 19 or 20 years old, with a perky young figure and smooth skin. She was wearing a short pair of cutoff jeans and a tank top. "Please, do you have to tell the whole neighborhood? I'll give all the mail back, it was just a joke."

Angela handed Sandra a glass of Coke. "Here, drink this, and try to relax. Tell me why you decided the play this 'joke'," said Angela.

Sandra began to explain something about a dare when she started to become very tired and lose focus. She passed out very quickly from the drugs in her drink. Angela wasted no time stripping off all of Sandra's clothing. Apparently Sandra didn't wear underwear when stealing mail. Sandra was apparently a natural blonde, with a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Her pink nipples topped a pair of average sized breasts. Angela pushed in a wheelbarrow from another room, and managed to maneuver Sandra into it with some difficulty. Tossing the girl's clothes into the wheelbarrow as well, she carted the whole load down to her basement.

Downstairs there was a six foot deep pit carved into the cement floor of the basement. Angela brought the wheelbarrow over near the pit. She tossed Sandra's clothes down to the bottom of the pit, which was only about 3 feet wide. Turning the unconscious thief over on her stomach, Angela proceeded to tie Sandra's arms behind her back very securely, wrapping them in rope. Angela also tied Sandra's ankles to a 2 foot dowel, keeping her feet apart from each other, but not too far. Angela then took a razor and carefully shaved off all of Sandra's downy pubic hair, figuring it would itch as it grew back in. Serves her right. Angela now had some time to kill before the poor girl woke up, so she walked over to a cement mixer she had recently purchased and began getting it ready to run.

About an hour later, Sandra woke up and began to struggle and shout. Angela walked up and slapped her, saying, "That's very annoying. No one can hear you anyway, I've had this room soundproofed. Besides, you said you'd do whatever I wanted." At this point Angela got a really evil grin on her face.

"Look you psycho bitch, I…" Sandra's words were drowned out as Angela put on some ear plugs. She'd forgotten to bring something to gag the girl with and besides, it was satisfying to hear her rant and scream. At least, hear her in a dim and unintelligible fashion. Bringing down a hook tied to a pulley in the ceiling, Angela attached it to the rope binding Sandra's arms. Pulling her up, she suspended Sandra by her arms over the pit. It looked quite painful to be hung like that, but that was part of the punishment. Angela started up the cement mixer, mixing up a batch of quick drying cement. Sandra was almost incoherent with the pain in her arms and didn't realize what Angela was doing. The slightest twitch sent pain up Sandra's arms, so she tried to hang as still as possible. A moan began to escape her lips.

After the mix was ready, Angela poured it into the pit until it was a couple inches deep. She walked over to Sandra's whimpering form and said, "Are you ready for your punishment? It's much worse than anything the police would have done." Sandra began to sob uncontrollably at those words. Angela took out an alligator clip and, feeling around in the girl's pussy, clamped it tightly on poor Sandra's clit. Angela had experimented with bisexuality in college and was comfortable with another woman's private parts.

It was quite obvious that Sandra was not comfortable with being touched in that way though, and especially not with the horrible pain in her pussy she was now experiencing. Her screams were so loud that Angela thought for a minute that maybe the earplugs had fallen out. A couple more alligator clips on the girl's nipples brought renewed cries of agony, plus give the cement something to anchor to nicely. Now Angela felt Sandra was ready for her new home.


Angela slowly lowered Sandra into the pit, settling her down nicely in the cement at the bottom. Sandra looked down to see and feel her feet disappear into the cool gray mix. Soon she was standing ankle deep in the wet cement. Angela unhooked Sandra from the pulley. Sandra sobbed with relief as her arms were no longer supporting her weight so painfully. She tried to lift one of her feet out of the cement, but the dowel kept both of them planted firmly in their new home.

Because the girl's cries had now subsided to quiet sobs of pain, Angela removed the earplugs so she could taunt her victim. "Welcome to your new home, bitch. I hope you like the accommodations, I've spared no expense to make sure you regret your actions for the rest of your life." With that statement, Angela poured more soft wet cement into the hole, filling it up until the cement stopped just a couple inches below her prisoners pussy lips.

"There we go, we'll just let that harden up, and I'll come back and see you in a couple hours or so," chirped Angela cheerfully. She walked up the steps, humming to herself. Sandra was left standing thigh deep in cold cement. Her nipples and pussy hurt from the cruel clamps. She tried to struggle to get free, but the only thing she could even try to do was sit down, and she didn't want any more of her body trapped in the cement. Also, every twitch send pain tearing through her pussy and nipples as the clamps wiggled back and forth. She tried wiggling her toes, but the pressure from the cement was so great she didn't think she succeeded. Hours passed, and the pain in her groin and chest subsided to a dull ache, and the cement hardened into a stone like block.

Angela returned after the cement had had time to set up well. Sandra appeared to be embedded thigh deep in a block of gray stone. It presented and interesting picture: soft skin, unmarred except for a small bit of cement her and there that had splashed on, coming out of a rock solid block. "Hi there Sandra, how are we doing?" Angela asked. "Please let me go," said Sandra in a small voice. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Just let me go."

"Now how am I supposed to do that?" asked Angela. "It would take demolition tools to get you out of that now, and I have no idea how to use them without hurting you in the process. No, I think we'll just continue." Sandra began to cry. Angela dumped a bag of gravel into the pit, covering Sandra's crotch completely, and her waist up to her hips. "For drainage," she commented to the girl, who just looked at her incredulously. Angela then placed a layer of plastic down, so that no cement would seep down and accidentally seal up her prisoner's pussy. Then more cement was mixed, and poured, until Sandra was neck deep in the wet gray mixture. The girl looked up pleadingly.

Prankster 2

Suddenly Angela had a wicked idea. She began stripping off her clothes as she explained her idea to Sandra. " Tell you what. I was going to bury you completely, but if you can make your tongue useful for something other than crying or begging, I might just leave your head uncovered, if you get my drift." With that, Angela started idly playing with herself while watching the girl's reaction. Sandra was horrified and disgusted by the idea of being that close to the other woman's pussy, but decided it was better than being completely buried alive in cement. She nodded acquiescence. Angela quickly got down, with her ass dangling into the pit, her pussy squashed up against Sandra's face. Not the most comfortable position, but it would have to do. Sandra tentatively went to work, slowly licking at Angela's wet pussy. Sandra could not believe how degraded and humiliated she felt, being forced to orally service another woman. Her disgust almost overwhelmed her awareness of being neck deep in the wet cement that was slowly hardening around her. Sandra wanted to gag from the taste and smell, and bit back bile when she felt it rising up her throat. She had to do a good job to keep her head out! After what seemed like forever to Sandra, and not nearly long enough for Angela, Angela came in a loud spasm of pleasure.

Standing up, Angela got dressed. Sandra watched warily from her place in the floor. "Well," said Angela, "that was nice. But not really all that skilled, I've had a lot better before. Guess I'll have to cover up your head after all, it's no real use to me. Just think, eating my pussy was the last sexual experience you'll ever have. I'm sure it's a memory that will stay with you, eh?" With a wicked grin Angela began pouring more cement in, covering the girl's neck. Whimpering, Sandra tilted her head back to keep her mouth out of the cement as long as possible. Angela pushed a section of pipe into the girl's mouth. "For breathing and eating," she explained. "You didn't think I was going to drown you?" Sandra had, or else she would never have agreed to Angela's sexual depravity. With the pipe in place, Angela filled the rest of the pit, relishing the look of despair in Sandra's eyes right before they were covered forever. Angela took her time finishing the cement at the top, making it blend with the rest of her basement floor. The thought of that bitch buried in the cold, dark wet cement, the taste of Angela's pussy fresh in her mouth, cruel clamps biting into her tender skin forever, made Angela feel she should go spend the rest of the day with a certain vibrating friend from her sock drawer.

The next morning, Angela went downstairs to feed her prisoner. The cement had dried into a solid block, indistinguishable from the rest of the floor. Only the breathing pipe sticking up a few inches from the ground revealed the location of Sandra's permanent new home. Angela poured a nutrient shake down the tube. Had to keep up the prisoner's health. However, no reason for her to get to keep the chocolate taste of the shake in her mouth all day, thought Angela as she poured a cup of dirty dishwater down afterward. Idly, Angela wondered how long the girl could survive like this. Guess she'd get to find out. Angela looked around her basement, noticing how lonely the one tube looked by itself. Sandra had said someone at the sorority had put her up to this… and there was only one way to be sure she got the right girl. 6 days of vacation left…