Rehean Invasion at The Mystery Doll House by irrespondible

Hi, I'm Rehean. When the day started I never thought I could be here, surrounded of firefighters, cops and unwilling cosplayers, but... Life is unexpected sometimes.


It was an average summer Sunday in Sunflower Town. I was clad on my favorite sky blue open shirt, white t-shirt, jeans and shoes. Sun and games with my friends were the agenda for today. They even had a white and blue soccer outfit with a 'N' as shield... until I heard the danger call. "Rehean!"

That voice forced me to search of a hideout. Instantaneously I hid behind the large armchair. The reason? My older sister, Alice, a girl who watched to much Dexter's lab, at the point she was always looking like Dee Dee, was in a search-and-destroy mission, after a trouble I had before with some of her stuff. "Where are you, Rehean? We need to talk right NOW!" she began to look all along the house, but my hideout was good enough to force her to use her last resource.

"Stareye Laser Reheanovich, come out immediately!" That mommy tone and my full name, two things I really hate. "Hey, you know I hate that name!" Her teasing smile was my first sight. "Yes, I know. That's why I used it, 'Star'" Grrr! That fake tone always teases me up. "I HATE MORE WHEN YOU CALL ME LIKE THAT!!!"

"Well, now we are on the same frequency..." she began to walk along the room "the last week you tried to send my "Mew Mew Strawberry" doll to the outer space with a homemade rocket-" "Yes, that... well, at least heaven was a close hint" I couldn't help but giggle to the silly quote I just made, but she wasn't sharing my humor.

She sighed and resumed the serious talk "So you have two options: Or you let me dress you up with my "Mew Mew Strawberry" costume and let you there for a month...- That was shocking, I must say. "WHAT?!!! HELL NO!!!!!" "Or you go out there and find out another 'Mew Mew Strawberry' for me. And pay for it." Yeah, she was like that. My friends called her 'Nabiki' once. I dunno why, but well. "Hey, you cant blackmailing me like that!"

"Well, in that case..." She took a measure tape and walked to me. Her intention was obvious. 'Man, she's not kidding'. I gulped and jumped away at the sight. "O.K., you win! I'll get that stupid doll!" She smiled and putted the tape away. "You have 'till 8:00. Hurry up!" I ran like wind shocked at the cosplay menace... and through the closed door. She couldn't help but sigh at the fact that I was probably too strong AND dork to live on this world.


The worse part of a summer shopping mission was the fact that, until evening, it was to hot to walk more than 6 blocks non stop. In my town there's a lot of stores, all manga related due at the fact that, somehow, everybody in this town are Manga fan. I just can't understand it, but well, it's matter of tastes. "Closed again? SHIT!!!" It was the 10th time I saw the 'Closed' or 'Sorry, we can't attend public right now' post sign this day.

That's the trouble of the Sundays: I needed a doll for that evening and nowhere I could find it. to make it worse, my sister sent me a message at my cell saying that, due at the collection were incomplete by my failed 'space travel attempt'... I had to buy the whole set of 5 Dolls!

"WTFH?!!! BUT I COULDN'T EVEN FIND ONE!!!" That girl really pissed me off! Besides, I wasn't actually in the money. Fortunately, my desperate search led me to a house I never saw before in town (something that, I learned later, never means something good): It was a striped blue and white big warehouse with a little house united at the front, sharing the same color. I wondered if I was to blind to haven't noticed a house that seemed to be part of the town since before I was born, but well, it's me! "'Mystery Doll House'? Sounds too... stupid" Once again, my uncaring mind on the work. "Well, at least this one is open"

At the inside, it wasn't too much different to another "Gashapon" houses I saw before. Racks full of dolls, apparel and everything related to the 'Shoujo'... Yeah, too much girlishness for my brain. I remember I was feeling like if my brain was buried under tones of ice cream.

"Hello? Somebody there?" I thought the people in charge were out and forgot to close. Wrong, dude. "Hi, Rehean". It was a creepy voice from behind the desk who knew my name. Being panicked was putting it lightly. I hid behind a post sign on a card-welding magical girl, when I peeked out to see the source. The guy looked like a grampa... or a ghoul... or both, more accurately "Man, you almost- Wait, how did you...?" "Follow me" I guess my nerves wasn't important to him, so I just followed him a bit shocked and still shaky. I gathered courage to ask him for help about my 'special mission'."W-W-well, I... I... I'm looking for a set of 'Shoujo' dolls..."

"I know" his voice was cold, but a bit ghostly. "'Tokyo Mew Mew', right? Let me see what we have." He walked into a door with a 'FORBIDDEN' signboard on it. "Don't stay behind. This place is creepy" I couldn't help but chuckle at his remark.'Yeah, look who talks...'I kept a step behind still wandering about how did he knew that.

He led me into the big part of the building, behind the shop, that seems to be at the large warehouse. It was larger than my school and inside it only had racks and racks of dolls of both genders. But not the average dolls, the big ones. I mean GIANT dolls, the most of them bigger than me (I was kinda short, even for my age. I looked like I was 8 or so), thing that made me thank they were just dolls. How wrong I was...

He led me to a part of the storage full of magical girl related dolls. He stopped in front of five dolls. The boxes said 'Tokyo Mew Mew Collection Doll' The pink one looked like the one I tried to turn into an astronaut. I didn't like the fact that they were taller than me. The smallest of the five was some inches taller and, considering that Mahou shoujos were famous for having powers, I thought that find the real ones was gonna be hard. "Yeah... Well, I guess I shou-"

The clerk stopped me as soon as I was gonna grab my bills. "Don't worry, I won't charge you for the dolls." WTFH? The bad feelings seemed to be in bargain this morning... yeah, I have too many detectives movies on my system. "Besides, you can't pay them. Believe me, they cost more than you think"

"Oh... Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that." Even with that explanation, something was wrong here. I decided to use my super strength and lift the dolls, but the clerk stopped my and dragged the dolls effortlessly to a cart, where another man, who looked like Mike Tyson's bigger brother (I mean BIGGER), took them to the back of the store. "Don't worry, he'll be on the front gate soon. We should do the same." He went in front, but I decided to keep some steps behind and check out my hunch. I attempted to lift a random doll without being seen by the clerk, but my strength failed me and I couldn't even budge it. The same happened with other 5 dolls. Even the small ones left me in a pinch! My powers were, somehow, diminished by the store's environment. Good thing I knew about that prior to being in trouble...Yeah, I was gonna need that knowledge later. But now let's back to the store. To the front door actually. THE 'INSIDE' GIRLS

When I went out, the big heavyweight and the ghoul were waiting, the latter stood on the entrance, the other on the cabin of the truck, where he directed me to climb in. "Don't worry, he knows where to go." I nodded confused and went into the truck, where the dolls were already loaded. He just started up and in a few mins we were at home. He left the dolls on the porch of my house and went back to the truck, not without leave me a warning. "Keep those dolls away of the moisture or you'll have to accustom to pink." I gulped and he drove away, leaving me with too much things on the head. I took some air and lifted the dolls, one by one, into the garage. That confirmed my previous suspect as I was able to carry the whole set along the house without trouble, in contrast of my lack of strength on the store.

The moving was fast, so I decided to watch some TV. On the living room I found an envelope with my name. I opened it, and it had to things, a post card... and a dress! The same outfit the doll was wearing, complete with boots, wig and the cat traits the original one has. I suspected something about the postcard, so I read it.

Dear 'Ichigo':

If you're reading this it means my plan worked. I'm sure you couldn't get a such popular set on Sunday, specially after noon. So I just sent you to a meaningless hunting so you wont have excuses to agree my terms. I used your clothes to figure your measures and make this dress. I'm sure you'll accustom to it. We'll be so good play pals. Happy dress up, Ichigo-chan! ^_^


YUK YUK YUK!!! I furiously destroyed the post card and tossed the outfit off the armchair! That girl is such a psycho... Anyway, I made it, so she has no reasons to force me in that stuff. Trying to bring down the heat, I turned on TV, placed my feet on the coffee table and relaxed. This wasn't gonna last, specially during a commercial break when I went to the kitchen to take some snacks. When I left the fridge and was heading back to my house I noticed a wet shoe print. Somebody went into the kitchen with a wet shoe.

It didn't took me too long to note it was my shoe, because the shoe followed my steps, my sole matched the print and the table where I placed my feet had a small puddle on it. Yeah, the sole of one of my snickers was a bit wet. 'But how could I wet my shooooo... THE PIPELINE!'

Yeah, the pipeline of the fire system that passed along the garage, the one my friends broke playing a samurai battle last week. I forgot my father couldn't fix it perfectly and it got leaking. In fact I remember the leak was on the same spot I left the dolls! OMFG! After the weird trip, a leaking was gonna turn me into the most humiliated kid of the entire town? NO WAY! I rushed to the garage, hoping that the boxes were thick enough to give me some time out... until I heard some noises coming from the inside. They were like female voices... and crumbling boxes. 'Oh, man... thieves too? Well, let's invade them!' Yeah, I love that action call. 'Let's invade them!' So funny... O.K., let's go back to action.

I grabbed the only thing I had at reach... a piece of burned ham from a failed cook attempt. Yeah, I'm pretty lack of abilities for the kitchen, but hey! I'm a guy after all! And a very mean one. With this improvised weapon, it was time to jump in, so I did it. "WATCH OUT, YA THIEEEEEE..."

Rehean Invasion

OMFG! I can't even explain what I saw... Well, I can, but it's so stupid! I felt like trapped on a b-class movie. The dolls, the ones I just bought, were tugging their dresses (trying to get them off, actually) and trying to get outside the boxes. The dolls were alive! DAMN! I was shocked. The girls looked at me panicked when I jumped in with my 'club'.

Maybe they thought I was gonna swat them, so I decided to put it down. I decided to look closer at the dolls and found out the entire sitch: Their bodies and suits were rubberized to look like plastic, but their eyes and lips revealed than, actually, they were living human beings. I can't believed it! I bought five slaves instead of five dolls! AND FOR FREE! I sat down on a wooden bench, thinking if it was good or bad luck, but the dollies dragged me back to reality.

The unhappy pink was first by tapping her box. "Hey, kid! What do you think you're doing, huh?". My head was hurting. I guess that happens to the inpatient mystery solvers when finding out a mind-cracking revelation... impatient like me, of course. "Damn... Look, pussycat, I need some time to-" "Who are you calling 'pussycat', kid?"

"And why are you holding us against our will? It's a crime, you know?" Maybe the bossy blue haired girl had a point there, but I was too busy trying to keep my head still in place. After all, I was talking to five girls who used to be dolls! And the lovely looks I was getting for the 'little' monkey girl (little for the 'set', but like 4 inches taller than me) weren't helping.

"Hey, you blond dork! Are you hearing me?"

"Oh, cut it out, birdie! I'm not precisely having a good time, you know?"

"Well, If you want I can cure you." The blonde ape-girl winked at that while I was trying to ignore he obvious intentions. I was too young too think on a relationship, you know?

"Mmm... excuse me, young man?" The shaky voice of the green haired one caught my attention for a while. "C-C-Can you free us, please? My family might be worried."

'My brain is worried of get fried up, gal...' Such a bad moment to have a headache... "Don't waste time on that worm." Worm? My eyes went straight to the purple haired wannabe werewolf, named 'Zakuro' on the box(what a weird name, goddamnit!), after she began to unlock the hell. "Yeah, you heard me! I don't care how young are you, I'm sure you had a good time undressing us for you little cosplay game!" My twitching eye was oblivious to her. "M-M-Miss, I'm not sure yo-" "Oh, cut it out, bookworm! I'm sure you love your sexy outfit, but this is serious" The birdie went on the wolfie's side for a while. "She's right, we're the prisoners here. But even that..." But then she directed to the tall canine girl. "I'm not sure if you should be that defiant over him." "I'm not asking you, 'birdie'! And you, puny little pervert, free us or I'll really turn you into a-" "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YA STUPID BUNCH OF DOLLS!!!!!!" That was it, the headache exploded and made me shot a laser charge from my eyes through one of the boxes, the one with the catgirl inside. That really changed the power play, unveiling my powers as a side effect.

"Dolls" was probably the last word I had to use on them. They realized that they were no humans any more. They were dolls. At least that's what they must be thinking, because after the burst they all lowered their heads in sorrow and said at unison "Yes, master...", then started to tear away and sat down on their boxes like... dolls. They were trying to not look at me. For them, I was the end of their normal life. The end of their humanity... Lord, even now that idea make me wish to have a spear shoved in my ass! I felt like the worst person in the entire city. But I really didn't care, because my fame wasn't precisely good anyway. 'This is so gonna ruin my weekend...'

And that was the sitch: 7 PM o'clock. 1 hour for the deadline and I had five girls dressed like dolls and encased on those boxes, crying and losing their humanity bit by bit. Five girls who were trying to keep their sanity and do not merge with their new selves, but finding it worthless. Five dolls under the control of the most catastrophic person on the entire Sunflower Town... me. My sister was not gonna like that I became a 'woman enslaver'. My mother could condemn me by 'injury to the human rights' or sort of... and I still were gonna to use that stupid dress. I remember my last thought, while looking to the ceiling, waiting to be heard by a higher being... 'You so enjoy to do this to me, right? That's why I hate you.' Yeah, I'm so heretic.... ... DING DONG... DING DONG... -_-' 'Great, now what?'


"Rehean here again, folks. My friends wanted to play a ninja game with me, but this is not the best time for a play, y'know? Hey, where are you, guys? W-W-Why are you wearing those suits? And why are you acting like...? I think I won't like the answer. Next time: Rehean Invasion at the Mystery Doll House, chapter 2: 'Beware! Friends Out of Control.', so stick around and let's invade them!"