Revenge Is A Dish Best Served From A Distance by totalchaoz2003 is a story that has been achieved from Sticky-Site.

Patty trod barefoot down the stairs of the townhouse into the living room. “Where the hell are my shoes?” she muttered. Joanne better not have borrowed them again, she thought. Those are my favorite shoes to go with these jeans. She smoothed the front of her white blouse and then adjusted the waist of her tight jeans, and then stopped for a moment. What was that? She could have sworn she heard something move. “Who’s there?”

Silence was the reply. Patty shrugged. “Must be hearing things,” she breathed. Just as she said that, she saw the dim light reflect just barely off the things she’d been seeking. Her black patent high-heeled loafers were sitting together next to the doorway into the darkened kitchen.


“There you are,” she scolded the shoes as she stepped up to them. She slipped her bare feet into the shoes, enjoying the cool feel of the leather against her skin, although there was another odd sensation in them as well. Shrugging it off, she headed into the kitchen toward the back door. As she walked, the strange feeling in her shoes became much more noticeable.

She turned, walked back into the living room and, switching on a table lamp, sat on the sofa beside it. She raised her left foot to her knee and tried to slide off the shoe. She felt it pull reluctantly away from her skin, and as she pulled, she saw strands of thick green goo connecting her bare sole to the shoe's insole. She gasped, and as the shoe's heel slipped out of her shocked fingers, the loafer was immediately pulled back onto her foot.

She reached down and tried to pull off her other shoe, but to no avail. She was stuck in her shoes, and it was no accident. Someone had put glue in her shoes, and she had a pretty good idea who it was. “Joanne!” she cried. She stood up and stormed toward the kitchen, flipping on the light. I don’t care if she’s not allowed to take calls at work, I’m going to rip her a new… Her heels clicked against the tile floor until suddenly there were a pair of thick, wet splashes.

She looked down with surprise, and her mouth fell open when she saw that she had stepped, with both feet, into a large puddle of green liquid. She lifted one foot, and although it pulled away from the floor a few inches, rubber band-like strandsof the liquid stretched from her shoe sole to the floor. Her leg muscles straining, she pulled with all her might. However, her strength finally gave out, and her foot clomped back into the glue puddle. As she pulled up on the other foot, she shouted, “Joanne!” “You called?”

Patty looked up suddenly at the voice she had not expected. The utility closet door opened, and Joanne stepped out, holding a metal can in one hand. A thin line of green dripped from the top to partway down the unlabeled can. Joanne was smirking as she watched Patty's predicament.

“Sticky situation, isn't it?” Joanne sauntered toward her, her closed-toe huarache sandals clapping on the tile floor. Her sandals, tube top, and Daisy Duke shorts told Patty that Joanne had lied about having to work tonight. My God, the bitch planned to be here when this happened, she thought.

Snarling at her roommate, Patty grabbed a thigh in her arms and pulled up with all her might. Her shoe came off the floor a few more inches than before, and her bare heel just barely came out of the shoe, but the glue pulled both back firmly into place. She put her hands to her waist. “Joanne, you've glued my feet to the floor! Why?” “Because you embarrassed me in front of all our friends with that little whipped cream stunt last night,” Joanne replied. She stood an arm's length away from Patty, the toes of her huaraches barely an inch from the edge of the glue puddle. “And now I'm going to embarrass you.”

She snapped her fingers. Just then, people flowed into the kitchen from the living room and from outside, all pointing and laughing at Patty's feet. Patty's face turned bright red at her “friends’” jeers as she turned from Joanne's smug face down toward at her feet.

Revenge dish

At that moment, she noticed how close Joanne's toes were to the glue. She clenched her jaw, determined not to let her roommate get away scot-free.She looked up at Joanne, a new look of resignation on her face. She straightened up with a sigh. Then, without warning, she grabbed Joanne's shoulders and pulled the slender woman forward. She smiled triumphantly when she heard a pair of wet splashes.

Joanne opened her mouth and eyes wide and looked down. She wiggled her feet in her sandals, but the shoes were already completely stuck in the glue. Everyone in the room, except for the two glued to the floor, laughed even more hysterically than before.

“Why you...!” Joanne started as she began slipping her heel out of one sandal. Then, Patty grabbed the glue can out of Joanne's hand and turned it upside down, spilling the adhesive contents on top of Joanne's open shoes. The goo quickly seeped in around the dozens of tiny straps and instantly bonded toJoanne's tanned skin, securing her bare feet inside the huaraches.

Joanne pulled up on each foot, but each sandal only came upa few inches before iron strands of glue pulled them back down. “Patty,!” Patty simply smirked audibly. “At least I won’t be stuck here alone.”

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