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Running High by Alfonsomarin

Lisa was practicing hard. The change in training from the 100m race to the 800m was quite a challenge, but she really had no need to worry, the only thing she needed to develop was endurance. But not many members of the athletic team were happy about Lisa "The 100m Star" trying to fill the expectations for an event that she could manage. One day Lisa was training hard for the state eliminatory event. She was sure she could qualify.

Running High

Suddenly Lisa's attention was drawn by the sound of clapping hands, in a very slow and sarcastic way.

  • Well… well… well, what we have here? Isn't she Lisa, the 'The 100m Star'? Didn't they tell you the 800m track was larger?
  • Shut up Randy! - Lisa demanded angrily.

Of all of the students, Randy was the worst narcissist and sarcastic boy in the school. He was part of the male athletic team in the 800m race. He used to have the attention of all of the girls except Lisa, so soon she became his obsession.

  • Calm down sweetheart! You are making good time, it's a shame it can't be good enough to qualify.
  • What do you mean by that? My time record is better than yours.
  • Maybe you are right, but that's training. You can't just get the record without training, you need to get into the real competition and test yourself.
  • Well I haven't see you training lately. - Lisa commented
  • I don't really need as much training as you do, I can easily endure the track.
  • Well if you don't need training, maybe you just don't need to be in the athletic team, either.
  • Wow, you really are something. That's my problem with you. Maybe Heather or even Janet could have better records that yours.
  • Those slowpokes don't deserve to be on the team either.
  • Well, then, you think you are good enough to qualify? Maybe we should make a bet.
  • What?
  • Well if you are capable of getting any position on the podium, in Saturday's race, maybe I'll quit the athletic team and my chase for you.
  • Well that's the first thing reasonable thing I've heard from you all year.
  • But, if you lose, then you will...-
Running High 2

He got closer to Lisa and rubbed her leg with his hand. Suddenly Lisa reacted and slapped him with all of her strength. He took a step backwards but kept his eyes on Lisa's. He turned around and took couple steps away from Lisa. But suddenly he turned around again and added:

  • Well, it's a deal then, but if, for any circumstance, you don't run, I win the bet. Good luck, you are going to need it.

Lisa was angry but at least she could finally put an end to Randy's attentions and take him off the athletic team for good.She prepared herself all week as hard as she could, and for some strange reason she didn't see Randy that week either, except for a couple of times when he was impressing a girl from the swimming team. Saturday came without incident. The race was about to start in only five minutes, and she only need to prepare her running shoes.

So she went to her locker for her running shoes but when she opened the doors to her locker she found a shoebox from an Italian company. When she opened the box she found inside a pair of red high heeled shoes with an ankle strap. They were her size, and suddenly she begun to ask herself how would she looked with a pair of shoes like that. She took the box near to the mirror and tried them on.

Suddenly the track speakers announced: - All runners for the 800m race, please approach the track now.

Running High 4

After hearing this, Lisa grabbed her running shoes and sat in a bench to take off her newly discovered high heels. She tried to unbuckle the strap, but it simply didn't come undone. She tried to pull the shoes off her feet but she they didn't budge. It was as if her feet were glued into her shoes. She applied all of her strength to removing the shoes from her feet, but they simply refused to leave her feet.

Again the speakers announced:

  • Last call, all runners for the 800m race, on the track now or face disqualification!

She didn't have any other choice, she had to attend to the competition as she was. On her way to the track, she passed through the stands and saw a bunch of Randy's friends. When they saw her they started to whistle and catcall.

  • Nice legs, Honey!
  • Pretty shoes you have there!

She felt so uncomfortable; normally she would start yelling at them and putting them in their place, but they were right, in those shoes she looked more like a whore that an athlete. And there wasn't anything she could do, except cover her face that was turning red.

She was about to take her position on the starting line when she heard a whistle. It was the referee pointing angrily at her. He beckoned to her. - Well, what the hell you think you are doing? - Well, I just… - Can't you take this competition seriously? - It's not that… It's just…

She wanted to say that she couldn't take her shoes off, that they were coated with glue or something… But she was sure if she told him that, she would have to go to the infirmary and could not run in the race. She turned her shamed face to the bench, where Randy was sitting, watching her. When he realized that she was watching him, he winked an eye at her and blew her a little kiss in a sarcastic way. She suddenly felt so angry… The referee was still giving Lisa a lecture about "getting serious" about this kind of competition. He realized Lisa's lack of attention and yelled at her.

  • Are you listening lady?
  • "I have one question".- Lisa announced
  • Is there a rule that says that I can't run in these shoes"- Lisa asked in a desperately attempt, deciding not to leave the race.

The referee was amazed. He tried to remember the rules about "uniform code." He took the rule book and searched the rules about it.After a couple of minute later the referee proclaimed.

  • You are crazy! But you are right. Go to your position.

Lisa sighed with relief. She went to take her position in the starting line. The referee announced: - Everybody! On your marks… get set…- And with that, he blew his whistle.

When Lisa heard referee's whistle, she began to run. But unused to wearing that kind of shoe, she lost her balance, and felt over the starting line. She heard laughs and voices from the stands. But she also hears the whistle from the referee. She turn her face to see him, he was pointing at Janet.

  • No. 3, you took a false start! First warning!, Everybody go back to the starting line!

Lisa felt a little relief but she knew her luck couldn't last forever. She turn around to see Randy. He was smiling at her.

  • I can't lose… Not to him...- She thought to herself.

Again she heard the sound of the whistle. And again she started to run. She realized that she was easily overcome by the rest of the runners, for every step they took she had to take two. She didn't have the balance, or the grip to run properly.

When she reached the 100m mark she decided that she had to take extreme measures. She started to run like she was in the 100m race, at full speed.Before she reached the 200m mark she realized she was alone, ahead of the crowd. It could be an easy victory for a 100m race, but it wasn't, she still had to run like hell for a while, and she continued running. At the 300m mark she realized that she was losing speed and the rest of the runners were catching up with her. The only thing in her mind at that moment was…"I can't lose...

- "400m" she saw, it was half of the distance that she was trained to cover but it was four times the type race she was running right now; her face was red and covered in sweat, but she couldn't get distracted. She realized breathing was becoming hard when she reached the "500m" mark, she couldn't keep her speed up for too much more. And the rest of the runners were about to reach her. Her feet became terribly sore when she reached the 600m mark. Those shoes felt like hell, and in certain way they were like hell itself, she could hear laughs in the stands. - What's the matter honey, you can't run?- - One of the boys in the stands exclaimed! - "You can't do it honey, accept it! She had to reduce speed and she saw Heather getting ahead of her. Then she saw the 700m mark. It was almost over, but she saw Janet passing her by, Amanda head to head with her… She felt afraid. For a less than a second she saw an image of herself in bed with Randy, and she couldn't bear it. Breathing was almost impossible, and the sweat from her forehead blocked her eyes, she took everything she had left and accelerated as fast as she could.

Suddenly she fell to the ground as it had happened before at the starting line. She swept her sweat from her face and realized that she had fallen a couple of meters behind the finish line. She panted heavily. Trying to recover herself from the great effort she had made, she turned around to the bench where Randy was sitting but he wasn't there anymore. Amanda helped Lisa to get on her feet again when she told her.

  • That was amazing! Lisa, you beat me by just a couple of inches…
  • Then… am I...?- Lisa was totally flabbergasted.
  • Third place, but…
  • Third place... That means… I won!- With what little strength she had left in her body she hugged Amanda around her neck and start to take little jumps.
  • What's the matter? You were in third place. It's not like you made first.
  • I know… But believe me…This is the best thing ever happened to me.

One of judges called Lisa to take her position on the podium for the award ceremony.She went and before all the school she received a medal, most of the spectators were amazed at her. Some others were still shouting about her legs… But at least she was happy. Then she saw Randy coming near the podium.

  • Well, I think this means I'll have to keep seeing you in training.
  • Well that's not entirely correct, 'honey', you promised to leave the athletic team if I received a position in the podium, and the 3rd place is still in the podium.
  • I didn't say I'd leave the athletic team, I said 'I might quit the athletic team and my pursuit of you...' Then again… I might not…
  • You bastard! I'll kill you!

Lisa's face was redder than her shoes. She tried to jump from the podium to strangle Randy but the she realized something strange… - What…?

She tried to lift her foot from the podium, but she couldn't. She used both hands to lift her feet, only to discover little strands of glue that came from the 3rd spot in the podium, in spite of using both hands to lift her feet she couldn't raise them more than an inch.

I'll hope I'll see you this Monday.- With that, Randy turned around and hugged the neck of the girl that he was chasing from the swim team, while Lisa struggled to get herself free.

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