Sisters by dachande238 is a story that was originally hosted on Sticky-Site which has now been archived on here.

“It’s about time this got here!” Molly looked up from her book to see her sister negotiating a large box across the spacious living room. “About time what got here?”

“I ordered some camping stuff from the Janis Smith catalog, this has been on backorder for about two months.” Lisa plopped the box down on top of a jumble of magazines on the coffee table and began cutting through the layers of tape with her folding knife.

“What is it?” Molly closed her book and stood on the other side of the table. She looked in distaste when her sister offered her the knife to cut the tape on that side. Apart from a slight resemblance in their faces, one would never guess that the two girls were sisters. They were almost exact opposites in manner as in appearance. Molly was slightly taller, even though she was a year younger, and much more voluptuous than her more athletically built sister.

Though she preferred to dress more provocatively she was definitely the more intellectual of the two. She had her blonde hair drawn up into a loose pony tail and wore a tight pair of hip-hugging blue jeans and a midriff exposing shirt.

Lisa was more the “hands on” type; the expression “tom boy” had haunted her throughout her life. At age 19 she could already take apart and reassemble just about any engine put in front of her. Though not as curvaceous as her sister, she was still quite attractive. Her tanned complexion was accentuated by her cropped black hair, making her appear almost exotic in appearance. She had been on her way out the door for her morning run when she had come across the box on the front porch, so her usual simple tee-shirt and jeans were replaced by her workout outfit of a pair of biking shorts, black sports bra and a fanny pack.

Replacing the knife in her pack, Lisa began digging through the ocean of Styrofoam peanuts. “It’s a survival tool kit for camping, it’s got a compass, knife, mirror, lighter, and a whole lot of other stuff in a package the size of a credit card. It’s made of a plastic that’s absolutely indestructible.” Reaching down into the mass of packing material she pulled out another, slightly smaller box. Opening this one revealed another layer of Styrofoam peanuts and yet another box. “Jesus Christ, it’s like some kind of demented magic trick.”

Molly looked over her sister’s shoulder as she began digging through the third box. “I find it funny that something that’s supposed to be indestructible needs so much packing material to protect it.”

Lisa just glared as she pulled out sheet after sheet of foam wrapping. “Here it… What the hell?” Inside the fifth box, wrapped in several layers of newspaper, was a small glass bottle of clear liquid about the size of a jelly jar. It was unmarked and had a metal cap with a brush that extended all the way to the bottom inside the bottle. “Wow, you can actually survive in the wilderness with that?” “This isn’t what I ordered.” She unscrewed the cap and sniffed the contents. “Uhhggg! It smells terrible! What is this stuff?”

Molly fished the order slip and one of the seven copies of the company catalog out of the first box. On the cover was a picture of Lisa’s survival tool complete with order number. She compared it to the number on the order slip. “Here’s the problem. You’re tool here is 3407889/B, the number on the slip is 3401889/B. I keep telling you that your sevens look like ones.”

Lisa sniffed at the bottle again, wrinkling her nose at its acrid odor. “So what is this?” “It says ‘Eternabond Adhesive’ and then in capitol letters it says ‘DISCONTINUED’.” “Adhesive? You mean its glue?”

“I guess so, but what’s up with the ‘discontinued’ thing?” Molly turned the paper over to see if there was any information on the other side, but it was just an ad for a pair of acupuncture slippers that vibrate and glow in the dark.

“I’ve never seen this in the Janis Smith catalog before.” Lisa took one more whiff of the liquid and cringed. “I guess I’ll have to send it back.” She sighed.

“I wonder if it’s as strong as the name implies.”

Lisa grinned wickedly. “Well, we could find out, give me your hands!” She brandished the small brush at her sister. “No! Get away from me.” Molly took a step back..

“Oh come on, don’t be such a pussy!” Lisa took a step forward.

“I am NOT a pussy, I just don’t want my hands stuck together right now! Now stop fooling around!”

“Then give me your lips! It’s the new glue diet- No solid food!”

Molly backed away from her advancing sister. “Come on, knock it off! It’s not funny! Hey, watch out for the-“ Her warning came too late. Lisa’s foot had become entangled in a length of bubble wrap, which if she had been paying attention wouldn’t have mattered, but she had been wholly intent on teasing her sister and was caught by surprise. Lisa could almost see herself in slow motion from a third person point of view. She could see the sheet of wrapping draw taunt around the toe of her white running shoe, she watched with horror as it threw her whole body off balance. She could almost reach out and kick herself in the ass for flailing her arms to keep her balance, causing thin clear liquid to flow freely from the uncapped bottle in her hand. And, as the coup de grace, she watched herself tumble forward into her sister, driving them both to the floor.

“OW! Shit!” “Ooof! Get off of me you clumsy bitch!” “I think I hit my head on the chair.” Lisa rubbed her head, the action of which reminded her that there was supposed to be something in her hand. “It’s less than you deserve, now get off me!”

Lisa tried to roll off Molly, but felt a sharp tug at her chest. “Oh shit.” “OW!” Molly screamed again. “What are you doing?! GET OFF ME!” “I’m trying!” Lisa tried to lift herself off of her sister, but was once again stopped. “Oh no!” Molly tried to push Lisa away from her and felt something pulling at her chest. It took a moment to realize the uncomfortable feeling was coming from her breasts. “Oh my god, what have you done?!” “It was an accident!” Lisa tried once again to gently pull their stuck breasts apart, but it was no use. “Quick, take off your shirt!”

Molly tried to pull her blouse up, but found it was fused to her body. “I can’t, it’s soaked through to my skin!” “Me too, I can’t get my top off!” Lisa had been in a similar struggle with her sports bra, which wasn’t easy due to the fact she was kneeling astride Molly and trying to pull away at the same time. “We’re stuck!” “I don’t believe this, my sister just glued herself to my breasts!” Molly pulled herself up so that she was sitting upright with Lisa straddling her. “So now what do we do?” “I don’t know, get unstuck?”

Molly rolled her eyes at her. “Great. Any suggestions how?” “I don’t know!” Lisa snapped, “Believe it or not I’ve never had my tits glued to someone else’s before, so I’m not really up on the un-sticking process!”

“Look, don’t get pissy with me! It’s your fault we’re in this mess in the first place!” Lisa seemed to deflate a little. “I know, I’m sorry. Maybe if we can get to the shower we can loosen the glue?” “Okay, let’s go.” With awkward movements the girls managed to struggle their way to their knees and finally their feet. They learned early on that they had to embrace to keep from tugging painfully at the other’s breasts, so they each only had one hand to work with. “Watch out for the foam this time, I don’t want my boobs ripped off because you make the same mistake twice.”

“Listen, I feel bad enough about this, you don’t have to rub it in! Anyway, just be glad the glue didn’t spill a bit higher or lower.”

A nasty thought crossed Molly’s mind and she reached down to her belt buckle. “Shit! I think my pants are stuck to me!” She tried to unfasten her belt, when she found she couldn’t she tried to pull her waistband down over her hips only to discover it was firmly stuck to her skin. “I can’t get my pants off! Thanks a lot! You’ve effectively sealed me in my clothes.”

“Um.. Sorry.” Lisa offered sheepishly. “When we get out of this I swear I’m going to glue your hands to your feet and leave you out in the backyard during mosquito season.” “Let’s just get to the shower.”

With awkward little steps Lisa and Molly made their way to the bathroom and managed to negotiate their way into the cramped shower stall. With a little twisting and straining Molly reached down and turned on the water. Both girls screeched when the cold water hit them, but it quickly warmed up. For a while they simply stood, trying not to look each other in the face, and allowing the water to soak between them.

“Let’s try it now.” Lisa gently tried to pull herself away from her sister, but the bond showed no signs of loosening. “I don’t think this is working.” Molly was beginning to sound nervous. She was claustrophobic to begin with, and being stuck to her sister was beginning to trigger an attack. The fact that she was also glued into her clothes was like being trapped in a tight cotton-blend prison. The more she thought about it the less likely it seemed the shower would work. “Maybe we should call a doctor.”

“Let’s try some fingernail polish remover. It worked that time you super glued your fingers together.” Molly cringed at the memory. In Jr. High some of her friends had brought some cheap glue-on nails to school, at the time she thought they were the coolest thing in the world. During lunch they had gathered in the bathroom to apply them so they could flaunt them around to prove how sophisticated they were. However, the quality of the nails was severely lacking, and the glue had been far too runny, neither she nor any of her friends had managed to get it right.

Judy Green ended up three of the nails on backwards, another girl ended up with the fake plastic nails sticking off her fingers at funny angles, and Molly got two nails on before she realized she had just glued all the fingers of her right hand together. The nail kit didn’t come with any kind of solvent, so she had to go through the rest of the day with a “hand mitten” (fortunately she was left handed, so it was pretty easy to conceal). When she got home she sobbingly confessed to her mother about what she had done. After a lecture about dressing up like a “hussy”, her mom had dabbed a little nail polish remover and Molly was once again free… And grounded.

“It wasn’t super glue, it was called ‘Crazy Bond’. Won’t you ever let me live that down?” Molly whined. Lisa grinned as the water cascaded over her chest. She had just been making a suggestion but she was more than happy to take the opportunity to poke a little fun at her sister. “Nope. That’s what you get for buying generic press on nails. Besides, now you have something to hold over my head whenever I call you Mitten Molly.”

“Don’t CALL ME THAT! And we don’t tell ANYONE about this!” Molly practically screamed in her sister’s face. “Two minutes ago you wanted to call a doctor, now you want to keep this a secret? And would you prefer if I called you Sticky Fingers?”

“I would prefer it if you would shut up and help me get the nail polish remover.” “You can call me Boob Gluer if you want.”

“Just open the door.” Molly grumbled as she once again strained against the bond to turn the water off. Once again the stuck girls began an awkward shuffle across the bathroom towards the door, dripping all the way. Molly could feel the heavy wet fabric of her jeans tugging against her skin every time she moved, making her claustrophobia that much worse. She had never reacted well to being confined, ever since the days when she would play cops and robbers with the neighbor boys and spend hours at a time tied to a tree. (Molly always thought that it was the cops who were supposed to win)

“You know what this reminds me of?” “What, the last time you had your tits glued to someone else’s?” Molly growled irritably. “You’re sure in a bad mood.” Lisa had way too much optimism in her voice for Molly’s tastes right now. “Well, I guess I should have been on my guard for my sister gluing herself to me, I mean this IS exactly what my horoscope said would happen today. ‘A ham-fisted twit will douse your breasts with adhesive and clumsily stumble into you. Tonight – Stay at home.’ That’s what it said all right.” “All right, I said I was sorry. You don’t have to be sarcastic. It’s not like I did this on purpose.” Lisa’s voice wavered.

Molly was about to go off on another tirade, but the tear running down Lisa’s cheek seemed to instantly drain the anger from Molly’s body and she felt ashamed for a moment. It was a rare thing that Lisa could be hurt this way; she didn’t often show her emotions. Molly drew her sister into a hug. “I’m sorry too, I just don’t like being confined. I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

Lisa returned the hug and for a moment both girls simply stood there, comforting each other and dripping on the floor. Eventually Lisa drew back as far as her stuck breasts would allow, wiped the tears from her face, and grinned a cheesy grin. “Hey, don’t worry about it. Let’s just get the remover, get out of this, and order a pizza.” “I thought you didn’t eat pizza?” Molly began the awkward shuffle once again. “Today I guess I can make the exception. I mean, it seems I’ve already gained a bit of weight.” Lisa grinned and patted Molly on the butt.

“Ha Ha.” Molly rolled her eyes. “Are you saying I’m heavy?” “Of course not. I’m just saying it’s going to be hell to find a bra to fit this sudden increase in size. Hold on..” Molly’s back was now to Lisa’s bedroom door. Lisa reached around her sister and turned the knob, forcing Molly to lean back. When the door finally did pop open Molly had to stagger a few steps backwards trying to keep her balance pulling her sister painfully into the room with her. “Nngghh! Damn this is getting old.” Lisa grumbled as she pulled Molly tight against her to keep her from falling over.

Lisa led her sister over to her night stand and found the drawer was at a low enough level to be just beyond her reach. The only way she could reach it was if both girls went into a kind of awkward semi-squat, which was very difficult to do since their knees were facing each other. Each had her head on the other’s shoulder and an arm around her to ease the strain on bond.

“Unngghh! Just a little bit more!” Lisa grunted as she fumbled around in the back of the drawer. Both girls strained to lower themselves a little more. “Hurry up! I can’t stay like this much longer!”

“I can just about… Got it!” She gently fished out a full bottle of nail polish remover held between her first and second fingers. Molly took it in more a firm grip as they straightened out again. “And you were worried!” “Never for a moment!” Molly unscrewed the cap and began drizzling the acrid liquid between them. As she did Lisa began trying to peel their breasts apart, but the glue didn’t seem to be dissolving. “I don’t think this is working.” She tried to push her sister away from her, but their chests remained firmly stuck together.

“Give it some time, maybe it takes awhile.” Molly kept pouring little splashes of the remover over their stuck breasts but it didn’t seem to be having any effect. Soon the bottle was empty and both girls simply stood, tugging back and forth trying to pull away from one another. “It’s not working! We’re still stuck!” Lisa exclaimed to no one in particular. She suddenly got an idea. “Let’s move under the door frame.”


“Leverage!” The girls once again shuffled across the room. “Grab the top of the frame and don’t let go, I’ll pull.” “This sounds painful.” Molly took hold of the door frame anyway.

“It’s either that or stay stuck like this the rest of the day.” Lisa braced her feet. “Okay, one…” “Um, maybe that might not be so bad…” Molly said nervously. “Two…” “I mean, we could see if there’s anything good on TV, lay around, you know, just hang out…” “THREE!”

Lisa began pulling backwards with all her might. If Molly hadn’t been holding on the door frame she would have been yanked right off her feet, as it was she was lifted a good half an inch off the floor by Lisa’s exertions. “Ahhggh! It hurts!” Molly cried out from the strain put on her already sore breasts.

“Ignore it! Just keep… NNNGGHH!” Lisa grunted as she struggled and squirmed to get away from her sister. She kept pulling until she could stand it no longer and finally eased off. “It’s no use, it didn’t work.” The glue still held them in an iron grip.

“Let’s not try that again.” Molly rubbed her sore breasts and tested the bond a little. It was as strong as ever. “Maybe we should call a doctor.”

“Wait, let’s call the Janis Smith catalogue, they should know how to dissolve this stuff!” “Now why didn’t we think of that sooner?” “Let’s go.”

Epilogue- Dawn was just beginning to seep into the humid air and brighten the suburban street in a warm hazy mist. Inside an air-conditioned bedroom on the lower level of a nondescript house in the middle of the block two girls lay face to face trying to avoid the others’ gaze as they contemplated their fate. Stuck.

The call to the Janis Smith collection had yielded nothing but an endless stream of midlevel managers, every one of whom seemed to not know the slightest thing about any product called “Eternabond”. Finally, after three hours of frustrating conversations they ended up talking to a man who sounded like he was stoned but at least seemed to know what they were talking about.

“Oh yeah, man, I remember that stuff..”

“You DO?! What kind of remover takes it off?!” Desperation was evident in the girl’s voice. “Jeez, man, I don’t know. They had a demo bottle floating around the office, but someone stole it like, the first day. I was really bummed.”

“Why?” A second girl’s voice asked.

“I was going to steal it myself; I’ll bet it’s more of a wicked ride than red Krylon.” “What’s Kry-“ The second voice began.

“Never mind that!” The first voice interrupted. “Do you have a solvent?” “Nah man, the stuff never even made it into the catalogue. They pulled it before it went to print.” “Then how the hell did I end up with jar of it?!” She practically screamed in his ear. “Well what happens sometimes if something gets backordered the computer automatically has the shipment sent directly from the supplier to speed up the process.

Someone probably shipped it by mistake before the recall was made. This is like, the third call this week… I think. Is it Tuesday?” “Friday. So who do we talk to about getting a bottle of remover?” “Wow, Friday.” “THE SOLVENT!”

“Oh, yeah. They don’t make one, it’s like, totally permanent. That’s why they pulled it in the first place. Why, you accidentally glue your cat to the floor too?” There was a silence at the other end of the line for a moment. Then the other girl’s voice came back. “No, she glued herself to her sister.” “Bummer.”

“What do you mean by permanent, there’s no such thing as permanent glue! Is there?”

“Well, all I can tell you is that Nibbles the cat is still stuck to the floor and that was, like, a month and a half ago. And there’s a girl in Wyoming who glued herself to a chair a couple of weeks ago, her ass is still stuck too. And you don’t even wanna know about the newlywed couple in Georgia.” He stifled a little giggle. “What happened to the couple in Georgia?” “Heh.. Let’s just say the honeymoon CAN last forever.” “Forever?” The first girl’s voice weakly came back. “Yeah, that’s what the doctors say. So what, you two glue your hands together or something? Hello?” But the line was silent.