Sticky Barbi is model who made videos on YouTube. She is still one of the users who still create videos today.


As of October 2018, YouTube has terminated the account of SB Productions claiming violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines and as a result removed all of her videos.

List of videosEdit


  • Some full videos of Barbi can be found on porn sites.
  • Some of Sticky Barbi's videos on YouTube such as Barbi Barefoot in Giant Sticky Trap are age locked to 18+ users. However, it's possible to bypass this by altering the URL (i.e.,, downloading it (e.g. using Clip Converter MP3 Converter) or using VLC, all which ignore the age restriction. Embeded videos are not affected by the age restrction and will play.
  • As of now, Barbistuck will now use new models as Barbi has left.