Sticky Shoe Spy is a video from Jamie Daniels starring Candle Boxx.

Clips4Sale descriptionEdit

Starring: Candle Boxx. Candle had definatly got some sexy struggling going on in this video. Eager to get her hands on my new glue, so that she can write about me in the local news paper, Candle breaks into my studio and goes snooping about. But I heard through the grapevine about her little plan and I set a trap for her. A Sticky trap so she can experience first hand my new glue. Trapped, and humiliated, Candle cant go anywhere and is left waiting for someone to rescue her out. But not before I catch her. Now she will have an exciting story to write about!!! This vid uses Catch Master Glue and is a Shoe Stuck only. Now for our second Sticky video starring Lily Lane as our damsel trapped in some more catch master. Fallen victim to her boyfriends fetish for Sticky struggling beauties. This Vid uses Catch Master and is a Shoe stuck only. Great Heel popping scene. Actual vid is 23 mins, 45 secs long.