Sticky/Quicksand Scenes in Comics and Manga. Where people get in sticky situations

Sticky Scenes in Comics: Edit

Title Edit

Element Volume/Chapter/Issue Page(s) Link/Image


Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica Sugar Doll Veronica is making sticky candy. When Betty comes to help her, the two girls both get hopelessly covered in the sticky goo. 5
Empowered Glue

The chapter starts with Emp stuck to a wall when she is found by Sistah Spooky

Empowered Gel A gel grenade is detonated in front of Emp.


Sticky Scenes in Manga: Edit

Title Element Volume/Chapter/Issue Page(s) Link/Image


One-Punch Man Glue Chapter 62.2

While fighting a man-roach monster, Genos finds himself outclassed in speed, so he deploys a puddle of glue to trap his opponent. For the most part it works. This is kind of an odd scence, and if you don't like roaches, avoid the images.


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