Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD 5 is a sticky MMD video created by Dolt Me Ply.

 Plot Edit

Megurine Luka accidentally knocks over a bucket of liquid adhesive and finds herself unable to break free. As she struggles, the glue begins to stiffen slightly, restricting her movement either more.

Video Edit

【粘着拘束】巡音ルカが接着剤で動けない!(Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)02:35

【粘着拘束】巡音ルカが接着剤で動けない!(Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

 Translations Edit

Video Speech Edit

After stepping into the adhesive, Luka exclaims "Nani kore? Torenai!" which roughly means "What is this? I can't move!" Throughout the rest of the video, she repeats "torenai" and "ugokenai," which roughly mean "I can't get free" and "I can't move," respectively.

Title Edit

The original Japanese title, "【粘着拘束】巡音ルカが接着剤で動けない!(Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)", roughly translates to "(Adhesive Restraint) Megurine Luka Can't Move in the Glue! (Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)".

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