Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD 2 is a sticky MMD video created by Dolt Me Ply. The original Japanse


Ichi, an original character of MMD model maker Yukihane, lies in a pink glue trap. She struggles in a short loop as the camera moves around her.

Video Edit

【MMD】ネバネバの上でもがくだけ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

【MMD】ネバネバの上でもがくだけ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

 Title TranslationEdit

The original Japanese title, "【MMD】ネバネバの上でもがくだけ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)", roughly translates to "(MMD) Just Struggling on Glue (Adhesive Restraint) (Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)".

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