Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD 5 is a sticky MMD video created by Dolt Me Ply.

 Plot Edit

Megurine Luka is caught in a glue trap and struggles to get free. The motion used is the same as Dolt Me Ply's first video, but a mix of their sticky parts and the effect by しめじ are used.

Video Edit

【MMD】ネバネバトラップ3【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)00:44

【MMD】ネバネバトラップ3【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

Title Translation Edit

The original video's Japanese title, "【MMD】ネバネバトラップ3【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)", roughly translates to "(MMD) Sticky Trap 3 (Adhesive Restraint) (Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)".

External Links Edit

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