Stuck in Sticky Glue Trap for MMD 6 is a sticky MMD video created by Dolt Me Ply.

 Plot Edit

Hibiki tries to free herself from tar, sinking deeper as time passes.

Video Edit

【MMD】コールタールトラップ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

【MMD】コールタールトラップ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)

 Title TranslationEdit

The original video's Japanese title, "【MMD】コールタールトラップ【粘着拘束】(Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)", roughly translates to "(MMD) Coal Tar Trap (Adhesive Restraint) (Sticky Glue Trap for MMD)".

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