Stuck on You is a video by ChloeCreations.


3 foot stuck scenarios.

Part 1Edit

In the first, Cuntessa comes to Amber with a massage oil she was given to by the bitch that works down the hall. Thinking they are in for a relaxing time, they spread the oil onto their bare soles, and suddenly, there soles are stuck fast together! The girls can’t believe they have been fooled by thinking superglue was massage oil. They struggle and try to pull their feet apart, but it’s no use. They are stuck fast and hard!

Part 2Edit

In the second scenario, the Cuntessa steps her bare feet right into a pile of sticky stretchy glue, and Amber joins in on the fun. The girls can’t believe how strong the glue is and how hard it is to lift their feet off the floor. After the glue starts to dry a bit, they find they are in serious trouble, as they can’t get their feet out of the glue!

Part 3Edit

In the third scenario, Amber tricks her neighbor Dahvia into getting a foot massage with some superglue, but Dahvia sticks her sticky soles right on Amber’s and the girls are stuck together. They try to pry and pull their feet apart, but the glue is too strong. Will they ever get unstuck?