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Taking up Jogging by Ardvark

It had been a long day at work and Samantha was tired. She'd nearly fallen asleep during the drive home, dozing off while traveling down the winding country roads that led to her out of the way house. She was glad that her husband was working on the late shift. She wanted some peace and quiet this evening. Truth be told, she wasn't completely comfortable around him these days. She'd come close to leaving him for Marc. But, she'd decided that she had too much going for her with her current life. Her husband's high paying job and the things it brought were simply too much for her to give up.

Samantha got out off her work clothes into something more comfortable. When she finished dressing, she paused to admire herself in the mirror. She was a lovely woman, with red hair and a dynamite figure. Sure she had put on a little weight over the past couple of years, but she was still very pretty. She'd toyed with the idea of taking up jogging, but was a little on the lazy side. Her hair in a pony tail, she posed a little in the mirror, she looked good in her comfortable clothes. The tight white tank top showed off her assets well, and the little red gym shorts did wonders for her legs. It was a shame that there weren't any neighbors nearby, she was sure they would have enjoyed the view as she was about to go out and mow the lawn. She pulled on a pair of white socks, and was just about to put on her sneakers when the door bell rang. Opening the front door, she was greeted with a small package. She looked around, but saw no delivery person. It was so strange. She picked up the package and made her way into the living room.

The package was nondescript, with only her address visible. Curious, she went about opening it. Inside was a pair of shoes! Samantha loved shoes. She was one of those women that couldn't resist them. They were the most adorable Mary Janes. They were made of a shiny black patent leather, with a silver buckle. Their heels were seemed to be around four inches high. Sexy and cute at the same time. The soles were the strangest thing, a weird silver mesh. Sam couldn't resist, she had to try them on! Still sitting on the couch, she slid each shoe onto her feet. They were a perfect fit! She stood up and walked back and forth. She couldn't help but admire how they made her legs look. Her mind inventoried her wardrobe, running through which dresses she owned that they would look good with.

Suddenly, she was overtaken with the strangest sensation! A strange humming noise began to emit from each of the shoes. Her feet tingled, an odd electrical pulse running through them. She immediately sat down and tried to pull them off her feet. But, they wouldn't budge. She tried the right one, then the left, but the damn shoes just wouldn't come off! She strained and fought, but they wouldn't come off. She cursed herself for even trying them on. She sat there like an animal caught in a trap, fighting to remove what couldn't be. She ceased her struggle and sat there, staring down at the shoes that were now bound to her feet. She just couldn't fathom what was going on.

Taking up Jogging

Then, the humming noise returned. She shot up from her seated position, standing straight up. Her shock at the movement, which she hadn't caused, was total. Somehow, the shoes had made her stand up! Then, slowly, her right foot took a step forward. Then the left. Then the right. The shoes were marching her forward!

She struggled to regain control, but couldn't resist their power. Her legs muscles pulled taught, but simply couldn't overcome the shoes course. Desperately, she reached down and grabbed her calves, trying to stop her legs' enforced movement. As she marched toward the front door, it opened. She continued on her way, out into the front yard and down the side walk.

The shoes stopped their march out by the driveway, and just stood there. She lifted her right foot and grabbed the shiny patent leather prison, trying to get it off of her. But, as before, she couldn't separate them from herself. She could lift her feet off the ground, but was prevented from going anywhere. Samantha couldn't make a move- her new shoes wouldn't allow her to take a step.

As she stood there, trying to come up with some way out of this situation, a car made its way up the driveway. She recognized it immediately. It was Marc's car! It came to a stop in front of her and Marc stepped out. “Good afternoon Samantha." She didn't know quite what to say at first, but finally overcame her confusion to respond, "You tricked me into putting these on, didn't you?" "Why, how, Marc what is this?!" Tears began to well up in her eyes. “You toyed with me, Sam, and then tossed me aside." His words were monotone, almost emotionless.

Taking up jogging 2

A price must be paid". She cried, then did the only thing she could think of, "Marc, please don't do this, please take these things off my feet, I'm sorry I hurt you, I never meant..." He cut her off with venom, "You only thought of yourself you spoiled little brat." He laughed and pointed toward her feet, "Those things cost me a fortune, but, together with their control computer her in my car, they're going to be worth every penny."

He walked around and got back into his car, "You always said you wanted to take up jogging, Sam. I'm going to help you get into shape." He started his car and leaned a little out the window, looking at the shoes he spoke, "Time to go, Sam."

His car started off down the drive and toward the road. For a moment, nothing happened as Samantha just stood there and looked down at the shiny black Mary Janes. The right foot suddenly took a step forward. Immediately the left mirrored the rights motion. Slowly at first, then quickening their pace, the shiny black heels moved Sam after Marc's car. Her walk progressed into a jog. She didn't know how it was possible, how could anyone jog in such precarious footwear? Helplessly she tried to fight her enforced activity. To no avail, her mind tried to overcome the shoes' directives. As desperately as she willed her legs to stop pumping, she found it impossible to fight the mysterious force of the shoes. She could still reach with her arms but, but found she couldn't effect the rhythmic motion of her legs. She watched as the muscles in her thighs and calves sent her forward after Marc's car. She looked up and saw him smiling in the rear view mirror. She jogged after him down the winding country road.

After an hour of this, Samantha was exhausted. Her poor legs and feet ached so! She was covered in sweat. Marc just kept going, turning down long winding farm roads the entire time. Finally, his car turned down a dirt road and started to slow down. Sam's pace also slackened until both she and the car stopped. Exhausted, she bent forward panting, her hands on her knees. As tired as she was, she found she couldn't lie down. The shoes kept her thighs and calves taught. Marc got out and walked over to her.

“I bet you feel more fit, already," he chuckled. In between panting Sam managed to squeak out, "Are, huhh, you, huhh, satisfied, huhh, you, huhh, bastard!" She couldn't keep the tears from streaming down her face. “For the most part." He walked over and opened his trunk, removing a strange metal box. “This is the control unit, it directs the shoes actions." He walked over into the pasture and set it down.

“This is where we part company my dear." "Please Marc, take these damn things off of me..." Samantha whimpered. “Don't worry dear, they only have about four more hours power, I'm heading out now, probably never to see you again. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you've learned something from this." All Sam could do was cry. Marc walked over and climbed into his car. He started it up and leaned out the window, "Toodles little lady, when the shoes' batteries run out you'll be free to do as you wish. I'm afraid they'll still be grafted to your feet but what are you going to do? By the way, my last directive to the control device was to have you jog in place until then." Laughing maniacally, he drove off. Almost immediately, the right heel lifted of the ground, then the left, picking up in tempo until both of her legs were pumping her knees waist high. Sam desperately grabbed her thighs, trying to stop the motion. She continued jogging in place there, a prisoner to the shoes, unable to control her own legs. It was going to be a long four hours.