Teflon by querthe is a story that was hosted on Sticky-Site and now restored here.

Hi. My name is Sonia and I'm writing this little report because a friend of mine asked me to fix in a suitable way what happened to me.

Now I'm quite accustomed, and I have to say I find someway the idea quite funny, but... Oh, sorry, maybe it's better to start from the beginning... As you know, after a big brained scientist discovered some year ago how to create motors for spaceships faster than light, people wanted to go around the universe as before they were used to go around the planet. But no one considered the friction problem. Yes, I know, what kind of friction could be present in the space? A lot, if you are travelling to three or four time the light speed, and you have no force fields as in the sci-fi movies.

So or the scientist as me had to discover how to create force fields, or they had to discover a way to erase friction, or at least reduce it. Well, I'm one of the fews that didn't believe in create and waste energy for fields. I don't want to bore you with my adventures to find the money, the laboratories, what I did to create my company and the rest, but at the end, after five years of hard work, we arrived to find the perfect compound.

It is a sort of polifluorcarbon, but with a couple of strange element inside, so they avoid the problem to the molecular jump during the friction and create what we call... Ok, ok, enough techno-bubbles. We found a material with no friction. Not at all. Perfect for what we wanted to do. It is liquid, and obtains its properties when hardened, also if it maintains flexibility and its transparency. We had just to spray it over the object and all is done... Well, quite all. How we could fix a no friction material? The answer was Maxim glue.

It is a special compound that stick on all surfaces, bonding it permanently, and it worked also on our product, that has the exact opposite properties, so we called it Mixam. So, to obtain an object with no friction we had just to spray on it a subtle layer of the transparent version of Maxim glue, then spray Mixam and wait a couple of minutes. The result is a coat of some micron that avoid any kind of friction, so cutting or scratching the layer is useless, and all possible chemicals or lasers don't work on it.

When we were quite ready to show at the world our discovery, thinking about the fame and the money we would obtain, because the force fields construction was still in the first phases, my little accident happened. I really don't know if that happened for bad luck or if someone programmed it, but at the end I'm in this condition.

It was a Friday evening, and as always quite all my workers and friends leaved the offices some time before the usual for a drink. I had to finish a couple of documents, so I declined the invitation and I remained alone in the building. When I finished I checked the time and I discovered it was quite eight on the evening. The office lights transformed the windows in mirrors, so I saw my half sleeping figure in them.

I smiled. I considered, and I still consider, myself quite attractive, with my tiny waist and my long legs that I accentuate with high heels. My straight brown hairs were combed in a chignon, a little trail of them escaped and dangling at my right eye side, a sort of casual detail quite contrasting the white laboratory coat over the black high necked sweater and the knee length blue cotton skirt. While I checked all the entrance and the lights before leaving, a little noise arriving from a laboratory alerted me, but I thought that it was the night watchman, so I moved that way to say hello to him. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the half closed door and found two masked men browsing inside experiment papers and data.

Quick as lightings they moved to me and with a small and hard object one of them hit me. Maybe the fear, maybe the hit, I passed out.

When I recovered, I was in another room, slightly lighted and I discovered I was completely naked. From my sensations and my body signals, I understood they played with me. I barfed with burning tears in my eyes, kneeling and punching the floor with anger. The lights went on, revealing I was in our experimental workshop, a special room where the process of Maxim and Mixam coating was tested and refined. Static noise advised me someone opened the internal speakers, and some second after I listened the voice of the two men laughing at me and commenting what they did to me, saying that who commissioned their work didn't say to them about the bonus they had found in the office. What really scared me was the last sentence, when they said that they touched a big red button and a countdown was running. They laughed again and closed the speaker, leaving me alone, naked in a room where in a couple of minute the whole process to coating would start.


I trashed and tried to find a way to exit, but the whole room was sealed. A red light appeared, showing me that in ten seconds I will be processed. And so it was, the time flowing thought my mind while tears were falling on the floor. Four special mechanical arms, designed to manipulate automatically the object put inside the room searched for me and grabbed my wrists and my ankles, lifting on the air. A spray painter adapted to handle Maxim started to hit my body, working fast and accurately to cover every millimetre of my skin and my hairs. I closed instinctively the eyes, then I opened them again, but in the same moment I understood I was in trouble. Maxim blocked my eyelid completely opened, and I was no more able to close them.

Unfortunately the glue entered also in my private parts and in my open mouth, and I was so scared to do something that I just watched with tears in my eyes how the sprayer retracted in the wall and another one, the Mixam one, moved near me and covered me with the no friction material, in a layer so thin to be almost invisible, if not for a slightly shining and blue reflection under the powerful neon lights. When it set a fifth arm crushed on my waist and the other four moved away, and the procedure to coating was repeated on my wrists and my ankles, leaving me completely, permanently sealed inside a virtually unbreakable protection that extended inside my crotch holes and my mouth, with my tongue glued flat inside it, so I was unable to talk freely. Only gurgling and babbling sounds exited from my lips when I tried to speak.

Teflon 2

I tried all night long to move near the door, that opened automatically after the process finished, but I had no friction, so I was unable to move, remaining always in the same point, until in the morning the first workers found me, not believing something so incredible but terrible could happen. So I am now, also if at the moment my life is not so bad as I could seem at the first months. The fact not to have friction changed a lot my life, because without it my touch is quite disappeared, and the special properties of Mixam dumb also my heat and cold sensations, as the layer over my tongue erased my taste and part of my perfumes and odours perception.

I'm at the moment dressed in special shoulder long gloves and crotch length socks fixed with laces and buckles to my limbs, so also if there is no friction, they will not slip off. With these on I can walk and touch objects, and with the portable computer always with me I can write down what I want to say. Some of my more close friends and colleagues are also starting to understand what I say with my gurgling language, but it is difficult for them, and embarrassing for me, because after some second my saliva starts to drib on my mouth corners as I am a baby.

I'm quite accepting the diaper due to my frictionless crotch as I'm accepting the special mask over the upper part to my face that blind me automatically when I go to bed rendering me really similar to the old china dollies. I jokes sometime saying that I need only a wig and a lower mask that says "Mommy" when I'm touched and I will be a perfect toy, and not a woman stuck in an unstuckable material.