The Bed by Darksage

She just liked to stay in bed a lot. It wasn't so much that she was depressed or sad, she was sometimes, but mostly she just enjoyed laying in bed.

She was in great shape dedicated to running 5 miles a day plus the work of a paralegal was never done running here and there, she just loved laying in bed reading and writing the rest of the world she could do without all she needed was her books, her poems her true friends and her bed. Since that small mishap with the cigarette though Monica had been reduced to sleeping on the couch.

Oh how wonderful it was to finally find a nice big bed for sale in the newspaper. - hadn't been slept in for 4 years since my wife passed on. - was what the man had said. It was a great bed nice and comfy, perfect for those rainy weekends and late evenings that Monica loved to spend there. But she didn't know how attached she would become to this bed.

She awoke like any other day 6:30 AM rubbed her eyes and began to stretch. Yawned and felt better than she had in quite sometime. Brushed her light brown bangs out of her eyes as she surveyed the ceiling. She could lay there all day if it didn't mean getting in trouble at work. Monica was known to take a day off here and there without any notice but not today. She felt strangely good about facing the day after the sleep she had gotten the night before.

She brushed aside her sheets and comforter and began to push herself out of bed. Her back began to raise off of the mattress but all of a sudden she found much difficulty in getting out of the bed. She must have been a bit more tired than she thought last night.

she griped the side of the bed with her right hand and once again began to push up. She could get to a point but then for some reason could got get out of bed. She found this to be strange and kind of frightening especially for a woman who loved being able to have control over every aspect of her life.

She easily rolled over to her stomach and pushed down on the bed, the muscles in her arms flexing a little. She was able to raise her body off the bed a little but then was met with a strange pulling sensation on her entire body. For some reason she just could not get out of bed. She feel back on the mattress and breathed deeply. She pushed down hard now on the bed and again as she raised her beautifully well shaped breasts off the bed was met with a "force" she did not give in this time exertion more energy into her arms she began to shake as she fought of this force. She grunted and tried to push harder clenching her eyes shut tightly and gritting her teeth. Her arms shaking and her muscles screaming for release she held her breath and fought off the thought of pain.

she collapsed and breathed heavily. sweat pouring from her brow from the effort. She rolled over once again and gripped both sides of the bed trying to sit herself up but once her shoulder left the mattress it felt as if someone or something was pulling her back down. her face turning red from exertion she continued to struggle until she felt her arms give. She collapsed once again sobbing.Monica love her bed but this was just too much. She heard a knock on the door. And heard her name being called. She knew who it was she knew what she was doing there but Monica had no idea if even Beth would be able to understand this one.

- Monica hon, hehehe sleeping all day again.

Missing work was not anything new for Monica and Beth knew that. Beth also knew that she was one of the few left that Monica could trust. Beth felt bad for her anti-social friends and she watch relationships come and relationships die. But more then anything Beth loved Monica more than Monica knew and there wasn't a damn thing she wouldn't do for her.

  • Leave me alone Beth. - was al Monica could say between sobs.
  • Come on Monica this is the 3rd day of work you missed this month I know it's hard for ya but you're gonna...

Monica cut her off with her sobbing

  • What is wrong? - was all her friend could ask.
  • I couldn't get out of bed. - was Monica's reply.

Beth giggled at this thinking couldn't meant "wouldn't" but Monica continued to cry.

  • Really hon! What is it? - Again Monica reply that she just COULD not get out of bed.

Beth wondered about her being sick but Monica said no it wasn't that she was just unable to move at all from her bed try as she may.

  • That's silly Monica here gimmie your hand. - Beth replied mid-giggle Monica agreed and raised her arm up to Beth's and Beth Grasped her hand tugging just a little on her.
  • Monica your not even trying - Beth teased but she was.
The Bed

Monica had been trying all day since 6:30 and was trying now but she was unmovable. She could lift her limbs and yes even her shoulders but like a magnet she always stayed stuck to the bed. Beth grabbed at Monica's arm with both hands now and leaned back trying to use her weight against... - What... Monica you're resisting me YOU are pulling against me WHY???? - No Beth I am not. - Was all she could say through grunts once again trying to push up against he bed using her free hand. For 2 min all you could hear was the labored breathing. Beth gave up for a second and caught her breath. - What the hell is this Monica? - All Monica could say was that she did not know. It was a force, a strength of spirit greater than hers. - A ghost????? - A Ghost Monica???? didn't you say that some old woman died in this bed???

Monica being the atheist that she was gave no thought to such silliness but then what the hell. Beth climbed on top of the bed and grabbed both of Monica's arms. Beth then quickly yanked on Monica getting her almost sat up and then she too felt the force Beth stood her ground against it pulling with all of her strength. Monica too face contorted with effort tried to release herself from the grasp of hell itself. Beth could feel herself slowly losing her grip on Monica's hand but continued to try to help her friend. It seemed though that the more she pulled the stronger the "force" became.

Suddenly her hand slipped and so did she Monica once again Crashing down on the bed and Beth toppling over her. She would've kissed her lips just now had the situation been different. Both women panting sweating hearts racing and lungs sucking in air. - Monica I don't know what else to do I am gonna call that man you bought the bed from Beth began to push herself up off of Monica but Monica was stuck to the bed, I mean that was bad enough THAT made no sense.

The Bed 2

But why now was Beth stuck to Monica. They had just figured out that it WAS Monica she was stuck to and not the bed. Yet it baffled the both of them. Monica tried rolling over on her stomach but could not now because Beth would then separate her from the grasp of the bed.

Beth had to find a way to get free of whatever held her fast to Monica's beautiful body. She sat up easily legs straddling Monica's and began to slowly push with her legs. The muscles in her legs knotted and she moaned with the effort trying to force her body off of Monica's. Monica interlocked fingers with Beth and began to push up on her hands trying to help her. Sweat began to roll down Beth's face as her lovely blonde hair was matted to her head with effort. Monica leaned her shoulders up again pushing with every ounce of energy she had in her being. Monica even began to push with her legs trying to perform what seemed to be inevitable.

Beth let out a scream and then clenched her teeth so hard together you'd swear it would've shattered them all from the force. - Can' it. - Was all Beth could say and at that she crumpled back onto Monica's body Both women sobbing now then inadvertently began to hold each other both for comfort and to ease their own fears.

Both of them captured by some unknown force of the supernatural kind. A hell bent spirit intent on keeping whatever decided to invade it's area stuck fast there for all eternity.Monica once again tried to roll over to separate herself from the bed but it would not work. Not today not ever.

Monica knew that the lady who owned the bed before her died in this bed and also remember her husband saying how she never left the bed and now she knew why.Hours turned into days. Hell no one ever called on Monica why would they start now Beth did the only thing she could do now. Kiss the lovely lips of the girl she loved more than life itself. She knew she would die on this bed but what better way to go. Both women became weaker and weaker from struggle and hunger and dehydration was kicking in.

All Monica wanted to do now was to somehow warn the rest of the waiting world about this bed but she couldn't leave it to spread the word. What else could be done but to sleep holding dear to her the only person that ever mattered, as days turned into a week, or so maybe two God knows time slipped out of their minds as air slipped out of their lungs. They passed within an hour of each other crossing over the barrier of life and death and leaving this world for one much better

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