The Package by gargamuza2004

She opened her eyes and everything was still dark. Many times, when waking up, we open our eyes and we see nothing. For a moment we start to think we became blind, but the glimmers of light start to appear. Perhaps a curtain not closed completely, a door half-opened, something visible calms us.

She blinked twice to see if light appeared, but no, blackness everywhere. She turned her head around to look for some light but darkness surrounded her completely. But when moving her head she noticed something strange. It was totally covered by some kind of fabric, a bandage perhaps, she couldn't find out certainly.

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As long as she was recovering her senses she noticed she had her mouth filled with something. Her breathing was difficult. She tried to utter a sound but she only got a muffled "mmmmmmmm". The portion of bandage that covered her lips was stuck to them and it locked them shut preventing any movement. She tried to remove that bothering bandage that blinded and muted her, but she couldn't move her arms, firmly stuck at the sides of her body. Her entire torso seemed to be wrapped by a similar bandage, very tightly. She was nearly immobilized.

She moved uncomfortably. Luckily she noticed her legs were free.She dragged herself with difficulty under the blankets trying to get up. Finally she managed to raise her torso supporting it against the wall behind the bed and pushing herself with her legs. Then she heard that strange voice, almost phantasmagoric, that seemed to come from her own innermost parts.

"You must be wondering what happened to you, we just packed you for delivery. You must wonder where you are, you wasn't moved out from your bed. You must wonder who we are, we are a company with branches all around the world. Our service is to provide permanent escorts. We have very important and powerful clients in every place of the world that constantly request our services and we are very pleased to attend them.

"You were chosen specially for one of our best clients, in the Far East. We give a very complete service, we select thoroughly the merchandise we deliver, based in an exact description of all her features. Height, weight, skin color, shape, character. And when we can't find an exact match of what we are looking for we can change it. We have a Plastic Surgery department that can do the impossible. In your case, for instance, our clients looks for a specific face, that isn't exactly yours, so we'll have to change it.

"Besides, we always deliver our merchandise with some minor adjusts to enhance the quality of our products. Usually clients complain that in the taming stage they must tie and gag their escorts to teach them to behave. We solve that problem: we cut off your upper limbs before delivery to avoid the need of uncomfortable ropes and chains. This will also be an advantage for you, because many times our clients exaggerate the hardness of the bondage imposed provoking intense pain in arms and back. Furthermore, to avoid noises that can disturb our client, we'll install a 'natural block' into your mouth with a remote control that in the client's hands will allow him to determine when it's time for eating or if he will have to apply starvation punishments for misbehaviour.

"But you don't have to fear, those will be the only changes we'll make on you. We've left your legs untouched because they are the main reason of your selection. The client will pay extra for them, they are perfect for him. "We'll come back to fetch you at ten in the morning to take you to surgery. Meanwhile we suggest you to move as less as possible. We wouldn't want that our product damages before time.

"Nevertheless, if you are thinking in harming your legs intentionally to stop the transaction don't worry. We have alternative choices for you. We have a unique specialty, that is the production of mermaids. Our professionals have succeeded in linking perfectly the human nervous system with a dolphin tail. We can assure you you'll feel as if you were born with that tail instead of legs.

"But don't panic, we have not that in mind for you, unless you left us without any choice. We advise you to remain quiet and to wait for our messenger to take care of you. "That's all for now."

Her entire body shivered of terror, the fright she felt was immense. She would never see again her family, her boyfriend, her friends. She will turn into a slave of a Japanese rich man, there couldn't be a worse fate for her. To make things worse, she would have her arms cut off, her mouth covered. She would turn into an animal completely submitted to the will of who know what kind of almond-shaped eyes demon.

She started to get her breath back and then she thought that at least she was at home yet and she could try something. To get out, to warn some neighbor. Screaming was impossible, just a muffled mumble came out from her throat. She tried to struggle against the bandage that covered her, but it was too tight. Her arms weren't more than a tenth of an inch away from her body.

She couldn't ever know what time it was, when it would be ten o'clock. It could be minutes, or hours perhaps. She hadn't gone to bed late last night, however she slept deeply. She didn't remember anything, perhaps she was drugged. Slowly she inclined on the bed and started to turn over her body trying to reach the edge. It was very hard to get up without having where to hold on. She managed to sit at the side of the bed and, stretching her leg muscles, she stood up. A cold breeze of air crossed between her legs. She was naked, excepting the wrapping.

She was able to walk, but she had never done it in the dark. Perhaps some night she got up to go to the toilet, but extending her arms forwards to grope, now she couldn't. She could only grope with her legs to the sides and forwards. Anybody knows his home perfectly, but in the darkness the distances are hard to compute. A blind man knows perfectly how many steps he must do from his bed to the door and by the corridor to the bathroom. But she had never the need to know it, until now. To make things worse the bandage was very thick and not a single dim of light went through it to allow her to orientate.

She had to get to the house door. But to achieve that she had to pass through a long and winding corridor, to go downstairs and to cross a large living room towards the door.

At that time she thought it would have been better to live in a single room flat instead of that big house. She started to walk through the corridor, she mustn't lose the orientation in any moment because it would be tragic. The corridor wasn't complex, as the distance between the walls wasn't big she could be groping to the left and to the right to keep straight and to notice the doors. The harder parts were the turning points. Finally she reached the stairs, but it was a wide one and not straight, but spiral shaped. She had to go down carefully because she might fall and harm herself. She had always enjoyed mermaid tales but she could never imagine as one. Besides she would be put into a lagoon and she hated water. She went down slowly supporting against one of the banisters, step by step.

Going through the living room wasn't easy. It was very ample, it had several furniture she could stumble with and it was hard to know if she was well oriented. Worst of all she hadn't cleaned or swept last night and there could be things spread on the floor, she could hurt a foot with something. The only thing she could do was to follow the perimeter, avoiding the obstacles with difficulty.

She finally recognized the door with her foot. ¿But how to open it? She raised a foot trying to turn the handle, but the door was locked. Whoever entered had taken the key she always leaves in the door for safety and that last night, maybe because she went asleep, she forgot it.

She tried to remember if there was another key, but anyway it would be hard for her to find it, and even more, to use it to open the door. She was locked. ¿Could it be true she had no hopes? But she thought. Perhaps she could find a place where to hide. It was her home after all, whoever came to look for her couldn't know every corner. She tried to remember some good place, impossible to find out for an expert, because the man who would come for here wouldn't surrender easily, specially considering the condition she was in. Then she remembered it. The fake wall in the attic, her favorite hideout in her childhood. It was an old chimney that was cancelled.

It was covered with a thick piece of carton and covered with the same paper that the rest of the wall had. But it could be shifted to a side and, stooping, to enter the chimney. Inside she had installed a handle to leave it perfectly closed. From the outside it was near impossible to notice the hole. It was her only chance. But to get to the attic wouldn't be so easy. She had to go back upstairs, to pass through more corridors, to cross the lounge... But the hardest part was to climb up that metallic spiral stairs without banisters. When she was a kid she always climbed it with fear to fall, but now the fear was much bigger, her balance would be weak. But the terror for the other option was definitive, she must try it.

She walked back following the perimeter of the living room up to the stairs and went upstairs against carefully, holding from the banister. In the meantime she thought that if someone entered and saw her going upstairs like that would run away frightened thinking she was an Egyptian mummy that went out from its grave. Then she had a shiver... ¿What if the messenger were already there? ¿What if the man who made that to her never went out from the house? Perhaps he was watching her wandering around the house with a smile from ear to ear waiting just until ten o'clock to take her out from her hideout and take her. She had no way to find out and now it didn't matter, her only hope was the chimney.

She went through the corridors towards the lounge. She had to count five doors after the second curve, but when she counted four she doubted, it was the fourth one or the third one? She was a bit nervous, she finally decided it had to be the fourth one and reached the next door. It was half opened, she pushed it and entered the room. She groped for the walls, and inwards, the table mustn't be far, however she couldn't find it. But she didn't want to go far from the wall, she didn't want to get lost.

The Package 2

She followed close to the wall until she found the door at the bottom that led her to the small corridor and the spiral stairs. Groping slowly she found the first step. Now it came the hardest part. She stepped firmly on the step with her right foot. Trying to keep balance she stepped with her left one. She staggered a bit but she didn't fall. She went on going up, step by step. ¿How many were there? She had never counted them before. While she climbed up she was thinking she didn't go there since several years. Everything must be dirty and full of dust. But now it was her sanctuary.

Suddenly, she heard a click coming from below. It was the house door opening. Were it ten o'clock? Was it the messenger who had finally come? She hurried her steps, in a curve she was about to stumble and fall. Finally she arrived to the top. Meanwhile she heard the steps going upstairs to the bedroom. There were steps of a very determined person, they sounded like storms.

She entered the attic, and groped the walls nervously until she found the opening, she moved it with her foot and entered the chimney. When she was small she could fit in comfortably inside sitting under the ceiling. But now she was a bit bigger so she had to stoop a lot to fit in. She ended with her body bent and she barely could raise the foot to look for the handle. She found it and closed carefully. Would it be left closed well enough? Or it would be noticeable? In the meantime she started to hear noises of someone moving furniture. The man had already found out she wasn't on the bed and started to look for her. She heard him opening and closing doors, his steps were now fast and nervous, for some moments she heard them closer, for moments farther. Some seconds of complete silence and then, again the steps. Where would he be now?

Several minutes passed, the man didn't leave. He didn't seem to surrender. Suddenly she heard the steps much closer. He had entered the lounge! She couldn't close the backdoor so the man would see the stairs.

She heard him coming, each moment closer. The steps started to sound on the metal of the stairs, one after the other. She heard him enter the attic. She started to tremble of panic. The attic was full of garbage. She started to heard the noise of things being moved. He picked up and threw things, he opened boxes, he sounded very angry. Suddenly she heard him knocking on the walls. The usual knock looking for a hollow spot. She was lost!!! He was about to find the hideout.

She heard the knocks, each time closer. He come nearer and then farther. Finally he started to go away from her. He didn't find it, he knocked above. Finally she heard him going out from the attic and downstairs. She sighed with relief. The steps followed for some minutes, until she heard him closing the house door. Unfortunately she heard him locking it again.

She started to breath more quietly. The man had gone, but, what would happen next? Would he come back? She remained for a long while in the chimney, until she decided she couldn't stay there for ever. If the man couldn't manage to find her nobody would. She would die of starvation. She had to think again of getting released. Now at least she wouldn't have the threaten of the man being about to take her.

She moved the fake wall and left. She went downstairs and went back to the lounge. She found a chair and started to think. If she could find something to cut the bandage, perhaps she would be able to release herself. The kitchen..., perhaps in the kitchen there could be something, some sharp edge. She went out from the lounge and crossed the corridors towards the stairs to go down to the ground floor. The kitchen was next to the living room. She crossed the living room and managed to get to the kitchen. She got in and started to grope with her feet. She remembered that the refrigerator's handle had sharp edges, she went there.

She started to rub herself at the height of her waist trying to cut the bandage, it wasn't easy, it was too thick. Suddenly she heard again the click from the house door. The man was back!!! She heard the door being opened and again the steps.

She tried to move to find another place to hide but she stumbled and fell to the floor making noise. Good bye to her freedom.

She heard the steps coming to her, each time closer, determined. She trembled and rolled shivering on the floor. The steps were heard at the kitchen door, she heard him entering and coming fast to her, she felt his hands. - Honey, is it you? - Mmmmmmmmmm!!! It was her boyfriend, she was safe.