The Return of the Red Shoes by Ardvark

Jenny and Billy just didn't know what to do. The pair, brother and sister, were utterly miserable. The two red-headed children hid away in their bedroom, doing their best to stay as far away as possible from their cruel step-mother Theresa.

Jenny and Billy's mother had passed away two years ago leaving a hole in their family. Unfortunately, their wealthy father had fallen hard for a rather beautiful gold-digger named Therese. Using her considerable charms, and amazing beauty, the exotic former model had latched onto, and reeled the lovestruck man. In his eyes, his stunning new wife could do no wrong.

Theresa, in her early thirties, had smooth, exotic features; drawing every eye in any room she entered to her. She was tall and athletic, with shimmering soft skin, brilliant blue yes, and long golden hair. She accentuated her considerable physical charms, with the most elegant clothes, and the most expensive accessories and jewelry. After a whirlwind romance, the children's father and Theresa married, instantly making her their step-mother. While she was sweet and loving when their father was around, Theresa would turn cold and cruel with his absence. When Jenny tried to tell her father of her new step-mother's two-faced nature, she denied it all, feigning a sad disappointment that her new step-children would speak badly of her. At the first sight of her pretty pouting face, Billy and Jenny's dad angrily snapped at his children, immediately taking his new wife's side in the matter.

For the next several months, Jenny and Billy lived a wretched existence. Whenever their father was away on business, the pair were to stay in their bedroom, only emerging when their step-mother decided she had some chores for them. Cleaning toilets, washing windows, scrubbing floors, all was fair game. Theresa seemed to take devilish delight in forcing the children to perform as much back-breaking menial labor as possible.

The only ally the mistreated minors had was a aged cook named Bertie. Bertie, an ancient woman with kind, green eyes, fed and looked after the children as best she could. She would listen to their descriptions of their step-mothers mistreatment of them, and even tried to alert their father to their misery, only to find him disbelieving. Bertie mothered and cared for them, telling them stories to try and take them away from their troubles and worries. One day, she told Jenny and Billy of Hans Christian Anderson's tale of the Red Shoes. The two children listened in rapt attention as the spirited old woman wove the tale of the enchanted footwear and their torment of the arrogant ballerina. "If only we had a pair of them to put on Theresa's feet..." Billy mumbled. The three of them laughed with delight at the thought the woman forced to dance for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, their merriment came to an abrupt end as Theresa returned home for the night. Their father away on business, the children would be completely at her mercy for the weekend. Stomping into the kitchen where the trio were gathered for their story, Theresa glared at them. Her tall, beautiful form was wrapped in a full length white fur coat, a pair of white leather boots, and a tall white fur hat. "You little brats had better get to your room. I don't want to see you for the rest of the night!" she shouted, acid dripping from her tongue.

"You don't have to be so nasty Miss Theresa, the children were just..."Bertie started to say, before being cut off by an angry growl from Theresa.

"I have just about had it with your constant sass, Bertie! You'd best keep your withered old nose out of my family business, or I may decide that your services are no longer required!" Turning, the beautiful woman strode out of the room, nose up in the air.

Hugging the pair of crestfallen children, Bertie did her best to comfort them. "Don't worry you two. Everything will be put right. Someone as nasty as her won't do well for long, justice always prevails." As the two sad looking kids headed off to their room for the night, Jenny said, "I really do wish she got stuck with those red shoes in the story..."

Bertie smiled as the two children marched off to bed.

Hours passed as the full moon crept from one end of the night sky to the other. The brother and sister nodded off to sleep in their beds, retreating to the happiness of dreams. As Jenny dreamed, she smiled. Her minds eyes showed her her cruel stepmother, asleep in her own bed, unaware as a pair of shadowy hands pulled back the lower end of her blankets to reveal her dainty bare feet. Jenny smiled even more broadly as her dream showed her the hands placing a pair of red ballet shoes on her step-mothers lower limbs, carefully pulling their red silky material tightly on. The shadowy hands tied the fastening ribbons up around her calves.

Jenny's sleep was ended suddenly as she heard an earsplitting scream pierce the nights silence. Hopping up, she could see Billy awaken in shock as well. "What's going on?!?!" she asked him.

"I don't know, I heard a scream..." he whispered, fearful that their step-mother would be angry with their being awake. Before he could finish his answer, Billy and Jenny heard strange fitful shouting.

Red shoes return

Overcoming their apprehension, the two children walked out into the houses hallways. As they rounded the corner, they came face to face with the stumbling form of their step-mother. Theresa stood in the hall, eyes wide with terror. "There-there was somebody in my room! I saw dark hands, I..." she was clad only in pair of purple panties, and a matching purple bra, that being what she was asleep in. Her words trailing off, the frightened blond looked down at her feet, feeling a most peculiar sensation. "What in the hell..?!?" she screeched upon seeing a pair of shiny red ballet shoes now on her feet.

Jenny couldn't believe her yes, they looked just as they had in her dream. Was is really happening while she dreamed of it? "Just like my dream.." Billy muttered.

"You dreamed it too?!?!" Jenny demanded, amazed that Billy had seen it as well. "Who put these on me!?! Is this some kind of joke?!?" Theresa spit. Lifting one of her feet up , she clawed at the shoe on it, pulling at the ribbons and edges of the footwear. "Hey!!! It's stuck!!!! Get off of me!!!!" she started to screech as her efforts came to naught.

The three "family" members stopped what they were doing as a strange melody began to sound from outside the house. A strange, lilting orchestral music floated in on the night air. "Where is that coming from..." Theresa managed to ask, before her feet began to move in time with the rhythm. As they all watched, her red-shod feet began to prance and leap just as a talented ballerina would. "Hey, what the...I'm not doing this!" the terrified woman shouted. Hopping from one long leg to the other, coming up on her toes, spinning with each new note, Theresa's body began to move with a grace it never had before.

"Oh my God!!!! I can't stop!!! They're making me..." Leaping past the awestruck children, the beautiful woman danced down the hallway. "Help Me!!!!"

Back and forth, Theresa danced to the music, crossing vast expanses of the house as her underwear clad form moved to the tune. Her red ballet shoes fluttered and lifted her, carrying her long, lovely legs where ever they decided. Her posture perfect, even is she had nothing to do with it, Theresa's wide-eyed, horrified face a stark contrast to her dancer's grace.

As the two now smiling children followed, Theresa's sexy form danced down the stairs and into the main hallway. "Why are you two little idiots just standing there!?! Call someone to help me!?!" Theresa demanded even as her legs spun her round and round.

Looking at each other with grins, Jenny and Billy nodded to one another. "Hey, what are you two..." Theresa asked as Jenny walked to the door and flung it wide open, allowing the music outside to float on in.

Red shoes return 2

With an amazing leap, Theresa flew through the open door and out into the night air. "Oh my god!!! Stop it!!!! Where are you making me go!?!?" She screamed as she danced down the long driveway, following the now moving music as it traveled out into the night. The children stood on the front porch, watching as their former tormentor danced off to someone else's' tune.

A pair of hands surprised the two children as they came to rest on their shoulders. Turning to see who it was, they were happy to see Bertie standing their, a smile wide across her face. "I don't think your step-mother will be a part of your family anymore kids. I suppose I was right; a nasty little lady like her couldn't do well for long. Your father will probably be sad for a while that she decided to "run off", but he'll be the better for her absence. Lets go back in the house and go back to bed."

The two smiling children hugged her as she closed the door behind them, closing out the cold night air. From down the roadway, a far off music played over which a faint screaming sounded; a screaming that began to diminish as it traveled farther and farther away.