The Snake Boot Epidermic by Ardvark was a story that was originally hosted on Sticky-Site and has been restored here after the site was deleted.

A small group of personnel in service to a rather shadowy government agency gathered in a dark briefing room. As they murmured and settled in, a balding older gentleman, very much the cliched bureaucrat, approached the podium. As he began to speak, the assemblage gave him their silent attention.

"Hello gentleman. Today we are going to brief you on a rather startling new phenomenon that we have just recently become aware of." Clearing his throat, he indicated toward a plasma monitor on the wall. A pair of ladies boots splashed onto the screen. "Look carefully boys, they aren't what they appear to be." They looked to be of a type that was currently fashionable. They were to come up to just below the knee, had a shovel-scoop heel that had a 3 and a half inch height, and a square toe. The only things odd on appearance was the lack of a zipper, and their strange texture. The boots were differing shades of red arranged in a snakeskin pattern.

"While these look like a normal example of ladies footwear, they are in fact, a hereto for uncatalogued life form." The seated men began to whisper amongst each other in disbelief. Clearing his throat, the speaker continued, "we first started hearing about these things a few months ago. So far, they have yet to become public knowledge. We wish to keep it that way." He looked at each of the seated men in turn.

"The pair currently being shown is deceased. We haven't been able to keep them in captivity. They are quite resistant to our efforts to understand them. We believe that they are a created life form. We hope to discover who produced them and how in our ongoing investigation.

The screen went dark momentarily as the man continued with his presentation. "To illustrate what these creatures do, we are going to show you a film we compiled. In order to acquire this imagery, we staked out a likely victims house with multiple secure hidden cameras, mikes, and bugs. We felt that observing this process outweighed any obligation we had to prevent it from happening. The woman's fate is a necessary sacrifice toward understanding this phenomenon. Again imagery jumped onto the screen.

The monitor displayed the interior of a modest apartment. While the men watched a pair of the boots they had just seen slithered across the floor. They were on their sides, heels dragging behind them as they quietly made their way under a computer desk. The screen shifted and the speaker interjected, "We'll cut ahead a few hours." A young woman hurried into the apartment. She was quite pretty, with shoulder length brown hair, a nice little figure, and a light and airy manner evident even in the film. She was dressed in a gray wool suit jacket, a matching skirt that hit just above the knee, and a white dress top.

Snake boots

She seemed to be wearing nude pantyhose and a pair of black loafers. For a bit, she went about a seemingly daily routine. She read her mail, put her purse down and checked her answering machine. Kicking off her shoes, she headed over to the computer desk and sat down. After sitting there for a short time, she suddenly moved back in shock. Pulling from the desk, the viewers could see that the boots had latched on to her feet and were slithering up her calf's. It looked very similar to a boa eating a rat.

In a panic the girl reached down and tried to slow their progress, only to have them ascend her legs that much quicker. As she sprang from her chair and backpedaled, looking down, she could now see the red boots were on her feet. A strange noise that seemed to be a combination of a snakes hiss, and the action of a suction came from both boots. Letting out a quick scream, the young woman fell to the ground, apparently unconscious.

Again, the screen went blank. "We'll hop forward a few hours. According to our observations, once the boots latch on, they begin a process of binding themselves to the host's legs and feet. While the victim lies unconscious, the boots wire themselves into the host's neural system, seizing control." As an image jumped up he added one last tid-bit, "You might have noticed that the young woman was wearing hose. Anything like socks, stockings, or hose seems to become part of the boots biological system. The boots and any attached article continually replenish their cells, making them damn near indestructible and resistant to dirt."

On the screen, the young woman slowly came around. Sitting up, she looked at the boots on her feet. Cautiously touching them, she seemed to be searching for a zipper of some kind. Suddenly, the young woman convulsed again. Shaking it off, her body shot up into a standing position. It stood there for a few minutes, steadying itself and apparently orienting itself. The young woman's face had a look of sheer terror on it. "The boots have achieved total control. They now determine the hosts actions. They tend to make the host silent. As you can see, the subject is entirely aware of her situation yet is entirely unable to take any action contrary to the boots' wishes."

The young woman began to pace slowly back and forth, walking slowly in a circle around the apartment. "We believe it takes a little while for the boots to acclimate themselves to their control." Again the screen went dark. After taking a drink of water, the man continued, "over the course of the next day or so, the boots take only the most simple actions, walking about the host's home, feeding the host, cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Until the next phase in their life cycle begins."

The screen came to life, the young woman, still in the same clothes, still clad in her new boots, sat on the couch, a look of confusion on her face. After a bit someone knocked on her apartment door. Getting up she went over and answered it. A blond, slightly shorter than her with a trim build walked in. She was wearing only a green bikini, and a pair of the same snakeskin boots. The blond had the same look of confusion on her face. "You, you have them on too?!?" the brown haired girl stammered. "Yeah, they were in the bottom of my hot tub. I felt them slithering on and the next thing I knew it was four hours later and I was laying on my deck" as the words trailed off, tears rolled down her cheeks. "Why is....oohhh..." the first girl managed to squeeze out those words before losing the ability to speak. To her shock and dismay she and the little blond began moving toward each other.

Both embraced and began to fondle each other. Their hands rubbed each others bodies, the brown haired girl massaged the blonds breasts, while the blonds hands roamed up under the first girl's skirt, caressing her thighs. At the same time, each of their boots seemed to be nuzzling each other. Both pair were rubbing their shafts together while the girls intertwined.

"As you see, the boots have complete control over the victims. The stimulation of erotic feeling precedes the act of mating." As the group watched the blonds arms wrapped behind the skirted girls neck. The Brown haired girl lifted the blond off the ground by her butt, while the blonds legs wrapped themselves behind her new lover. As the camera zoomed in the spoon-shovel heels of the blond's boots could be seen entering unseen orifices on the back of the other girl's boots, apparently sliding into her boots' heels. After she jammed them home a few times, both girls shuddered, as if being subjected to powerful orgasms. Slowly, they dropped to the ground, sweaty and tired. They lay together, embraced as they feel into sleep. Again the screen went dark.

"This is the actual act of mating for the boots. The one girls male boots have just impregnated the other girls female boots. Gestation is remarkable swift. Just a few hours pass." The screen leaped to action again. Both girls seemed to be waking up, looks of shame on their tear swollen faces. The blond made her way toward the door, and with no ceremony left. After a bit the brown haired girl began to look as if she was getting dizzy. Stumbling, she made her way to the couch and lied down.

Snake boots 2

After a bit, she raised both of her boot clad feet into the air, with a look of utter confusion on her face. Shortly, the boots shafts began to expand and convulse, after around ten minutes the tops separated from her calves, and two we dripping spheres popped out and fell on the girls belly. Her booted feet lowered back down as she lay there, looking at horror at the two spheres laying on her belly. Slowly, the spheres unrolled and expanded to reveal another pair of boots! The girl stood up, cradling both of them in her arms like the newborns that they were. Crying as she did, she walked over, grabbed her car keys and walked out the door. The monitor went dark for a final time.

"As you can see, we have something quite unprecedented to deal with here. So far, any attempts we have made to remove the boots have resulted in the deaths of both they and the host. Their only purpose seems to be to acquire hosts and make more boots. The girl you just witnessed, unfortunately managed to allude our agents. As we speak she is probably out there introducing more women to these things, and mating with any male pairs she comes upon. Our mission is clear gentleman. We must discover the source of, and bring an end to, this Snake Boot Epidemic."